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    Who are Mars Campers?

    We are an iconic, Australian brand well known in the industry for products that deliver both great quality and exceptional value. Producing both on and off-road camper trailers in a variety of styles, Mars Campers have manufacturing facilities locally and overseas and are a proud 100% Australian owned and operated company.

    From humble beginnings, Mars Campers began as most do in the industry and imported their first batch of camper trailers from abroad in 2006. Lacking experience at the time in this rapidly expanding sector, they learnt the hard way that these ‘cookie cutter’ products were sub-par and not representative of the needs of the Australian market; this initial mistake almost cost the company a viable future.

    With a good portion of capital invested in inferior product, the CEO of the company made the difficult choice to withdraw all imported units from sale and displayed them in a corner of the original warehouse as a stark reminder of how second-rate the initial products were. Not a single camper trailer from that first batch was ever made available for sale.

    Applying the lessons learned in this early blunder, it soon became apparent that completely imported units were not going to cut the mustard for Aussie consumers, yet a wholly Australian made product would be expensive and out of reach for the average buyer.

    Moving forward, the company resolved to build their camper trailers in Australia using locally sourced and imported components. This was a challenging time for the newly formed business as research and design schemes and the implementation of extensive training programs for existing staff aimed to push production and the supply chain to a level of efficiency it was not accustomed.

    Fundamentally, the aims of the company shifted from numbers to integrity. It was no longer a question of how profitable the company could become, but what was the best product that could be manufactured, for an affordable price, yet still keep the most discerning enthusiasts satisfied. This was a challenge that many other manufacturers at the time ignored, setting Mars Campers apart from the rest with their simple philosophy:

    Make great products at affordable prices.

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    Ten years on, Mars Campers is still proudly 100% owned and operated and employs a large, multicultural workforce who are dedicated to assembly and build standards that display quality and attention to detail. Our products meet all relevant Australian design regulations and stringent international quality control while remaining extremely affordable. Together with the careful combination of in-house design expertise, reliable partners, effective management of the supply chain and careful attention to customer service and feedback, we can ensure continued confidence in quality products at a competitive price.

    Mars Campers are a company dedicated to providing a camping product to the outdoor leisure market that everyone can enjoy and afford. Customer feedback is valued in the highest regard and all suggestions are carefully considered to further improve our already exceptional products. We believe we manufacture the highest quality and best value camper trailers on the market today and will always endeavour to resolve any problem that may arise with our extensive after-sales service.

    You can always shop with confidence when you purchase a Mars Campers camper trailer.