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    Soft vs Hard Floor Camper Trailers – A Beginner’s Buying Guide

    Buying your first soft or hard floor camper trailer is an exciting and stressful time. The range available on the market is huge, with all sorts of different features and different advantages available. While it may seem overwhelming to begin with, rest assured that there is something out there for everyone.

    Setting a Budget

    Whether you like it or not, money will be the deciding factor in your camper trailer purchase. If you can’t afford a top-of-the-range, brand new, state-of-the-art camper trailer, then there’s no point remortgaging your house for it. There are plenty of smaller soft or hard floor camper trailers available that will offer you comfort while allowing you to get back to nature.

    Set your budget early. Know how much you have available to spend and start picking your features accordingly. As would be expected, the more features you want, the more you can expect to spend.

    Choosing between Soft and Hard Floor Camper Trailers

    A hard floor camper trailer is usually more expensive than the soft floored version but comes with a multitude of advantages. Weigh these up and make your decisions based on your needs and priorities.

    Hard floor camper trailers are easier to clean out and far quicker to set up, but soft floor campers are lighter and usually offer more storage space. Knowing what you need before you start will stop you from being swayed by conveniences that aren’t really necessary. For example, more storage space might seem like a necessity, but if there are only two of you and you’re a light traveller, it might not be a priority.

    What to Look For:

    There are countless features available in both soft and hard floor camper trailers. Some of the most important ones to consider are:

    • The kitchen and cooking facilities – Do you require refrigeration or will that be a waste of space? Would you want a stove or oven, or do you prefer to cook on a barbecue? Will a microwave be a convenience or a hindrance?
    • Hot water on demand – Are you likely to only use camping grounds and caravan parks with their own showers? If so, you may not feel the need to pay extra for this feature.
    • Furnishings – Is a large table wasteful or necessary for your group? How many beds do you need?
    • Off-road – Some camper trailers are specifically designed to be used off-road while others are better suited to built-up areas. Decide where and how you will use yours.

    The towing capacity of your current vehicle will affect the size of the hard floor camper trailer you choose or will point you towards a soft floor (and lighter) trailer instead. Know how much you can tow before you begin shopping so you’re aware of your limitations. This may also change how many features you’re able to add.

    Making a Purchase

    Making the decision to buy a soft or hard floor camper trailer should be based on research of your needs and capabilities, as well as your budget. Start browsing online so when it comes time to make your purchase, you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need.