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Not all those who wander are lost 

-J.R.R Tolkien 

There are many things that you are going to learn when you head out on the open road. 

Some of those things you may already have learned from your outback travels, but they take on more significance when you are going on a long-term adventure. Especially in a camper. 

It can be a great opportunity to make a few new discoveries as well. 

There are many different parts to this country, from a unique sunburnt landscape to the remote, almost untouched rainforests. There are beautiful coastlines and large deserts. For many of us, it is a place we could spend years travelling. An unlimited adventure. With so much to see. 

So we put together a few things you’re likely to discover as part of your travel journey in Australia. 

And even if you’ve lived here all your life or travelled fairly extensively between our great states, we’re sure at least one or two of these may surprise you! 

Great Ocean Road, VictoriaGreat Ocean Road, Victoria. 

9: The great outdoors

In the best way, Australia can make you feel small. 

You might find that if you are going to explore some of our more remote areas. The vastness of Kakadu national park and the sound of the wildlife at dusk. 

Head south through the red and orange swept countryside of Breakaways Conservation park on your way to Coober Pedy. Stand on a plateau and watch the world stretch out to the horizon. 

Escape that busy city mentality. Because in Australia what can be considered desolate can also be considered freeing. 

No people to judge you and living by no one’s clock but your own. 

Travelling to a small roadhouse in the middle of nowhere is an experience in itself, but the journey is really what it’s all about. 

Australia is the perfect travel destination for the family, the solo tourers and those brave grey nomads who know that adventure is a journey worth taking no matter how old or young you are. 

The great outdoors may be exactly why Australia is perfect for exploring, but what you’ll discover actually getting out there with a camper trailer is sure to surprise you! 

8: Our country is wild

There are plenty of colourful, crazy and even a few dangerous creatures that live in Australia and you do not have to go far to find them.  

While some concern themselves with crocodiles, snakes and spiders. we can often overlook the less exotic wallabies, wombats, koalas and kangaroos. 

But what about our lesser-known furry friends, such as the beloved and sadly endangered cassowary?

Endangered Cassowary

Or the wonderfully cute snubfin dolphin found off of the northern coasts?

The Cute Snubfin Dolphin

Or the recently discovered Yoda bat?

The Yoda Bat

From desert-dwelling marsupial moles to turtle frogs found along the west coast, Australia’s fauna is just as unique as the countryside. With creatures both bizarre and beautiful. Well, you can be the judge on the Yoda Bat. But you never know what you’ll find in your travels. 

7: Size matters

We all know it’s a big country, in terms of land area, we’re the 6th biggest country in the world and the only country to inhabit an entire continent.  

It’s one thing to see the enormity of Australia on a map or satellite image, but to truly understand the sheer size of it you’ve gotta get out there! 

Australia is almost as long as it is wide and Highway 1, which winds its way around both the mainland and Tasmania, is a popular option for getting around it.  

At a total length of 14,500 kilometres, Highway 1 is the longest national highway in the world, but just remember to deviate from the road a little if you are doing the ‘big lap’ as you won’t see all the wonderful and exciting things Australia has to offer by just sticking to the highway. 

In 2017 a new record for completing the mainland section of ‘big lap’ was set by team Highway 1 to Hell. They managed to travel the entire route of the highway in 5 days, 13 hours and 52 minutes! 

That’s a surprisingly quick loop of the country but we wouldn’t recommend it! 

The slower you go, the more you’re likely to see.

Australia: The only country to occupy an entire continent

6: Bigger is better!

Depending on which state you live in or where you’ve travelled in Australia, you’d at least be familiar with a few of the ’big things’ you can find along the way.  

But did you know there is over 150? 

From the infamous Big Banana in Coffs Harbour to the lesser known Big Ant in Poochera, it seems we can’t get enough of big things.

The Banana in Coffs Harbour

5: A land of extremes

Extreme weather is commonplace in Australia, with temperatures that can range from high 40°c heat to below 0°c, and sometimes these are occurring in a single day. 

Australia experiences almost every climate condition found elsewhere in the world, including a few that are unique to us.  

The second driest continent in the world after Antarctica, we are known for our long, hot summers. 

And yet despite our arid features, the regions around Cairns in far north Queensland and the western coast of Tasmania see significant rainfall throughout the year.  

Certain areas can even be affected by drought yet inundated by flood due to rainfall from thousands of kilometres away.

The Strange Australian Outback

And that’s another part of it, from bushfires to floods, heatwaves to hailstorms, and even tropical cyclones – Australia is a diverse and contradicting landscape. 

We have snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, rainforest, desert and bush, and we are lucky enough to be able to experience it all. 

4: We know how to drink.

Okay, so that doesn’t surprise anyone. But we’re not just talking visiting one of your fancy inner city bars for a beer, we’re talking about visiting a real, true-blue outback pub. 

Mining is one of Australia’s biggest industries, yet is it really that surprising that there are more pubs than mines in Australia?  

Providing us with cold glasses of liquid gold to quench our thirst after driving hundreds of kilometres through the outback, you can find a decent pub just about anywhere in Australia. However, there is something truly special about finding an outback watering hole, filled with unique character and friendly locals, no trip is complete without a pit-stop.

Daly Waters Pub

Daly’s Water’s pub in the Northern Territory advertises itself as ‘right in the middle of whoop whoop’. Yet over the years, it has become an institution for travellers, not just to visit but to leave their mark on the walls in the form of ID cards, international flags, underwear and thongs.  

The Royal Mail Hotel is in Hungerford on the NSW/Queensland border and is located just 80 metres from the Dingo Fence. Hungerford’s population sits at around 20 people on either side of the border. However, this tiny town has a big heart. At a biannual event held at the Royal Mail Hotel, they manage to raise around $16,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The strangest part of this is most of the funds are donated by being thrown on the roof of the pub! 

3: Weird and wonderful

We don’t just get a little strange after a few drinks! Australia has an abundance of natural oddities such as the Pinnacles, our pink lakes in WA and Victoria and Cape Pillar sea cliffs, just to name a few. 

Like the Wave Rock in Hyden.

Wave Rock in Hyden

There are so many shapes and structures to this country and you won’t believe it until you drive right on up to it. There’s honestly nothing more special then driving hundreds of kilometres through scenic bushland and scrub only to suddenly stumble upon natural landscapes that are out of this world! 

2: Speaking of out of this world…

We also have some not-so-natural oddities in our midst, one such place is Wycliffe Well: ‘the UFO Capital of Australia’.  

A tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Wycliffe Well welcomes travellers with 2 large alien statues and locals who will swear black and blue of UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial activity.  

And then there’s Port Arthur, a historical convict settlement near Hobart in Tasmania. Claiming to be Australia’s most haunted destination, Port Arthur is world heritage listed and offers ghost tours by nightfall! Do it if you dare!

The Penitentiary, Port Arthur

The Penitentiary, Port Arthur is eerie during the day, would you dare go at night? 

Did you know there’s also a self-professed micro-nation that exists within Australia’s borders? Although not recognised by the Australian government and still remaining subject to state and Commonwealth laws, the Hutt River principality has its own postage stamps and currency! 

A privately-owned wheat property located north of Geraldton, it claims to have seceded from Australia after a row over low wheat production quotas in 1970. 

Its current leader, Leonard Casley is rumoured to soon be passing his crown to his son, Prince Graeme. 

1: The journey itself

We live in a big and beautiful country and there are many different places to visit and amazing things to see. From vast, beautiful beaches to rugged bushland and desert, we truly are blessed to inhabit some spectacular land. 

But how you go about your journey is half of the adventure.  

You’ll more than likely face wild weather, crazy critters and some lovable locals along the way, but how you make your way around this great country really does dictate what you get from it and how you experience it. 

A Camper Trailer is the ultimate way to experience all of these things and more whether you’ve been an avid camper your whole life or looking to explore this amazing land for the very first time. 

Whether you considering an upgrade or don’t know the difference between a hybrid, soft/hard floor or forward folding camper we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our range of campers online. 

Learn more about our Campers

We love our camper trailers and know you will too. We genuinely believe adventure is good for the soul and love being able to help others get out there and explore our wonderful country. So if you learned something new about Australia from this post, why not share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or even on your own site? Help us spread the word! 

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