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    The Campers Christmas Gift Guide

    There’re not many better times in the year to zoom off on a camper trailer holiday than just after Christmas, making the most of those weird days in between Christmas and new year’s.

    With the season of gift giving well and truly upon us, you may be getting stuck on gift ideas. (Why are adults so darn hard to buy for?)

    If you think that years of buying books, booze, socks and jocks have come to an end, maybe it’s time to add something new to your camper trip and buy something fancy for the camping advocate in your life.

    Whether it’s your husband, wife, mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle, cousins’ dog or adopted nephew that you’re stuck on for a Christmas gift, we have you sorted.

    A sneaky tip is to invite yourself along camping, getting some personal gain out of your gift giving. Before you start to feel bad and selfish, think of it as wanting to see your friend or family member enjoy their present! If you need an excuse, you can pass it off as wanting to see the present in action.

    Camp fire

    Get stuck into our ultimate guide to the campers Christmas and be the talk of Christmas lunch this year with your incredible gift giving skills.

    Unbreakable Wine Tumblers

    Mastering the art of drinking wine while your camping can be a tricky task. On the one hand, drinking wine out of anything BUT a wine glass just feels plain weird. There’s nothing special about drinking wine from a plastic cup or an enamel mug, and while camping is not about sophistication, there’s something nice about having an adult glass to drink your adult drink with.

    Wine glass

    That’s where these bad boys come in. They’re stemless wine glasses for both red and white wine, (very on trend, if we must add) and they’re made of copolyester, which means that unless you’re running them over with your car or using them for target practice, they’re almost unbreakable.

    They look exactly like glass and scrub up like glass, so you can have the look and feel of wine glasses without having to handle glass and a million trips to Target country during your trip.

    A Big Old Ice Box

    We all know Eskys aren’t cheap, but they make for a fabulous present if your loved one is heading away somewhere remote. A big giant ice box is a great gift that would go a long way.

    We’ve picked out one that is the perfect height for a seat (seriously, anything that can save you space is a godsend when you’re camping) and is perfect for all your adventures like fishing, 4WD’ing and perfect for your camper trailer set up.

    This particular ice box has carry handles and straps to tie it down, as well as an insulation system that keeps ice cool for a week. Perfect for those trips in the middle of nowhere, when the trips to the servo for an ice top up can be a bit tough.

    Wacaco Minipresso NS Espresso Machine

    Café quality coffee when you’re camping? Say whaaaaa? While some may argue that gadgets like this take away from the stripped back element of camping, we say embrace the technology and the amazing things that you’re now able to do while in the wilderness.

    This gadget is no bigger than a bottle of wine, and it uses coffee pods to create a beautiful brew and the perfect gift, if we do say so ourselves. The coffee loving campers in your life will be very happy indeed.
    This portable espresso machine uses Nespresso capsules making it a very convenient and a mess-free option.

    This easy to use design produces up to 45ml of espresso whether you’re on the road, at the campsite or even at home, so they can use it all year round.

    All you have to do is add a capsule into the head outlet, put hot water into the water tank, unlock the piston, then pump a few strokes to pressurise it and it will extract your delicious espresso – ready to be enjoyed wherever you are.

    Lounge About In A Hammock

    Let the camper in your life create their own rancho relaxo at the campground with a hammock. The best kind are these double hammocks, suitable to snuggle up with a loved one as the sun sets or spread out like starfish on your own. No matter which way they choose to use it, you can bet that they will love this gift. This hammock has timber rails, so it helps you even out the weight making it extra comfy.


    Be warned though, there’s a high chance that you’ll get stuck in a ball of comfort and relaxation in the summer sun. So be sure to pass on the message that if there’s things to be done, get them sorted pre-hammock entry.

    Something For Their Furry Friend

    Everyone loves having a doggo around to join in on the camping festivities. From splashing in the surf to big walks and exploring, our furry friends love exploring as much as we do. And while your camping friends or family members are sitting pretty in their deluxe camping chairs, make sure that their dog is being treated like camping royalty too with a comfy dog bed.

    This bed has a sturdy frame, so your pooch will be supported. It also folds up into a compact carry bag to make it easy to transport from home to the campsite.

    Speaking Of That Deluxe Camping Chair

    No Taj Mahal of camping is complete without an extremely unnecessarily comfy camping chair. Your family or friends will love you and think nothing but good things every time they lean back and smile because they are so outrageously comfy.

    This padded sun lounge deluxe from Oztrail is our pick this Christmas. The frame is a strong steel tube, while the seat fabric is durable enough to withstand the elements you’ll experience while camping. Keep a few cheeky snacks or your phone close on the side table that also has a drink holder. Rest your head on the built-in fully adjustable pillow, and kick back in the padded seat.

    This chair also packs away quite small, so you can store it away easily and it won’t take up much room when packing the camper trailer.

    A Tough As Guts Camera Strap

    Taking happy snaps while out and about or on a big adventure can be tricky. Nobody wants to put their camera in harm’s way at the risk of being dropped, but what’s a great adventure without documenting it?

    Girl clocking a photo from her phone

    We’ve found the solution, and while simple, it will make the eyes of any camper light up. It’s a camera strap made from climbing rope, so you can gift this strap knowing that their camera will always be safe and sound. It also blends in with the wilderness with a range of different colours.
    You can find the durable and lightweight camera strap here.

    A Camp Stove That Charges Your Phone

    Yep, you heard it here first. A camp stove that charges your phone. Not only is this awesome and a completely out of the box idea for a Christmas present, it also doubles as a provider for the two basic things we all need constantly in 2018 – Food and Facebook.

    The BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove performs two essential functions that are equally as important. Firstly, it’s a camp stove that can perform all the functions at home like cooking and boiling water. Second, it’s a power source to charge any device of yours like a phone or camera. The amazing thing about the BioLite is that it chargers your devices while it’s helping you cook your dinner.

    This compact wood-burning camp stove converts the heat of the fire into electricity, which it can then transfer to a device using a USB port. Your camp-loving giftee is going to have a stove at their campsite, it might as well be a mini power station!

    Next Steps

    Now that you have your gift giving sorted, take a look at our range of camper trailers and see what piqued your interest. Our team at Mars Campers are always available to answer questions and help you make the most informed choice for you and your family.