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Not every time you travel will have blue skies and perfect warm days. In an ideal world, every day would be a lovely 26 degrees and sunny with a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky, but mother nature disagrees.

Every part of Australia comes with a different climate from tropical rainforests, to the dry desert of the outback, the snow-capped Blue Mountains and 4 -seasons-in-one-day Victoria.

While each region has their own climate, it may change depending on what time of the year you are visiting or be unpredictable, out of the ordinary day. You can be planned right down to the tee, but you can’t control the weather.

What’s more than this is that at Mars, we are avid believers in the fact that you shouldn’t let a little bit of bad weather stop you from having a blast. Each weather condition comes with some things that you will need to consider making sure that you’re not unprepared and are able to enjoy the weird and wacky weather patterns that Australia has on offer.

You’re not going to head to the snow without snow gear and you’re not going to start a hike without supportive hiking boots, but you may not have considered all the small things that you can take to make your life simple and embrace all things hot or cold.

Our trailers are suited to all kinds of weather and have the tough skin to get you to wherever you need to go, so that’s one thing taken care of that you don’t have to think about. Now that you know you don’t have to consider where you’re going based on what you’re towing, your options are endless. There’s nothing worse than having to reconsider or not visit somewhere you were excited about because the vehicle you’re towing can’t go there. That’s just one of the perks of having a Mars camper trailer.

Let’s get into the essentials for a great road trip no matter what the weather, and also some tips and tricks for managing different road conditions.

all weather Australian camping

Wet weather camping

Ah, rain! While it does amazing things for the universe, it’s not so good when you’ve planned a holiday basically outside. All the Mars Campers are waterproof, so you can forget having to take refuge in your car as soon as you see the first drop fall.

Even our canvas tents will keep you warm and dry, so you can rest assured that everything will be protected.

It is, however, handy to be prepared for camping and have the right equipment to minimize the weather’s impact. Some things that you’ll need to pack are obvious– warm clothes, raincoats, gumboots, and the like. But it’s always great to have some extra tarps to throw over the roof of your canvas tent or for you to sit underneath if the rain is really not looking like it’s going to let up. Tarps are great for protecting against the wind, too.

Backup emergency foods are great too, so you can have some options for dinner if your set up includes your kitchen being outside. Baked beans on toast goes down a treat.

If your tent has been through the ringer and you think it may be damaged or worn out, a great way to check this is to set it up in the backyard at home and give it a spray with the garden hose. It’s best to have this sorted out before you find yourself stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm with a faulty tent.

Think about where you stop. If there is rain forecast of if you’re in a spot that gets lots of rain normally, make sure you have chosen an area that isn’t going to collect lots of water.

Are there any puddles of water around? Is the tent placed on the flattest part of the ground? Will the ground ably support your tent pegs? Be sure to put a waterproof tarp underneath the tent as well as over it.

Driving in the rain

When you’re traveling and towing your camper trailer, you need to be extra careful and consider that you’ll need extra time to stop, turn and slow down. Take a look at our list of tips for towing to make sure you’re across what to do. When it’s wet, take your time and keep it simple. Stop if need be and wait for the heavy rain to settle down.

Although your camper trailer can easily navigate streams and shallow water as well as mud, be cautious and ensure you don’t enter any water where you’re not positive on the depth.

car breakdown while camping in Australia

Navigating the outback

Let’s go from rain to the desert where you’re more likely to hit temperatures of 45 than see a lot of heavy rainfall. This isn’t to say don’t be prepared for rain, but there are more important things to prepare for.

The first rule of traveling in the outback– don’t forget your fly nets. They may not win you any fashion awards, but they will save your sanity. Wriggling around all day to get flies off your skin will become very old, very fast.

Even in winter, the temperatures can reach sweltering highs towards the afternoon. Get up early and start your day when the temperatures aren’t too hot to handle. Seriously, a hot day in Kings Canyon has resulted in walkers having to be rescued by rangers.

Driving tips for the outback

Be prepared for the distance. Make sure that you have plenty of petrol, water and tyre pressure is all up to scratch. Brush up on your outback safety before you head off.

Not only can petrol stations, roadside assistance, and phone coverage be sparse, if you were to need help, it’s also expensive. Nobody wants that!

To get to all the major sights in central Australia, the roads are sealed. However, some parts aren’t and you’ll need to take caution when driving. These unsealed, rough and sometimes loooooong stretches of road (we’re talking 198km) are no match for your camper trailer though. Even though your camper is as tough as nails if a road says 4WD only, obey the sign!

tough areas for a camper to navigate

Braving icy temperatures

Camping in the snow can be an awesome experience. Although cold, don’t let that stop you from taking your camper trailer out and about. Plus, winter camping has its perks. There are fewer people, fewer bugs to swat away and you can watch nature in winter do its thing.

Make sure to think carefully about where you set up camp. Just like for wet weather camping, you want to be on a flat surface and potentially away from trees or anything else that’s overhanging and could result in a heap of snow being dumped onto your roof.

Staying near trees, however, can be a great blockage from the wind, just be sure not to plant yourself directly underneath one.

Also, take some time to figure out which direction you’re facing and try to camp in the direction the sun will rise. It may seem trivial, but it will help you defrost quicker.

Driving tips for the snow

Snow chains might be necessary for your car, and it’s always good to give yourself a lesson on applying them just to give you an extra level of protection when you’re entering thick layers of snow. They are worth their weight in gold!

It’s important to note too that camper trailers aren’t allowed into high alpine parts of Australia during winter, but these are not the only areas that you’ll come across snow.

If people have travelled before you, try to stay in their tracks. It will help you to stay in control and assist with traction on your tyres.

driving your camper in tough terrain

As well as sand driving, it’s important to lower your tyre pressure to make sure you’re getting through the snow safely and making it to your camping spot and back again without a hitch. Snowfall can be unpredictable, so even if you aren’t going somewhere that doesn’t normally get a whole lot of snow, be prepared. It doesn’t hurt to have everything you need to get you out of a potential jam.

Next Steps

Now that you’re ready for all sorts of climates, take a look at our range and get the adventures started. Our teams at Mars Campers are always available and willing to chat about what’s best for you and offer handy tips and advice.

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