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    We all know someone who avoids camping like the plague. They always have an excuse, or they think camping is like going through a time warp back to the middle ages.

    We know it can be tough to convince people who have it in their head that they hate camping of anything otherwise, so we’re here to help you convince your friends or family that camping is an amazing adventure everyone should enjoy at least once.

    There’s no better way to experience a camping trip than with a camper trailer by your side (or technically, behind you). Turn any camping trek into a memorable event with a Mars camper trailer and convince your friends and family that camping is the ultimate lifestyle choice.

    The Anti-Camper Concerns

    Let’s say you’re having “the conversation”, and they’re throwing all of these worries and anxieties at you like there’s no tomorrow. Bugs they say, sleeping rough, bad weather, all those arguments they’ve drawn up in their head.

    Well, we’re here to step in and say, “NO”, these are concerns that can be so easily solved with careful planning and the right equipment. There are many aspects of camping, but there are a lot more pros than cons.

    Hit that “control P” and print out this page, slam it on their desk, bed or table, it doesn’t matter and walk away.

    That’s all you need to do because we’re about to debunk some camping misconceptions.


    There is no denying the fact that animals exist outside your house. We see them, they see us, but they usually don’t care — unless it’s a magpie, in which case run.

    Going into the great Australian outback will naturally mean more animals for you to see (which is a positive) and potentially more chance of them interacting with you (for better or worse).

    However, it must be said that almost every animal you’ll encounter will be way more scared of you. If you’re going to a reserve, national park or an organised camping ground — there won’t be dangerous animals just strolling around freely.

    These camps are carefully monitored and the only danger you’ll face is from those pesky mozzies.

    There are some fantastic resources for learning about the wildlife near you and the areas you wish to visit. Our blog on 8 apps you’ll need for every camping adventure has a great section about educational apps like the Australian Bites and Stings app.


    We did just say that most campgrounds have controlled areas free from pesky animals that might stray into your camping area, but bugs are a different story.

    Creepy crawlies like spiders, beetles and roaches are harder to control. If a national park could provide a bug-free zone I’m sure the camping population would triple.

    But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be sleeping on a bed of beetles or on a pillow of planthoppers.

    Pest control mostly comes down to your efforts. We suggest: keeping your doors and tents closed; use bug spray when applicable; campfires are great for keeping them away; keep that skin covered with clothing; use bug repelling devices around the camp.


    For many people, this is the question that stops them from camping: how do you keep clean when you’re surrounded by dirt?

    It’s a relevant question, but it’s not like you’re sleeping in the mud with Babe the talking pig.

    If it’s a real concern, then you can go to places that have facilities like showers, toilets and other amenities. In fact, some camping grounds offer too many services like glamping areas that are basically mini-resorts.

    Showers and toilets shouldn’t be a concern with the abundance of campsites that offer them with and without warm water. Some camper trailers, like ours at Mars Campers, can have showers installed into them so you can shower anywhere and anytime.


    Now, you might be thinking the following: sleeping while camping sucks right? Hell no!

    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. With the right bedding, you’ll be both comfy and cozy all night long. Slumber in the great outdoors is like realising you’ve been sleeping in a hot stuffy box your entire life, there’s nothing like fresh air.

    Now, we understand that no bed is like the one at home. But it’s not like you’re sleeping on rocks all night. A camper trailer can offer a luxury bed option for your camping adventure.

    Otherwise, you can purchase many comfortable bedding options for your tent that provide high-quality arrangements for your nighttime snoozes. And, we’ll give you a cheeky little tip as well, bring your pillow from home. It’ll help you get to sleep faster.


    Crowded House made a fantastic song in the 90’s called Four Seasons in One Day, and it’s understandable that the weather can impact your camping experience severely.

    Planning to go at the right time of year can help prevent any mishaps or unforeseeable seasonal events that may take place. Some people say Autumn is the best time of year because it’s the least volatile season, others say it doesn’t matter.

    Regardless, it’s always good to go when it pleases you. The other benefit of camping with a camper trailer is you can pack your gear weeks in advance and just wait for a good weekend of weather.

    The Benefits Of Camping

    Surely all of your troubleshooting is over by now. We have addressed many of the common misconceptions with camping and now we’ll dive headfirst into our favourite benefits of camping.

    There are so many different aspects of camping that can be a positive experience for you and your camping companions. But here are our top 5 best benefits of camping.


    The hustle and bustle of the city life is something many people adore. Life can get frantic sometimes and a good getaway can be what you need to recharge your batteries to tackle work, life, family or anything else going on.

    Camping is one of those activities that act like mediation or a good walk in the park. This isn’t some superstitious idea or a whacky proposition. Camping really does help you relax and ground your feet back on earth.

    Perhaps a better way to describe camping is that when you go, you begin to see your life through a clear window. It’s a way of stepping back from the chaos of working, seeing friends, finding time for yourself and everything in between.


    “How’s the serenity”, it’s a famous quote because it strikes home in a way that’s both meaningful and grounded.

    You’ll never quite understand the aspect of camping that allows you to escape reality until you’ve done it. But it’s the reason why people that do go camping, LOVE camping.

    The serenity is exactly that, it’s a place to relax and unwind in a real and meaningful way. Sure, sitting in your PJs after a week of work with a glass of wine is great — but to truly unwind you need to remove all the distractions in your life; that means your phone!

    If you’re still not convinced, think about camping like going to sleep. It’s the only way to truly feel rested. Napping works but it only prolongs the inevitable tiredness, to truly reinvigorate your life you need to find time to get away for a good amount of time.


    Camping doesn’t have to be you in a paddock with your mate, staring into space. There are a tone of different things you can do with your camping buddies that will help build and strengthen your relationship.

    It’s always a way to get back to basics and have meaningful interactions. We spend so much time sending messages through the air that some of us forget how to really talk to the people we care most about.

    Hiking through a nature reserve, taking photos in front of a waterfall or laughing in a forest while playing a board game are just some of the simple but meaningful interactions you can have with your friends or family.

    These moments will be something you remember for a long time because they’ll be so different from your everyday life. Even doing ordinary things in a different environment, like a national park or a camping beach, can create meaningful connections and memories.


    Camping is a physical endeavour, we can’t deny this one. You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet or using your arms and getting down and dirty. But that’s half the fun right!

    You don’t have to be the fittest person in the world to go camping though, and that’s the great thing about it, you can go at your own pace. Even spending a nice cold winter night in your tent cuddled up, looking out onto a sunset across a lake can be beautiful.

    Camping is about balancing the exercise and rest in a way that works for you. Enjoy an active camping adventure or go slow and do a few activities a day. It’s a great way to stay fit or improve on something you’re working towards.


    Camping doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s a lot more economical than going for a two night trip down the coast to a holiday destination. You can have multiple camping trips that would add up to the cost of a hotel for two nights and dinner.

    The inexpensive nature of camping means that you can get out of the house more often and see sights that are more spectacular than the view from a hotel room.

    The other great aspect of camping is that it’s as expensive as you want. If you like to eat fancy you can stay at a glamping ground or eat out every night. On the flipside, you can make food at home to eat on the road to save time and money.

    Next Steps

    Camping is a wonderful experience that should be shared with those you love. And at Mars Campers, we love seeing our customers enjoy the very best in camper trailers in Australia. We have a wide range of camper trailers to suit any camping style. Talk to the Mars team to discuss how we can help you find the perfect camping companion.