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Why You Need To Visit a Camper Trailer Showroom

The hardest decision isn’t whether you need a camper trailer or not — because the answer is yes — but rather, which camper trailer suits you best?

Camper trailers are the ideal choice for families and couples that enjoy seeing more of Australia. Now, we understand better than anyone that people think camper trailers aren’t for them.

You might be right, but here at Mars Campers, we’re confident our range of camper trailers has something for everyone.

For instance, our Mars 16 is an off-road family caravan built with bunk beds, an en suite, electric awning, and tonnes of storage. It’s one hefty camper that feels more like a moveable hotel than a camping option.

On the other side of the coin we have the Vanguard, an excellent option for couples who live a busy life and need an easy-to-tow, quick setup camper while still having all of the features like a queen-size bed, kitchen, and much more.

These are just two options amongst our wide range of camper trailers, so let’s get to the real question; how do we choose the right camper trailer?

It’s simple; start by looking online at our range of camper trailers and visiting one of our stores around Australia to find, feel, and fall in love with our range of on and off-road camper trailers.

Let’s Talk Camper Trailers

Two people sitting on chairs in front of their camper trailer

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind and you really want that camper trailer, but you’ve never had one before and it’s finally time to pull the trigger.

How’s that smartwatch going, or the bread machine, what about the table tennis table? All the things you’ve wanted and bought, but never used.

Could it be that a camper trailer will end up like the rest? No, because a camper trailer costs quite a bit more than those and you’re not one of those people.

Believe it or not, camper trailers aren’t immune to forgetfulness or neglect. It’s not a judgement about a person’s character but more their need for such an item.

There’s nothing worse than regret or a mistake, and we’re here to help you understand if you definitely need a camper trailer or just kind of want one.

If You’ve Never Been Camping, It’s Probably A No

A car towing a camper trailer through muddy water

While the team at Mars Campers would never deny someone the privilege of owning a camper trailer, you wouldn’t believe how many people buy one and never use it.

We strongly suggest that if you’ve never been camping, it’s probably not a good idea to buy a camper trailer.

There are exceptions, of course. Some people want to take up a new hobby or lifestyle and think that a purchase like this is the perfect opportunity to start.

It is, it can be, but probably won’t be — buying a camper trailer means weighing up your options and realistically thinking about its practical use and fit within your current or future lifestyle.

Here’s our take on the things you should consider before buying a camper trailer.

The Pros And Conclusions

Camper trailer setup in a showroom

Feel free to disagree, but we believe a camper trailer is a purchase that must be done in person. It’s kind of like buying a car or a home, or both for the price of one.

There are three major elements to a camper trailer:

  1. Price
  2. Off-road-ness
  3. Usability
How Much Is Too Much?

A car and camper trailer driving along water

One of the most attractive features of a camper trailer is probably the independent trailing arm suspension. After that, we’d probably say it’s the price.

While camper trailer jokes and parties don’t mix, telling your mates about your brand new camper trailer does!

For many, the diverse range of prices and options for camper trailers is a compelling reason to buy one. There’s a price range to meet any budget, along with the opportunity to add features and accessories you’re dying to have.

For quick reference, Mars Campers has seven camper types:

  1. Caravan
  2. Forward folding
  3. Hybrid
  4. Pop top
  5. Rear folding
  6. Soft floor

Each of these camper trailer types offers unique capabilities, features, and accessories, all at different prices to meet different budgets.

When it comes to choosing one of these camper types, it all depends on what you think you’ll be doing with a camper trailer.

If you want luxury and a self-contained unit, then a caravan is perfect, but if you’re looking for a minimalistic and affordable option, then a rear folding trailer is right for you.

How And Where Will I Use My Camper Trailer?

A camper trailer showroom

It’s probably not a good idea to buy a camper trailer and then think about how and when you’ll use it. You should be thinking about where and when you want to travel and buy a camper trailer that fits those needs.

Let’s say you want to do the big lap road trip around Australia, a caravan might be a better choice, but if you’re thinking about camping with your dog, a hybrid camper trailer will be your best bet.

It’s not to say camper trailers aren’t a versatile option for holidays and trips around Australia, they are. We’re saying that to get the most out of these trips, you’ll want the very best tool for the job.

We have customers that absolutely love beaches, and for them a pop-top caravan was the perfect choice. Perhaps you’ve got a particular location or trip in mind, and you’d like some help choosing the right camper trailer.

If so, please feel free to call us on 1300 667 868, email us with [email protected] or contact us through the website.

Thinking about the where is useful if you know the places you want to visit but the how is just as important.

Firstly, camper trailers are very easy to tow. There are things here and there you should know, such as our top tips for off-road towing, but for the most part, being careful and vigilant is more than enough.

Beyond price, the freedom of a camper trailer is one of the greatest selling points because you open up opportunities.

Making Use Of A Camper Trailer

Two people sitting on chairs in front of a camper trailer

Once you have something, you tend to make use of it when the opportunity arises. Maybe you’ve got a long weekend or an ADO coming up, and you don’t have time to book flights or a hotel.

It can be difficult to get away to the beach or the countryside with just your sedan or even a 4WD. However, with a camper trailer, things get infinitely easier.

Just having the option of getting away with a camper trailer is enough to get people excited about owning one. Now, actually going away is a different story, but it’s nice knowing you’ve got that flexibility.

While making use of a camper trailer whenever you want is enough of a reason, the longevity of a camper trailer should also excite you.

A camper trailer is an investment, but it’s one that will pay you back time and time again — as long as you take care of it.

See It To Believe It

A person sitting on a chair underneath a camper trailer awning

There’s a reason why we’ve dedicated over 20 sites around Australia to showcase our camper trailers for you to see, touch, and experience.

The whole “try before you buy” philosophy exists because it works and we believe that once you come into our showroom and see our camper trailers first hand, you won’t be leaving without one.

We pack a lot into our camper trailer information pages. Let’s take the Extremo rear folding camper trailer for example.

It comes with a comfy bed, internal lights, electric setup, and then there’s all of the information in the specification’s section.

To fully understand and appreciate this camper, you can’t get a better sense of it than in our showroom with one of our staff members standing next to you.

We’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the trailer, its capabilities and uses. We’ll even be able to point out a more suitable camper trailer to meet your needs.

Our showrooms are designed to help you find the perfect camper trailer to suit you. Don’t feel intimidated or hesitant when asking a question about our camper trailers.

You wouldn’t buy a house without an inspection, and the very same goes when buying a car. So, when you’re thinking about buying something that’s directly in the middle of a house and car, you better believe you’ll need to see it in person.

Our camper trailers aren’t the only thing that’s versatile and flexible. We offer camper trailer finance so you can get your trailer sooner rather than later. We also provide shipping Australia wide so that way no one misses out!

The Next Step

If you’ve thought about buying a brand new camper trailer or upgrading your existing one, Mars Campers can help. The Mars team is waiting to answer your questions for product specifications to camper trailer capabilities, contact us today for more information.

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