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    Tools To Take With Your Camper Trailer

    Annually, about half a million people go camping within Australia. One of the most affordable companions for those campers is a camper trailer. On the road, a camper trailer provides a place to sleep in, which is more comfortable and protective than a tent, and it can easily be towed behind your vehicle as well.

    Camper trailers are a fantastic investment because it lowers the cost of a family holiday and saves time and hassle when it comes to setting up camp. Wouldn’t you want to spend less time while setting up a tent and spend more time having fun with your family or friends? If yes, then a camper trailer is the right option for you!

    Necessary Tools To Pack On A Trip

     Are you planning a trip with your loved ones? Below are some essential tools that you should take along with your camper trailer whenever you’re planning a camping trip. To avoid common problems faced by an average traveller, it is essential to pack the right tools with your camper trailer. As a bonus, we’ve added some useful tips and tricks which might come in handy during your camping trip!

    Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

    Lady bug on a white background

    Have you ever gone away camping and forgotten bug spray? It can be a massive hassle to drive back into town and find a store that sells one. One tip we can give you is to always have a good stockpile of bug spray and repellent products in your camper trailer.

    It might seem unnecessary to have two lots of bug repellents but having a dedicated camping set can only benefit you in the long run. We suggest packing high-quality DEET and oil of lemon eucalyptus as it helps keep the bugs away.

    We’ve got a great blog about how to keep the pests out of your camper trailer, it goes into detail about ways to combat all of those creepy crawlies we all hate.

    Rain Rain Go Away!

    4WD towing a camper trailer along a coastline

    Are you a huge fan of rain? Well, you won’t be one after spending a day in the rain during your trip! Bad weather is the least you’d want on a trip. When planning your getaway, do not only rely on weather predictions, especially if you are looking for a few days in advance.

    To be prepared for the worst, think about the weather that could occur in the location you are planning to visit and pack accordingly. For instance, packing raincoats, umbrellas and extra jackets would be something you’d surely thank yourself for in the future, even if you think the chance of rain is 0%.

    Map & Compass; Your Best friends on a Trip

    A sign with north, east, south and west

    Hiking during a road trip is unquestionably a must but imagine getting lost on the trail! It can be both frightening and dangerous. For even the most experienced travellers, getting lost can be easy if you don’t know the path.

    There are a few techniques and tools that you can use to find your way out if you’re lost on a hiking track. If you’re hiking anywhere beyond the most common trails, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the hiking track in advance, before your departure.

    Find out about important landmarks such as rivers or streams that you can easily identify along the way. Also, make sure to leave early, so you won’t be trying to find your way back, in the dark. If you are hiking as a family or with a group of friends, make sure not to let the conversation distract you from your path and pay close attention to where you are going and what you have seen along the way.

    During the trip, the compass is your best friend and it should always remain in your pocket. You should most definitely learn how to use a compass as it enhances your navigation skills. Remember to carry a map with you and keep the landmarks in your mind. Make sure to tell a friend the route you will be taking and how long you expect to be gone. If possible, leave a map of the route with your friend as well.

    Being Ill On A Trip; Your Worst Nightmare!

    First aid case on a white background

    There might be a situation on the trip where you’ll go, “Oh, I’m feeling sick!”. Due to the change in environmental conditions, you might feel unwell during your trip. To avoid such situations, it’s very important to keep a first-aid kit with all the necessary medication you or your family might need during the camping trip.

    The first-aid kit should include bandages, hydrogen peroxide or iodine products to clean a cut or injury. In addition to this, make sure you follow proper food safety guidelines. Food poisoning is especially common while camping because many people are unaccustomed to handling and storing food properly while away from home which can cause unexpected health issues.

    If you’re concerned about food poisoning while camping, then consider a camper trailer with a pull out fridge like the Extremo, Endurance and the Spirit 2Pac.

    Vehicle Issues

    A pile of tyres

    Imagine getting stuck in the middle of your journey because of a flat tire! If you plan on travelling long distances, it is required that your tires are in good condition with proper air pressure so you can enjoy an uninterrupted journey.

    Moreover, keep a spare tire with your camper trailer in case of emergency. Get your vehicle serviced by a mechanic just before the trip and make sure the engine is working properly to get the best out of your truck.

    Stay Hygienic

    Yellow and red spray bottle on a aqua background

    Apart from all the travel tools, maintaining good hygiene during your journey is not a piece of cake. During your tour, cleanliness is something that might bother you more than anything. A broom and dustpan are necessary as a lot of sand and dirt might find its way into your trailer so keep these tools as they’re helpful and do not consume a lot of space.

    Power Up!

    A couple unloading a camper trailer

    Power can sometimes be another issue faced by travellers on long road-trips. Although some of our camper trailers come with built-in power systems. It’s better to pack an extension cord and a 30–50 ampere electric adapter. These tools are a lifesaver at times of power failure.

    Just Kitchen Things

    Pull-out camper trailer kitchen

    People are usually not kidding when they say that they’ve packed the entire kitchen in their trailer. Nobody wants to overload their trailer. Just take basic dishes, eating utensils, pans, food storage supplies and coffee. Along with all the cooking tools, make sure to take enough food with you to avoid inconvenience during your trip.

    Going To The Mattresses

    Camper trailer queen size bed

    A comfortable and peaceful night’s rest is basically all you need in order to get rid of all the fatigue from a complete day of travelling. An optional but a quick remedy to your exhausted body is a comfortable memory mattress which can be added over your camper’s regular mattress. However, due to the size mismatch, it is possible the new foam may have to be cut according to the size of the campers’ mattress.

    Bond Around A Bonfire

    Several people sitting around a campfire

    Do you enjoy campfires? Firewood can be useful while making a campfire on various occasions during your trip. In case there’s some problem with the stove, you can cook food with the help of firewood as well.

    Sourcing and bringing your own firewood and fire-starter kit can be a great backup if you run out of gas. It’s also handy to have these on deck for when you feel like having a cosy night around the campfire.

    Wrapping up

    A 4WD towing a camper trailer through the country

    Planning and travelling long road trips is not an easy task. Being prepared for the worst is a precaution everyone should take before setting your foot on the accelerator. Some common travelling problems like; bad weather conditions, getting lost during hiking, allergies caused by bugs, have thousands of available solutions you need to know way before planning a road trip.

    Camper trailers are a useful resource a traveller must rely on while exploring long distances. Not to mention hundreds of benefits camper trailers have over tents. Moreover, there are many things that you need to bring along during a trip.

    These essentials include high-quality DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, raincoats, umbrellas, extra jackets, compass, a map, first-aid, a spare tire, broom, dustpan, trash bags, wheel chocks, levelling blocks, stabilizing jacks, extension cord, a 30–50 ampere electric adapter, basic dishes, eating utensils, pans, microwave oven, food storage supplies, coffee, memory foam and firewood.

    Planning On Getting A Camper Trailer? 

    All your travel needs can be fulfilled by one of the camper trailers offered by Mars Campers. With a variety of different sizes and prices, choose the best trailer that suits all your requirements and start planning your first trip with one of our trailers. Contact us now on 1300 667 868.