Mars Campers is an iconic Australian brand for on and off road camper trailers that are of great value and quality.
Mars Campers have manufacturing facilities both locally and overseas and is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.

Our story started in 2006. In the humble beginnings MC imported its first camper trailers and learned the hard way that completely imported products were sub-par and not good enough for the Australian market. This initial mistake almost costed the company its future.

Recently formed and with a good part of its capital stuck in non-sell-able products, the owner of the company made the critical choice to withdrawn sales of the imported camper trailers and decided to store it on the corner of the warehouse as a reminder of how unreliable the initial products were. Not a single unit of that initial batch was ever displayed for sale.

Realising that most Australian made models were expensive and did not deliver as much value as it could, he decided to build his own trailers in Australia with imported and locally supplied components. This was a challenging time for the business as staff training and the implementation of a continuous improvement program meant the trailers were getting better and better year on year, pushing the production line and supply chain to a level of efficiency they were not used to operate.

It was no longer a question of how much money can the company make, but what is the best trailer we can build while keeping it affordable even to the most demanding campers.
Mars Campers set out a tough challenge that many other manufacturers are afraid to face:

Make great products at affordable prices.

Now, ten years later Mars Campers is proud to have trailers assembled in Australia with local and imported parts by a multicultural work force that are devoted to building with quality and attention to detail.

Our products meet Australia Design Rules and International stringent quality and innovative standards while remaining extremely affordable. When you shop with us, you are making the right choice. Our company is devoted to building quality campers purely built for camping and to bring outdoor leisure for everyone to enjoy – all at an affordable price.

A combination of in house designing expertise, reliable partners, efficient management of the supply chain and careful attention to customer needs and feedback ensures customer satisfaction.

We have an open flow communication with our customers. Mars Campers is dedicated to listening to customer feedback. All the ideas shared will ultimately be used to improve our products. We hold customer satisfaction in the highest regards and feel that word of mouth from our satisfied customers is the best advertisement. Our goal is to ensure the most safe and comfortable ride on the road.

We are proud of our humble beginnings and the journey so far made us stronger and better prepared to serve you.

We are confident that we manufacture the best value campers in the market