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    Nature's Classroom: What Life Camping On The Road Teaches Children

    Think about your life as a child, growing up in Australia. You were probably outside all the time, adhering to the rule of heading home when the street lights turned on. Your summer holidays may have been all about 12-hour stints at the beach (probably without sunscreen on), fishing at the local river or if you were lucky enough- road tripping.

    Even if you didn’t have this kind of a lifestyle growing up, there’s no denying that a love of the outdoors and embracing what’s around us create lifelong memories. These experiences are a part of a great and happy childhood.

    Nature makes us adventurous and as children, learning these behaviours and being curious was just a part of life- even if you grew up in the city.

    Fast forward to today and things just aren’t the same. No sane parent would let their young one speed off on their BMX all day with no idea of their whereabouts- even if the kids wanted to put their iPad down long enough to do so.

    We need to work harder to help our kids experience that outdoor connection and make sure that they aren’t simply satisfied with googling a video of the Great Barrier Reef rather than seeing it for themselves.

    You have the opportunity to create precious experiences and teachings from the heart of nature while your kids are still youngins, and your children simply can’t miss those lessons during their years of curiosity.

    Going for a road trip with your children across the Australian landscapes can offer them what you experienced as well as what you might have missed in your childhood days.

    Not only does hitting the road with your kids lets them see and experience all that Australia has to offer, it teaches them a range of life skills.

    Get back to basics

    Australia has one of the richest and most diverse landscapes filled with amazing natural wonders. There aren’t many other places in the world where you can see both snow-capped mountains, large deserts, tropical forests and unique marine ecosystems.

    When you want to explore nature, experience different regions, and breathe fresh air, hotel rooms are not the right choice.

    Don’t forget that your trip is to connect your children with nature. You want to see they are enjoying rainbows, fishing in a countryside river, playing in the mud and getting back to basics.

    Australian kids have a whole list of unwritten rites of passage. Things like getting smacked by a giant wave at the beach, summertime BBQ’s and kicking a ball around aren’t things that they can get from screen time.

    We’re sure that you would prefer your kids to experience the joys of being an Aussie kid, much like you did, and with that comes the opportunity to show them some of the fantastic places Australia has to offer.

    Even if this is your first time too, what a great way for your family to create everlasting memories.

    A camper trailer becomes your ideal companion for your unscheduled road trip – it has the capacity to go the travel off the beaten path or take twists and turns.

    By choosing a camper, you teach your children how to ensure maximum comfort from minimal space and resources. You’ll go from being scheduled travellers to nomads and embrace the fear of the unknown.

    The trip also helps children learn the difference between necessity and extravaganza. Of course, how you go about your camper trip is up to your style and budget- but learning to make great meals from a small camper kitchen rather than learning how to order Chinese straight to your door is one of those ‘back to basics’ lessons.

    Nature Is A Better Teacher Than Textbooks

    Sure, your kids will learn about the land and the terrains at school, but this isn’t even comparable to experiencing them first hand.

    The trip will teach more than the textbooks ever could. Will they fall in instant love with the wide grasslands, open plains, and coastlines? You bet.

    Our country is so rich with history and culture of our nation’s first peoples that we often don’t get to experience in the city. Taking your kids to communities to see how the nation began can be a rewarding experience for them as well as you.

    Let’s take Uluru for example. Just this one location has so much to give. Camp near the rock and you will hear the dazed voices of the children after they observe the change of colour of the rock at different times of the day- especially the beauty of the sunset.

    Go to the base of the rock, and experience such a wonder right there for your kids to soak in. Much better than a PlayStation game, right?

    Another great thing about travelling Australia is all the wildlife (scary and cuddly) that you’ll come across. You’ll have the chance to spot a ton of animals like koalas, kangaroos, snakes, spiders, sharks, whales…. the list is endless. How great would it be to quietly observe these animals in their natural habitat and not in a theme park show?

    By being on the road, your kids will get a chance to understand that exploring and experiencing nature should not just be with eyes, but with all the five senses. Smell the flowers, feel energised with cool breezes, touch soft grasses, enjoy the sounds of cascades and birds, and much more. Let the children learn that nature is a holistic experience.

    There’s a heap to learn from being around this kind of stuff, and everything comes with a lesson. Here’s an example:

    Tell the kids that the koalas in the northern regions are smaller and lighter compared to the koalas in the south. Ask them to find out the reasons for the difference in the size and appearance. Help them to conclude how the habitat of an animal or a plant influence its physical features and characteristics.

    We bet that after having interacted with these awesome animals and landmarks, your kids will have a much deeper appreciating for protecting our world, and so will you!

    This is a great chance to get the ball rolling and start conversations about what we can do to help our planet. If your kids love this experience, they’ll want to do their part to make sure it’s still possible for years to come.

    nature is a great teacher to kids

    Activities Galore!

    During the road trip, you cross water bodies, mountains, valleys, forests and a heap more. Your kids have the chance to get involved with a range of activities.

    Have you packed your camper with snorkeling masks, kayak accessories, surfboards, and fishing rods? If you choose a beach camping or stay close to national park water holes, the children can spend hours on end doing water activities. Unlimited fun and adventure.

    You can also take your hiking gear with you as Australia has some scenic mountains and natural structures suitable for hiking. After the initial complaining about having to walk around for hours- they might even thank you.

    This can be a great time for you to bond with your kids and teach them something new. Is it time to take off the training wheels? Time to graduate from a boogie board to a surfboard? Or maybe you want to teach your kiddos the art of fishing. The options are endless!

    It can also be a great time to pass on things you loved to do growing up. Maybe you had some family traditions or visited an awesome spot that shaped your childhood- how great would it be to pass that on to your own kids?

    Camping as a family tradition

    The art of responsibility and teamwork

    Besides all the great things your kids will have the opportunity to experience, we’re sure you know that life in a camper trailer means everyone pulls their weight. There’s the setting up and packing down, the washing, the dishes and all the daily bits and bobs that need to get done. Having to this every day will mean your kids can get a taste of what it’s like to have responsibility, and to share tasks. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

    camping teaching children responsibility

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