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    Preparing for an outdoor camping trip is fun and exciting, but choosing which camper is the right one can also be a stressful task when you’re swamped with different options. You have a lot of decisions ahead of you, from your destination to which route you’ll take and how you will fill your days once you arrive.

    The answer to these questions will look different for everyone, depending on who you plan on camping with and what kind of camper adventure you’re after. For example, if you are traveling with your family and young kids, you will want your trip to be more relaxed and comfortable. However, if you are traveling with your friends, you will not mind giving up on a bit of comfort and roughing it a little bit, going full camping style.

    The best thing about camping trips is that you get to enjoy during your journey as well even before you reach the destination. Australia has a twist at every corner. To make sure you get the most of your trip, it is essential to choose a camper trailer that suits you.

    Outback Road Tripping 1

    At Mars Campers, we understand that picking the right camper trailer for your travel is a big challenge. Hence, we provide multiple camper trailer models to meet the needs of everyone.

    At Mars Campers, you can find a range of soft floor camper trailers, hard floor rear folding camping trailers, forward folding camper trailers, and Loft Campers that are made to serve varying purposes. We know your budget plays an important role in deciding what type of camper trailer you want to buy. This is why at Mars, we pride ourselves on knowing we are offering a quality product without the crazy price tags. Yes, she is just in a Meeting at the You will never have to compromise.

    Here’s a list of camper trailers that can take you anywhere around Australia in complete comfort. Let’s take a look at how they stack up.

    Saturn 16 Off Road Hybrid Caravan

    The Saturn 16 Off Road Hybrid Caravan is designed to accompany you on your adventure trips, going wherever you go. Offering the comfort of a caravan and the agility of a camper trailer, this camper is ideal for young couples heading for camping with their kids.

    This model includes bunk beds for your children and a queen size bed for you to rest with your better half (or sprawl out alone). Facilities like internal shower and toilet and external kitchen add to the convenience.

    Outback Road Tripping 2

    Saturn 13 Off Road Hybrid Caravan

    The Saturn 13 Off Road Hybrid Caravan is similar to Saturn 16. This model suits those looking for the comfort of a caravan with the off-road ability of a camper trailer. It features a spacious external kitchen too, bye bye camp kitchen! Thanks to its huge internal storage space, storing everything that your family needs is simple.

    The layout of the Saturn 13 suits well for couples and lone explorers as well as those where the guests are happy to sleep on their own swags.


    We understand the needs of a growing family. Hence, we bring to our clients the Surveyor. This model is perfect for those who need additional room to accommodate a growing family. You’re able to change things around as your kids grow up, or use the extra room to store the essentials.

    The Surveyor can be towed with most cars. It is designed with a queen-size bed, a stainless steel kitchen, and a 70L water tank.

    Vanguard Hard Floor Camper Trailer

    The Vanguard can take you any place in Australia that you can think of. To prepare it for the journey, you can set it up in minutes. Its exceptionally strong chassis and robust suspension make it ideal for use on the roughest roads. It weighs on 900kg and has a rear folding hard floor. It is designed with a pull-out kitchen and sink.

    The Vanguard is designed to suit mid-size cars. The overall design of this camper trailer makes it suitable for grey nomads.


    The Ares is a loft camper, offering a perfect alternative to a caravan. The smart design of the Ares provides great airflow during the hot sunny days and proper insulation during the cold nights.

    Ideal for most SUV’s, the Ares has plenty of headroom. It has ergonomic seats and a spacious design to sleep four people. With smart features like aerodynamic profile, running hot water, and plenty of storage interior space, the Ares is designed to offer comfort and convenience.


    Anyone who prefers an ultra-lightweight Caravan can opt for the Comet. Its compact design makes it easily towable by most vehicles. It is designed with a queen size bed, fully functional kitchen, and an entertainment system. The comet suits the needs of young couples who want to travel in style and comfort.

    The comet is designed to consume less fuel and thus is cost-efficient. Its lightweight body reduces wear and tear on your vehicle too.


    If you want luxury at an affordable price, go for the Titan. The Titan soft floor camper is designed with comfortable beds, fridge storage box, electric water pump, and 4 burners plumbed gas. This all-terrain camper can easily hold your boat/kayaks, fishing rods and much more. So, if you are planning for an adventure trip with your buddies, this will be the ideal choice for you.

    Outbck Road Trip with Friends

    Thanks to the lightweight design of this camper trailer, your vehicle can easily drag it anywhere without experiencing much wear and tear.


    The Maven is a fully off-road soft floor camper that features a massive tent. It is perfect for group travellers who want to travel in comfort and enjoy the feel of staying in a tent.

    This camper trailer is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rains affecting your camper trailer. It is designed with twin spares, 4x burner plumbed stove, and side body storage to meet your needs perfectly.

    Spirit HT

    Spirit HT is a forward folding camper ideal for both young and older families. A queen size bed, fully functional kitchen, and plenty of storage space are the features that make it a preferred choice among families.

    It features a quick forward folding setup that makes it really easy to set up and pack up.Outback Road Trip 3

    The Spirit HT is a low profile, sturdy camper that is suitable for those families who don’t want to spend too much on their camper trailer.

    Spirit Deluxe

    The Spirit Deluxe is a forward folding camper, designed to meet the needs of an entire family. This camper trailer has lots of living space for you and your family. It has two separate sleeping areas for complete privacy. There is a functional kitchen along with a dinette lounge that makes meal preparation and serving easy.

    With the fully off-road capable design of the Spirit Deluxe, you can get around anywhere in Australia with your family.

    Spirit 2Pac

    The Spirit 2Pac is designed for campers who like refinement. Special attention has been paid to every detail of this camper to give it the design it has. It features a dinette lounge that converts into a bed. Also, it is built with ample storage space that gives you the freedom to carry all your essentials without worrying about the space. There is a fully functional kitchen so you won’t face any problems with meals.

    The Spirit 2Pac is made to perform brilliantly even when off-road. It features independent suspensions and six studs 16″ tires and twin spares.

    Off Road Outback Trip


    The Rover is a big hard-floor rear folding camper, designed to accompany you and your family on a full-fledged adventure trip. Whether you want to go to the beach or the outback, the Rover is ready.

    This camper trailer is made to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding campers. It has a throughout kitchen, storage galore, and bedside steps for your convenience. It has twin gas shocks and trailing arm independent suspension that keeps it going in any condition.


    When comfort meets ruggedness, you get the Extremo. This is a hard floor camper trailer that is easy to set up and pack down. With full off-road capability, this camper trailer ensures you enjoy comfort and convenience during your adventures.

    Outback Road Trip 5

    It is designed with a comfortable bed and large internal floor, so you have more space to move around. There is an extra room created in the exterior along with a functional kitchen.

    Rover Deluxe

    The Rover Deluxe is a rear folding hard floor camper designed to keep you and your family comfortable during your adventure trips. It is designed with a thought-out kitchen, storage galore, and bedside steps to offer great convenience. It features a queen-sized bed and under-bed storage to keep your clothes and other essentials.

    The Rover Deluxe can take you and your family anywhere around Australia.

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