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    The Best Places To Go Whale Watching In Australia

    Australia has a vast 36,000 km coastline that offers you the opportunity to enjoy the glimpses of different whale species inhabiting in the Australian waters.

    Whale watching is a common activity enjoyed by many Australians. When planning a camper trailer holiday with friends or family, it’s always great to be able to pull up and camp quite close to some prime whale-watching locations.

    Let’s take a look at some awesome locations around the country where you will be able to spot a whale or two.

    Head of the Bight

    The first spot on our list is the Head of the Bight.
    Here, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the southern whales for a period of 5 months, right from June to October. It is located around 12 hours from Adelaide and has a 15km coast that treats the whale-watchers with some fantastic views to remember for life.

    Those planning to travel with their camper trailers can pull up and get some shut eye at the Bunda Cliffs Lookout No. 1 camping area. This area lets you enjoy the magnificent views of the Bunda Cliffs while offering some fun whale watching opportunities. As this camping site has no facilities, it is recommended to come well-prepared and with everything you need.

    Man with a hat looking at the beach

    Hervey Bay, QLD

    When you talk about whale watching, the first place that comes to your mind must be Hervey Bay. Obviously, how can we not talk about this place?

    This place is the last stop on the ‘Humpback Highway’ along the East Coast. This location lets you see the humpback whales that escape the freezing Antarctic waters to be comfortable at the warm waters of Queensland. You can find a vast number of humpback whales at the Fraser island in Haver Bay.

    If you are planning to camp in Hervey Bay, you cant go past the location of the Scarness Beachfront Caravan Park. Located on the waterfront of Charlton Esplanade, this park is well equipped with modern amenities. They pride themselves on going above and beyond for their guests, and it’s especially great for kids.

    Eden, NSW

    Eden sits right in between of Sydney and Melbourne. This place is best to spot the humpbacks that usually travel to or from Antarctica and stop here for a feed. The best time to visit this place is during September and October.

    For those travelling with their camper trailers, we recommend stopping off at the Eden Beachfront holiday park. This park is located in between the Twofold Bay and Shadrack Creek and offers a range of powered campsites and camping grounds.

    Byron Bay, NSW

    If you are planning a whale-watching trip in any month between June and November, don’t go past Byron Bay.. Cape Byron is considered to be one of the best destinations for watching whales on water as well as from land.

    Thanks to the popularity of this destination, Byron Bay is more or less always a busy destination. There are many caravan parks in Byron Bay. You can take your pick from the Discovery Parks, Byron Holiday Park, or Reflections Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach, just to name a few.

    Old man looking at the sea

    Albany, WA

    Albany is a destination that enjoys the most extended whale-watching season in Australia. Located 400 km east of Perth on Western Australia’s south coast, this place lets you catch a glimpse of humpbacks, southern right and blue whales. There are chances of you spotting the killer whales as well at this location.

    Albany offers plenty of sites and parks for you to travel with your camper trailer conveniently. Some of the famous camping spots here are the Albany Happy Days Caravan Park, Albany Gardens Holiday Resort, BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park, and Mt Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Park.

    Portland, VIC

    Portland is four hours west of Melbourne, and a great destination to watch the Southern Right Whales. The whales wander along the southern Victorian coast to mate and breed and can be easily spotted from Portland. There are chances of them slipping into the Port of Portland as well. There have been times when people have spotted Blue Whales as well at this location.
    Our top picks for camper trailer advocates are the Henty Bay Beachfront Holiday Park, Portland Tourist Park, or NRMA Portland Bay Holiday Park.

    Port Stephens, NSW

    Port Stephens is two-and-a-half hours north of Sydney and an hour from Newcastle. You can spot humpback whales from June to August as they are on their annual northern migration. They usually swim off the coast of Port Stephens. If you visit Port Stephens in September or November, you can see the whales returning with their calves.

    When planning atrip to Port Stephens, you don’t have to worry about accommodation, caravan sites, or camping spots. There are more than enough spots at the BIG4 Holiday Parks .

    Camper crossing river water

    Bruny Island, TAS

    During May and July, and September and December, humpback whales and southern right whales travel to the Adventure Bay via the Bruny Island. If you visit Bruny Island during these months, there is a high possibility of you encountering these beautiful sea creatures. And if you are fortunate, you can spot the pygmy right whale, minke whale, and the orca as well.

    Captain James Cook Caravan Park is the perfect location for spending a night on Bruny Island. This caravan park is located off Tasmania’s south coast and is on the east coast of the Island at Adventure Bay.

    Warrnambool, VIC

    Travel to Warrnambool in between June and September to spot southern right whales. During this time, southern right whales come back to Warrnambool for birthing in the sheltered bays along the coast. You can get on to the free viewing platform off Logans Beach Road to catch a glimpse of these sea creatures. If you visit here in May, you can encounter rare blue whales too.

    There are many caravan parks in Warrnambool like the Warrnambool Holiday Village, Discovery Holiday Parks, and Warrnambool Holiday Park.

    Victor Harbour, SA

    If you want to spot southern right whales, visit Victor Harbour in July or August. During this time, the whales return to the sheltered bays to mate. The whales can be spotted within 100 metres of the shore as they usually don’t swim at more than 10km/h. As a bonus, Victor Harbour lets you enjoy watching the world’s smallest penguin breed, fairy penguins.

    Bring along your camper trailers to Victor Harbour, and enjoy an exciting weekend with your close ones. You can park your caravans at the Adar camp and Caravan Park to enjoy a comfortable night. Another famous park at the Victor Harbour to spend the night at is the NRMA Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park.

    It is believed that 60% of the total number of whales in the world are found in Australia. So, it is no surprise that whale-watching is enjoyed by people of all ages throughout the country. Watching these marine mammals cruise along the coastline is a beautiful experience that will give you lasting memories for life.

    So, next time when you plan an outing with your loved ones, you can consider any of the above-mentioned whale-watching destinations. As there are many camping sites and caravan parks available nearby most whale-watching destinations, travelling in groups becomes easy. To ensure you and your loved ones stay comfortable throughout the journey, you need to invest in camper trailers or caravans that are ready to take on any challenge when on the road.

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