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    The Best Camping in NSW With Your Camper Trailer

    New South Wales is one of the most iconic and sought after camping states in Australia. That’s not to say any of the others are inferior; New South Wales just offers so much in such a little relatively small amount of space; the fifth largest state or territory.

    Campers of all ages and skill levels will find something to do and see in New South Wales with beachside camping, mountain climbing and a wide range of food and drinks to indulge in. It’s the one stop shop for all things camping.

    If you’re thinking about travelling around New South Wales, then you’re going to need a camper trailer that does the job every time. At Mars Campers, we provide on and off-road camper trailers to suit everyone’s camping needs. Check out our full range of camper trailers today.

    When thinking about your camping destination, there are so many options at your disposal to choose from. Some campers enjoy sleeping under the stars with minimal gear while others enjoy the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline.

    In this blog we go into detail about 3 of the most popular camping options for people visiting New South Wales:

    1. Pet-friendly camping
    2. Beachside camping
    3. Free camping

    Keep on reading to find out the best destinations for these three popular camping choices. You’re bound to find out something new or discover a hidden gem you’ve never heard of.

    Pet-friendly camping NSW

    Pet-friendly campsites are areas of bundled and condensed happiness unless you’re not a fan of dogs. If you’re not then, we suggest steering clear, but if you are, then we’ve got a treat for you and your good boy or girl.

    Dogs are welcomed at many campsites through Australia and especially New South Wales where there are many pet-friendly camping options. Perhaps you’ve never even thought to take your pup or grandpa dog on one of your adventures?

    Instead of leaving your pet at home with a relative or packing them off to a friend’s or neighbour’s house, consider taking the good boy or girl with you on your next camping adventure.

    Camper Tent parked

    Turon Gates, Turon River, Blue Mountains

    We’re going to kick things off with probably the most luxurious option for pets and people. Turon Gates eco-retreat is one of the premier options for camping, glamping and cottage lodging.

    If you’re looking for a mountain retreat that doesn’t just allow for pets but puts them at the forefront of their service, then Turon Gates is the place for you. The retreat offers pet-friendly sleeping arrangements and an array of camping sites.

    When it comes to keeping your pup pampered and safe, there is no better option than Turon Gates. The resort also allows your pets to be kept off lead as long as they are kept under control.

    For the campers, they have activities including mountain hiking, biking, canoeing and much more. There isn’t a shortage of things to do with your time at Turon Gates.

    Riverwood Downs, Karuah River, Barrington Tops National Park

    For pet owners looking for a unique experience, Riverwood Downs provides some special amenities for your fluffy companions. The entire camping area is available to pets on and off leash which spans over 3 square kilometres or 750 acres of land.

    When it comes to dog freedom, there aren’t many better options for open running space, frisbee throwing and ball catching. For more info about Riverwood Downs, take a look at their website here.

    We’ve saved the best part for last, at Riverwood, there is a nearby bar and grill that offers a menu for pets. Yes, you read the right, it’s called the ‘Hound’s breath café’, and this one of a kind menu is dedicated to pets only.

    If you’re wondering what there is for those of us that aren’t covered in fur head to toe, then you’re in luck. There are many walking trails, mountain pools and platypus spotting areas.

    The facilities aren’t powered, but there are hot showers and coin laundry services for those needing a slight reprieve from the wilderness.

    Beachside camping NSW

    One of the most popular camping locations is simply beachside, with your camper trailer overlooking the ocean. Nothing quite beats hearing the waves crash as you fall asleep in your camper trailer or sitting on foldable chairs as you watch the sunset from your campsite.

    In New South Wales, there are many places for you to experience the best beachside camping in the country. You might be thinking that Queensland is the only place for beach camping.

    However, you’d be surprised at the quality of beaches in and around New South Wales that give some of the northern parts of Australia a run for their money. The other element that New South Wales offers is access to beachfront from rolling green hills and dense woodland forests.

    Mystery Bay Campground, South Coast of NSW

    Mystery Bay, unlike its name, offers one of the most popular and well-known beachfront campsites in Australia. It’s one of the few places along the New South Wales south coast that you’ll find completely untouched with natural beauty as far as the eye can see.

    The campsites, suitable for all camping, are unpowered but offer plenty of space for boats, camper trailers or tents. It’s a perfect place to go exploring, surfing and beach fishing. There is plenty to do and even more to eat with many food and wine places nearby.

    There are standard rates for on-peak and off-peak times so be sure to check out their website for more information here. The website serves as a fantastic resource for planning an itinerary for things to do and see.

    Camper parked on the beach

    Salt Water Creek, Content

    The salt water creek camping grounds located on the far south coast of New South Wales are a great place for tents and camper trailers. This little hub situated within the Ben Boyd National Park is a small but very popular campsite.

    The area has 14 campsites with BBQs, toilets and tables for travellers all types and sizes. However, it must be said that the area is unpowered and has virtually no phone reception — which in some people’s eyes in a bonus.

    This spot is the place to go for swimming, surfing and a little bit of fishing. For those a little younger there are several shallow lagoons that are perfect for a quick splash.

    Some details you’ll need to know before you go include: check-in after 12 pm and check out before 10 am. The most amount of time you can spend at the campground is two weeks. For more information visit their website.

    Free camping spots NSW

    Free campsites are an amazing bargain. If you can camp somewhere that’s free of charge but has beautiful scenic sights with wildlife at every twist and turn; why not right?

    When it comes to getting your bang for your buck, New South Wales offers some of the best free camping spots. There are so many places you can camp for free, but we’ve got you covered with our favourites.

    Ingar Campground, Wentworth Falls

    If you’re looking for adventure, then the place to go is in the Blue Mountains with Ingar campgrounds. It’s a great place to go walking, cycling or picnicking but even better if you decide to stay their overnight in your camper trailer.

    When it comes to free camping, you’re going to need to pack and have everything you’ll need. One way of making sure you have all of that and more is with a camper trailer to kit yourself up with camping gear and facilities you’ll need.

    The Ingar campground is small but most importantly free; it has eight unmarked campsites with one of them being able to handle up to 20 people. The area is quite remote, so you must be well prepared. For more information visit their website for directions and things to do.

    Wollombi Tavern, Hunter Valley

    If you’re looking for a free campsite with the option for a taste of civilisation, then the Wollombi Tavern in the Hunter Valley is the place to go. The campsites have no fees and even allow pets.

    The camps have no showers, but the toilets are open 24/7. Wollombi Tavern is a great place for those looking to save some money while also being able to pop down to the tavern for a quick drink or a bite to eat seven days a week.

    There is plenty to do and see in this historic village just off the Great North Road. It’s a great place for travellers to catch their breath and enjoy a more relaxed and friendlier environment within the realms of camping.

    One of the fantastic reasons to visit the Wollombi Tavern is the community events that happen in and around the area with many clubs, events and family days being held throughout the year.

    If you’re thinking about travelling around New South Wales, then this tavern is a must-stop for any camping enthusiasts. Their website serves as a fantastic guide for all of the events and camping options you’ll have access to when you stay there.

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    If you’re ready to hit the open roads of New South Wales, do it in style and with peace of mind with a camper trailer. There isn’t an option better for all on and off-road camping. Check out of range of camper trailers on our website. For more information contact the Mars team for any questions or queries you have about any of our camper trailers.