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    Warranty Statement

    Whether you’re off the beaten track or cruising the open highway, you can rest assured knowing that your new Mars Campers’ camper, hybrid, or caravan is covered by the Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty.

    Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty promises to offer 12 months/unlimited-kilometre manufacturing warranty, and 5-year structural warranty coverage. Our warranty provides added peace of mind for our travelling customers.

    Mars Campers warrants to the original purchaser of the vehicle that all parts of our manufacture are free from defects in material and workmanship within the stated warranty period, when used under normal use and specified service, except for the items listed under “What is not covered” and subject to compliance with the section entitled “What must you do”.

    Under this warranty, if any part of your vehicle is proven to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, Mars Campers will (at its sole discretion), either replace or repair the vehicle or the defective part of the vehicle, or cause the vehicle or defective part of the vehicle to be replaced, repaired, or adjusted by an authorised Mars Campers dealership and authorised service agent.

    Warranty repair or parts replacement will be performed free of charge by Mars Campers at its place of business within a reasonable time after delivery of the vehicle to the dealer or repairer during normal business hours. Where an on-site repair is requested, and such service is available, a service call fee is applicable at the expense of the owner. Under this warranty, no reimbursements will be made for work done through unauthorised establishments without prior written consent from Mars Campers.

    Mars Campers reserve the right to make changes and improvements without notice and without liability to the vehicle. Where exact parts are not available, Mars Campers shall instead install or supply appropriate components of similar or better quality, grade and compositions. Product and parts may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

    Limitation of Warranty

    Mars Campers recreational vehicles have been designed and manufactured for use as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, and travel uses. Mars Campers recreational vehicles are not intended for permanent residential purposes or commercial use. Commercial use means using the recreational vehicle as a business asset such as mobile office, long term living quarters, use for leasing or rental purposes. When used for these conditions, you will assume full responsibilities and thus void the Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty policy.

    Please specifically note that no individual (including any dealer, agent, or representative of Mars Campers) is authorised to make any representation, warranty, or provide permission to modification/alteration concerning Mars Campers and its products, except to refer the purchaser to this New Vehicle Warranty. Mars Campers makes no express warranties or representations other than set out in this warranty. The repair or replacement of the vehicle or part of the vehicle is the absolute limit of Mars Campers’ liability under this warranty.

    The Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty applies only to products sold as “new” and do not extend to any products sold via auction or deemed to be “factory seconds”, “ex-demonstration”, or “damaged” unless specifically stated otherwise by Mars Campers in writing.

    Mars Campers reserves the right to discontinue, change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever.

    Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty does not cover Mars Campers vehicles or Genuine Mars Campers Accessories that have been acquired at auction or imported into Australia other than by Mars Campers Australia.

    Appliances and equipment which are not manufactured or supplied by Mars Campers (such as a refrigerator, freezer or customer modifications) have their own manufacturer warranty terms and conditions.

    Warranties are not transferable under any circumstances. Warranties are only valid to the original purchaser of the item in question and are valid from the original date of pick up/delivery. The original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of the new owner.

    Mars Campers vehicles are certified to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR) in force at the time of certification. It is illegal to fit a replacement part or accessory or make other modifications which does not allow the vehicle to continue to comply with the requirements of the Australian Design Rules. Any advice provided by individuals (including any dealer, agent or representative of Mars Campers) shall not be considered as permission to make modification/alteration.

    5 Years Structural Warranty

    This warranty applies to any new vehicle purchased (from May 2015 onwards) under normal use and specified service, except for stated exclusions and the items listed under “What is not covered”, and subject to compliance with the section entitled “What you must do”.

    Structural components refer to the drawbar, chassis, and or structural framework for wall/roof.


    Tents are guaranteed to be in new merchantable condition at the time of purchase. A limited manufacturer’s warranty period of 12 months applies to Mars Campers canvas components, poles and fittings. General wear and tear excepted.

    What Is Not Covered

    The Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty does not cover everything and it’s important that we tell you about the exclusions of your New Vehicle Warranty. In particular, repairs, replacements, and adjustments under the Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty are not available for deterioration, defects, faults or failures due to:

    • Ordinary wear and tear.
    • Misuse, neglect, overloading, continued use after finding a fault.
    • Modification, alteration which has not been approved by the manufacturer.
    • Installation or use of non-genuine parts, accessories, equipment, assemblies, or components.
    • Accident, impact, fire, war, theft, illegal use, or malicious damage by a third person.
    • Environmental conditions including but not limited to; acid rain, industrial fall-out, salt, sand, stones, tree sap, bark or leaves, bird, animal or insect droppings, windstorm, flooding, earthquakes, landslide, hail, flood, lightning, extreme temperatures, or other acts of nature.
    • Failures or faults in camper tent sections or aluminium surfaces and joints if they have been subjected to after treatments (gloss finish protectants). This includes accidental contamination (for example: splashing or spray drift). Any such treatments or contaminants void the warranty on all affected parts.
    • Water ingress from floods or deep water fording.
    • Improper repairs, inspection, diagnosis, or adjustments not approved or recommended by Mars Campers.
    • Normal maintenance items which are the owner’s responsibility, such as greasing wheel bearings, tightening wheel nuts. This also applies to the routine cleaning of filters such as air conditioners and water pumps.
    • Axle alignment and toe in adjustment will only be considered for warranty repairs within the 3 month/1000Km of pick up/delivery date.
    • Wheel alignment, if affected by hard impacts, potholes, etc.
    • Fabric items such as canvas, canopies, windows screenings, vinyl windows, cushions and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading, or soiling but are warranted only against defective workmanship and material.
    • Damage caused to tent sections, curtains or plywood finish by condensation being left untreated.
    • Deterioration of sealants over time.
    • Defect in the aesthetics or physical appearance of the vehicle, or to normal deterioration of the soft trim and appearance items due to wear and UV exposure nor to impact damage whether static or in transit.
    • Any alternate accommodation costs whilst repairs are undertaken.
    • A failure to have the vehicle serviced in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations in this Handbook, or a failure to have the vehicle repaired promptly in accordance with such recommendations following an accident or other damage, or after a defect becomes known or is suspected.
    • A failure to maintain the vehicle, including its body trim and paintwork, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, or the use of unsuitable agents.
    • Use of non-recommended, incorrect specification, inappropriate or grease, oil, fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants, or water.
    • Rust.
    • Wheels and tyres.
    • Paint.
    • Travel Covers and Straps.
    • General consumables (e.g. bearings, light bulbs etc).
    • Zips and mesh or screens are not covered.
    • Incursions by vermin and other pests.
    • Impact, sandblast, stone damage to body.
    • Soiling of fabrics and internal fitments from dust, condensation, humidity, bird droppings, etc.
    • Costs of transport or recovery of vehicle.
    • Any consequential, direct or incidental loss or damage is not covered by the Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty. Any statutory or other rights or remedies available in connection with a claim for such loss or damage should be pursued separately.
    • Goods purchased at auction.
    Off-Road Policy

    Mars Campers range of off-road vehicles has been designed and constructed to give added strength, ground clearance and durability for off-road usage. While Mars Campers vehicle can handle off-road, we make no claims that it is designed for tight, undulating or extreme 4WD tracks that are unsuitable for trailers. Therefore, any damage that occurs from unreasonable use is not covered under the Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty. The best and safest policy is to leave your campers/caravan at a base camp.

    Gas venting regulations limit the effectiveness of these vehicles against dust and water penetration. Under no circumstances that Mars Campers vehicle be exposed to water crossings at, or above floor level.

    We strongly recommend towing at an appropriate braking distance and safe speed according to road and weather conditions, with extra care and attention required on rough surfaces. Tyre type and pressures are important factors when travelling between off-road/on-road and need to be adjusted accordingly.

    Supplied Accessories Or Components

    Some of the fittings and equipment supplied with your vehicle are not manufactured or imported by Mars Campers. These components are separately warranted by their individual manufacturer or importer.

    Where this is the case for your vehicle, Mars Campers will provide copies of the applicable warranties and owner’s manuals. Please take time to read through these thoroughly to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the components operation, service procedures and warranty terms.

    The fittings and equipment that may be separately warranted could include, without limitation:

    • Refrigerators/fridges/freezers
    • Cooking appliances
    • Air conditioners
    • Rangehoods
    • Toilets
    • Hot water service
    • Charger
    • Inverter
    • Ovens / Microwave ovens
    • Stereo/Media system
    • TV
    • Breakaway system
    • Hitches/coupling
    • Electric awning

    These accessories/components may be warranted separately by the respective supplier. However, Mars Campers will assist you in making a warranty claim if you have difficulty with the supplier.

    Please note that the length of warranty periods for the separately warranted accessories/components and their warranty terms may vary. Where applicable, some generic OEM accessories/components will fall under Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty.

    Subject to any rights you have at law which cannot be excluded, Mars Campers assumes no responsibility or liability for defects in workmanship or operation of separately warranted products for which you have been provided with separate warranty statements.

    Factory Seconds, Ex-Demonstration & Damaged Goods

    From time to time, we may offer for sale items marked as “factory seconds”, “damaged”, or “ex-demonstration”. Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty does not apply to any goods sold under these markings.

    Mars Campers may offer for sale items deemed to be “factory seconds” or “damaged”. Any items sold as “factory seconds”, or “damaged” items are sold on an “as is” basis. There are no warranties, refunds, credits, exchanges or similar associated with such items. In the sale of such items, Mars Campers will attempt to provide all relevant information regarding the item, including faults, defects, or similar, however, there may be instances where minor defects or imperfections have been overlooked. This is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL and in no way alters the nature of the sale. Due to the nature of such items, i.e., being “factory seconds” or “damaged”, it is reasonable to expect that some imperfections or flaws may exist even where it is not initially apparent. By purchasing such an item, you agree to this statement in full and accept that there are no warranties implied or expressed.

    Ex-Demonstration will often come with warranty as per New Vehicle Warranty but due to the nature of such an item, it is reasonable to expect that some imperfections or flaws may exist even where it is not initially apparent. In the sale of such items, Mars Campers will attempt to provide all relevant information regarding the item, including faults, defects, or similar, however, there may be instances where minor defects or imperfections have been overlooked. This is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL and in no way alters the nature of the sale. By purchasing such an item, you agree to this statement in full and accept that there are no warranties implied or expressed for issues (especially on cosmetics) that do not impact the overall function and use of the product.

    We do not make any representations as to the quality or fitness of any goods sold on these bases, and it is a term of the contract for the purchase of any such goods that the customer has made their own enquiries and inspections and relies exclusively upon those enquiries and inspections in deciding to make that purchase.

    If any warranty duration is expressed on order/invoice to goods sold while marked as “factory seconds”, “ex-demonstration”, or “damaged”, then those warranties will apply the standard for a product with those markings, which will be a lower standard than that for a product sold as new. If you purchase a product with these markings, you acknowledge that the reduced price for the product reflects that some claims will not be available which would have been for a product marked as new.

    Other Rights

    The Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty applies in addition to the guarantees, rights, and remedies conferred by the Australian Consumer Law and other applicable Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation. The Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty does not exclude, affect or limit those guarantees, rights or remedies, except to the extent that their application may lawfully be excluded or limited.

    In particular, our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

    Owner’s Responsibility

    As a new owner of a Mars Campers vehicle, you are responsible for regular and proper maintenance (refer Maintenance and Service Schedule sections in this booklet). This will help prevent conditions arising from neglect that are not covered by your Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty. It is important that you read and understand all instructions and precautions before operating the recreational vehicle. Even if you are experienced, we encourage you to thoroughly read this owner’s manual as well as other relevant accessories/component manuals.

    Please note that Mars Campers New Vehicle Warranty is not transferable to a subsequent owner.

    At the time of delivery from your Mars Campers Dealer, the dealer’s representative will log your information and connect your purchase details to your vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number). This enables us to identify your vehicle for any required warranty repairs. Please do keep original purchasing documents as you may still be asked to provide this during the warranty claim process. If a problem arises, please contact the dealer that you have purchased the vehicle from to make an appointment. If you are unable to locate the nearest dealer or agent, please contact Mars Campers customer service through our website or refer to contact details listed at the end of this Warranty Section.

    The New Vehicle Warranty does not cover costs associated with transport or recovery of the camper. If a claim is made under warranty it is your responsibility to bring the trailer back to place of purchase for a full assessment. Where directed during a warranty claim process, you must make the vehicle available to the dealer or agent for inspection and testing. If such inspection and testing finds no defect in the vehicle or that the fault is not warranty related, you must pay the dealer or agent’s usual costs of service work and testing.

    Given the nature of a recreational vehicle, you will bear the costs of transporting the vehicle to and from the dealer or agent. You must deliver the vehicle to the dealer or agent during business hours at an agreed time.

    If you are not in an area covered by an authorised agent, work can only be carried out in an authorised workshop after prior written approval from Mars Campers Customer Service Centre in agreement to quote provided. You may be required to get additional quotes if the quotes obtained were unreasonable or contain items/services not covered under warranty. Payment to the repairer could be required from the customer. If so, you should claim reimbursement from Mars Campers by forwarding the repairer’s invoice with your vehicle VIN noted and receipt for payment. Prompt and detailed reporting of problems is essential.

    When a problem or fault is found, you must prevent further damage or deterioration where it is reasonable to do so. Please do not delay filing your warranty claim as Mars Campers will not accept any damage arising from not having faults attended to in a timely manner.

    Lodging A Claim

    All warranty claims MUST BE LODGED through our website using our online Warranty Claim Form. Please provide all required and relevant information when submitting your claim to prevent delays in processing your claim.

    Suggestions For Organising a Repair or Service

    To help ensure your dealer provides the level of service you expect, here are some suggestions we have:

    • Contact your dealer in advance. Do not wait until just before the trip. Your dealer may not be able to service it immediately and/or the repair may require parts to be ordered. The dealer’s service department is busiest on Mondays, Fridays and before the holidays. Certain parts or repairs may require more time than expected due to supply chain or technical specialties.
    • Prepare for the appointment. If you are having warranty work performed, be sure to have the right papers with you. Take your warranty folder and have your vehicle information available. All work to be performed may not be covered by the warranty (such as consumables or wear and tear items). Discuss additional charges with the service personnel.
    • Prepare a list. Provide your dealer with a written list of specific repairs needed. It is important that you provide any vehicle repair history to the dealer’s service personnel.
    • Keep a maintenance log of your vehicle’s service history. This can often provide a clue to the current issue.
    • Be reasonable with your requests. If you leave a list with several items and you need your vehicle returned back by a specific time, discuss the situation with the dealer’s service personnel and list your items in order of priority. This may include making a subsequent appointment for work not completed or parts that the dealer may need to order.
    • Don’t expect a repair or warranty job can be done within a very short time frame even after agreed by service personnel. Often not enough information provided can result in complications that delay the repair. Furthermore, if new problems are not reported found and/or cannot be fixed immediately, as care of duty, we may ask for the vehicle to remain at the service centre until rectified.
    • Don’t expect to look over the technician’s shoulder. Please don’t be offended if you are told you cannot watch the work being done. Some work safe, pandemic protocol, insurance requirements forbid the admission of customers to the service area.
    • Inspect the service or repair job when you pick up your vehicle. Notify the dealer’s service personnel immediately of any dissatisfaction. If you cannot return the vehicle immediately for repair, make an appointment as soon as possible.

    If you have any further questions relating to warranties or are unsure about any aspect of this section, then please contact us via phone 1300 667 868 or email at