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    Did you know, over 20% of the Australian population actively spends time fishing? This was a study conducted back in 2003 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    Today, that number has likely grown to more than a quarter of the population. That’s a lot of people that like to fish!

    Here at Mars Campers, we believe fishing is an awesome part of the Australian culture and is one of the greatest pastimes, even better when paired with a camper trailer trip.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it alone or with the family, camper trailer holidays and fishing go together like peas a barbeque and a hot summer afternoon.

    Tackle any landscape with a camper trailer from Mars Campers; it’s the ultimate off and on-road accomplice to get you where you need to go in comfort and style.

    Once you have your camper trailer and your fishing rod sorted, you’ll need our guide to all the best fishing spots in Australia. Some are better than others, and you’ll have more luck at certain times of the year.

    Even if you’re a seasoned professional, this blog can still teach an old dog new tricks or at least new places to catch fish.

    So, whether you’re salivating for a freshly caught mackerel or silver trevally, we’ve got all the perfect fishing spots you’ll need for your next camp fishing trip.

    When to Go

    Spontaneous fishing trips might seem like a great idea, but fishing is a very seasonal activity. Even within the seasonal periods of fishing, the time of day matters a lot. If you’re looking for a specific type of fish, you’ll need careful planning.

    Time of Year

    The time of year matters a lot when you’re after a specific catch. Later in the blog, we go into detail about some of the most popular fishes in Australia and where you can find them.

    Different fish can be found at different times of year in different fishing areas. Here is a general guide for when these types of fish can be caught during the year:

    • Barramundi (start and end)
    • Cod (middle)
    • Trevally (start and end)
    • Mackerel (middle to end)
    • Snapper (middle)
    • Trout (middle to end)
    • Whiting (middle)

    Depending on which state you live, these times of year may vary depending on the fish. However, it is important to note that these are peak seasons for these fish, it’s not like you’ll never see a barramundi during the middle of the year.

    Time of Day

    Just like the time of year, the best time of day will depend on the fish. A general rule to follow is sundown and sunrise as these are times when fish feed.

    Yes, the moon does play a part in fish habits, but the tide and feed times are the ones you should be monitoring.

    There are many resources online that are free that offer the latest in tracking fish numbers and when to go fishing. Mobile apps and websites offer live updates on what times fish are feeding in your local areas.

    Typically, they refer to them as major and minor times; with four key natural events: sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.

    Sunrise and sunset are you major times of day to catch fish, but if you can’t get out at those times, moonrise and moonset are your next best opportunities.

    If you want to be more high-tech, you can invest in fish-finder technology that locates fish underwater with real-time tracking. It’s a bit advanced, but this technology has been around for many years now and is relatively affordable.

    Fantastic Fish and Where to Find Them

    Australia is home to many species of fresh and seawater fish that offer vibrant and flavourful options for fishing enthusiasts all over the country.

    Knowing where, how and when to catch some of the most popular fish in Australia would take research and time. Thankfully we have researched the best fishing places near you.


    Barramundi is one of the most popular choices when Australians go to choose a fish, and it makes sense that the local market for fishing this species is very popular as well.

    If you’re choosing to eat barramundi at restaurants though, it’s more than likely it came from Asia where more than half of Australia’s consumption comes from.

    However, if you’re looking to catch your own barramundi, we can offer a few tips. This species of fish can be caught in both fresh and saltwater but — the freshwater barramundi is much larger.

    Barramundi can be caught in almost all parts of northern Australia with Queensland and the Northern Territory being prime spots for the fish.

    Our top spots for catching the infamous fish are:

    Barramundi, Northern Territory
    • The Top End
    • The Roper River
    Barramundi, Queensland
    • Baffle Creek
    • Cape York Peninsula


    There are a number of species of cod that thrive throughout Australia that range from black, gold and even purple.

    However, the most famous cod in Australia would have to be the Murray cod– the largest freshwater fish species in the country.

    The fish is the king of the Murray and can grow over one meter in length and weigh over 25 kgs.

    If you’re looking to catch a Murray cod, you’ll best go in winter where the fish thrives in the bitter cold. While technically it’s safe, we wouldn’t recommend eating these guys though.

    A camper trailer is a fantastic option for winter camping and fishing. Stay warm when you’re fishing!

    Some of the best places to catch a cod along the Murray River include:

    • Robinvale
    • Torrumbarry

    There are many types of mackerel species throughout Australia, but the two most popular species include Blue and Spanish mackerel.

    Blue mackerel is a lot smaller than the Spanish counterpart and is extremely hard to catch. There are many different methods to catch Spanish mackerel using instruments other than fishing rods.

    Blue mackerel is farmed in large quantities off the coast of southern Queensland and Western Australia.

    However, for smaller everyday fishing supporters, blue mackerels can be found in subtropical areas like:

    • Southern New South Wales
    • Eastern Tasmania

    Spanish mackerel is the most popular of the two and can be caught throughout the year at almost every major coastline in Australia. Similar to blue mackerel though, recreational fishers can find the fish in areas like:

    * Greenhead, Western Australia

    * Dampier, Western Australia


    Perhaps the second most iconic fish in Australia, the snapper is a household name that many of us go to for our fish and chips order.

    Catching your very own snapper means choosing between three very distinct types: pink, queen and red snappers.

    Regardless of whichever type of snapper you’re after, this species of fish is notorious for being a feisty feeder. All snappers are born a fighting fish as they’re very aggressive and can be problematic to catch.

    • Pink snappers can be found in the salt waters of Queensland in Moreton Bay.
    • Queen snappers can be found in Western Australia, Augusta.
    • Red snappers can be found in Western Australia, throughout the West Coast Bioregion.

    There are three predominant trevally fish in Australia; the giant trevally, golden trevally and silver trevally. The giant trevally is the most aggressive of the three, being at the top of the food chain in most habitats.

    Its size and dominating demeanour have led it to become a cult classic amongst many fishing circles. Giant trevallies exist in large numbers in South East Asia as well as the northern parts of Australia.

    Giant trevallies can weight over 80 kgs, imagine trying to reel that in, let alone bring it back to camp!

    You’ll be able to store them in water or ice and keep them fresh with our camper trailer fridge accessories. (Just be careful not to stink out your camping space).

    Golden trevallies are much smaller than their giant cousin and are most commonly found throughout the coastal regions of Queensland. If you’re looking to catch golden trevally, anywhere in Queensland should do the trick.

    Silver trevallies can be found throughout Australia, but many colonies live in Western Australia — popular fishing spots include Albany and Shark Bay.


    Brown and rainbow trout can be found throughout Australia in many of the country’s lakes and streams. The largest community of trout live in Victoria where they swim just about everywhere and in big groups.

    These fish take care of themselves, and they work pretty hard to keep their population nice and big. If you’re looking for freshwater fish to catch in the southern parts of Australia, trout is your best bet.

    For brown trout we recommend:

    • Lilydale Lake, Victoria
    • Blue Rock Lake, Victoria

    For rainbow trout we suggest:

    • McLaughlin River, New South Wales
    • Betts Creek, New South Wales

    The three main variations of whiting that are located in Australia are King George, yellowfin and sand whiting. Unlike other similar fish, the whiting fish can be caught in different corners of Australia.

    Whiting is a small and thin fish that can be found very close to the seashore, shallow bays and inshore outlets throughout much of Australia.

    Sand whiting, Queensland
    • Cape York
    Yellowfin whiting, South Australia
    • Eyre Peninsula
    King George whiting, Victoria
    • Queenscliff

    Next Steps

    Fishing is one of those activities where you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy yourself. The very same can be said for camping in a Mars camper trailer. Our team at Mars Campers is ready to help you find the ultimate companion for your next fishing adventure. Contact us today to talk about what the Mars team can do for you.