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    Summer is fast approaching, and for us at Mars Campers, that only means one thing– camper trailer getaways with those who mean the most to us. While the silly season is a great time to create long-lasting memories with your family, it’s also a time of catching up with old friends and spending summer days soaking up every inch of sunlight.

    For lots of families, the busy year filled with work, school, activities and the chaos of life can mean the summer break is one of the only chances for everyone to head away together and enjoy a break from the day to day routine.

    Packing up and heading away is a great opportunity to spend the holidays in a camper trailer; which has all the makings of a holiday to remember.

    The features of Mars Campers mean you can save money, cook for a big group and still have a great time without breaking the bank. Unlike other bigger vehicles and travel options, your camper gives you the freedom to choose more secluded locations, giving you the option to get away from the crowds and set up your own little village of campers.

    group camping

    However, camping in a big group can come with its challenges if you’re not prepared. There’s the big elephant in the room; a lot of people can mean a lot of planning, a lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning and a lot of decision making. While we’re sure that every family will have its own way of doing things, we have put together our best tips for making a camper trailer group trip a seamless holiday that won’t end in disaster and broken friendships.

    Read on, camper advocates, and discover some group camping hacks, our top locations and a few sneaky reasons why we think a camper trailer is the very best option for you, your friends and family this summer.

    Tips and tricks to take your dollar further

    We all know that camping can be grotty and dirty, its half the fun. However, for some parts of your camping holiday like cooking and cleaning, you’ll want to be clean. Create a portable hand-washing station at your campsite by repurposing a large laundry detergent dispenser (the kind with the push-button spout) and filling it with water. Put a bar of soap in a nylon stocking and tie that to the spout. Perfect for kids and adults to wash up before meals.

    Now, repeat after us: SOLAR LIGHTS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! It’s pretty much inevitable that someone is going to get up at some point in the night. If you’re travelling with kids, the dreaded trips to the toilet in the middle of the night are pretty much guaranteed.

    Even if you think you know where you’re going, it’s easy to trip over things in the dark, things like tent ropes, chairs, tables … the list is almost endless. An easy way to give yourself some extra light at night is to place outdoor solar lights either in a path to safety or near tent legs and tie downs. They’ll charge during the day and light up at night helping you to avoid those midnight mishaps.

    Split the inventory list. Make a thorough list of needed items, such as tents, chairs, lanterns, sleeping bags … you know what you need. Some people will have multiple items or own something someone else doesn’t, so sharing the list with the entire group helps with better planning and less overlap. For instance, if one family brings a large fridge and another brings a spare air bed, it all evens out and avoids bringing unnecessary items.

    Group activities to keep the whole gang happy

    We promise that it will be fun, and not as silly as it sounds on paper. Everyone can get involved, and it gives the group a great chance to mingle and break up. Most families plan hikes or bike rides during the day, but even the prettiest views or promises of an icy pole won’t keep a child’s attention forever.

    group camping activites

    Being in the great outdoors is fantastic for so many reasons, and catering your daily activities to get the most out of where you are is always a good idea. Besides your usual fishing, swimming, boating and beaching this summer, give a scavenger hunt a go.

    Take a look at where you are, and the create a hunt based off the native animals and landmarks you’re near. It’s a great way for kids and adults alike to get to know the area you’re in.

    Camping Olympics is sure to test everyone’s fitness levels (it’s a great way to see how the Christmas feasting has really impacted you) and be a little bit of fun along the way. Setup a whole list of team games depending on what you all like to do, and may the best team win!

    Meal time made easy

    Scrambled eggs are an easy breakfast to make while camping, and now it’s made even easier with the help of our friend, the mason jar. Making breakfast for a lot of people doesn’t have to be tough!

    Just crack your eggs into the jar and keep them in your cooler until you’re ready to use them. No chance of discovering a great egg cracking disaster!

    For easy, scrambled eggs for the whole gang, just shake it up and pour into your pan. No mess, no fuss.

    Speaking of shaking, shake and pour pancakes are another awesome and easy breakfast option for everyone to enjoy. Prepare the dry mix ahead of time and store it in a mason jar. When you’re ready to make pancakes in the morning, all you have to do is add water and an egg. It couldn’t be easier than that.

    If you are super organised, you can even prepare the batter at home before you head away. Fill plastic storage bags with pancake batter and tie off one end. When you are ready, just snip one of the corners to use as a piping bag, and you are ready to cook like a pro in your camper kitchen.

    Tacos in a bag is the cheeky dinner option that’s little fuss, filling and guaranteed to be a hit with the kids (chips for dinner, yes!) Here’s how it works, you get individual packets of corn chips, and plonk your meat, cheese, and all other toppings straight into the bag. Grab a fork and voila! You can cook up the mince in your camper, making it even easier to prepare your dinner after a long day.

    Great group camping locations

    While any spot is as good as the next, there are some areas we know of that are great for accommodating groups. When searching for a location, look for wide open spaces and preferably, spots outside of caravan parks so you can spread out and create your own awesome setup. Of course, if you prefer to be in a park with facilities, there’s no reason why you still can’t have a great time and make the most of your time away.

    group camping locations

    Here are a few we love.

    The Grampians National Park in Victoria has designated campgrounds for groups of up to 16. Set amongst stringy-bark forest, banksias and rocky outcrops, it’s sure to give you an authentic experience.

    Willandra National Park in New South Wales is a great choice for group camping. With great birdwatching, bushwalking and historical heritage just a short distance away, you’re right in the midst of things.

    The Bibbulmun track in Western Australia has a designated area with a rainwater tank, picnic tables, two toilers and tent pads. Luxury!

    Next Steps

    Our Mars Campers have everything you could need to make camping with a group a great experience. Take a look at our range to see what best suits you, or contact us at Mars Campers HQ for any further information.