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    How To Pass The Time When Camping

    Heaps of Aussies love driving around the countryside with their camper trailer in tow to go camping. There’s so many top places around the Great Southern Land.

    While camping on the whole is great fun, like any other time in life, there will be some dull moments too where there’s seemingly nothing to do. Camping’s meant to be a fun, active experience, not a boring one where you mindlessly sit around being bored (that’s what work’s for!).

    Camping’s a great opportunity to try out all sorts of ace activities and games. From playing sport, splashing around the water, playing various board games and card games, or simply enjoying nature in all its glory, you’ll find something to enjoy and never have to experience a dull moment while camping ever again, even when it’s raining!

    Green tent in the jungle


    An easy and fun way to kill time around the campsites that both adults and children can enjoy is a sport of some sort.

    Depending where you’re from, or simply what football code you’re into, you could bring a footy along and play kick-to-kick if you play Aussie rules, or pretend you’re playing in the State of Origin game if you’re into rugby league (yes, we know union’s a thing too!). Or you could get everyone into a match of backyard cricket (well, bush cricket in this case), or try your hand (or foot rather) at some soccer.

    However, if everyone’s after something less intense than those games, then try playing horseshoes, a classic campground game. All you have to do is toss some horseshoes onto a stake in the ground; pretty simple if you ask me. However, lugging around horseshoes can be heavy, so there are also lightweight options available too.

    If everyone’s still keen and energetic enough to continue playing something at night, there’s no need for the darkness of night to stop your fun. Just when you thought that frisbee couldn’t be more awesome, try out glow in the dark frisbee! You and the rest of your group should get some glow sticks so you all know where you are and where to throw the frisbee to. Obviously, you should play this game in an open area, but be extra careful not to trip on anything since it’s dark out.

    All of these are a great way for both the grown-ups and the little ones alike to burn off some energy while getting the most out of their camping experience.

    Use The Campground’s Facilities

    Make good use of the campsite’s built-in facilities to keep the kids entertained. Do your research on campsites before going away to find which ones offer good activities that your group will love.

    Some common campsite facilities and activities to look out for are:

    • Swimming pools
    • Mini golf
    • Playgrounds
    • Games room
    • Horse riding
    • Canoeing
    • Flying fox
    Music And Singalongs

    There’s no denying that music has the power to bring people together. This is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re camping. If you can, bring a guitar along and strum out some classic tunes that everyone can sing along to. Or if it’s not practical to bring a big guitar along, perhaps use a harmonica instead.

    Expect to hear a few cheesy campfire songs that are campfire staples. What type of campfire singalong doesn’t include the likes of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’, ‘Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree’, ‘Home Among The Gumtrees’, ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and ‘Kumbaya’ in the setlist? (Yes, they’re cheesy, but if you can’t sing those songs at a campfire, then where can you sing them?!).

    Even if some people are initially reluctant to sing along, they’ll get into the groove of things soon enough. Singing loosens everyone up and puts them in a good mood that also helps make great memories that will last for life.

    Make sure you get the marshmallows out too to stuff the kids’ mouths with yummy goodness (and to get them to settle down if they get whiny!)


    If you want to do something less daggy than singing campfire songs, but are too knackered to play some footy, then there are plenty of indoorsy games the whole family can play without actually being indoors. You can play any of these in your tent or near the campfire, so you can play them rain or shine.

    Besides entertaining the little tackers to pass the time, games are also a good way for the family to bond together.


    Boardgames are great for when it’s raining or there’s really bugger all else to do (they don’t call them bored games for nothing!). Although board games aren’t recommended for people who are backpacking or are not able to carry a lot of things for whatever reason, but if you’re able to pack it, do so. If you already know what boardgames your mates or relos are into, then it’s guaranteed to keep everyone entertained.

    Boardgames are best played on picnic tables or in your tent. Keep in mind that if you play outdoors, it’s very possible that you may lose some boardgame pieces, so be careful. And don’t blame us if a game of Monopoly causes a family argument; that’s out of our hands!

    Card Games

    No matter where you’re going, always bring a deck of cards with ya! Card games are just the thing to keep your gang amused while camping. Their small size makes them very easy to pack so there’s plenty of room for you to pack the essentials.

    The beauty of cards is that there are heaps of games you can play, so you’re not just stuck with playing poker over and over again. From blackjack, rummy, go fish, or snap, the opportunities are endless. And let’s not forget the classic family game Uno, but obviously, that’s a completely different set of cards. If whoever’s packing forgets the Uno cards, they’ll be drawing a draw four card for it!


    This classic group activity is the perfect game to play around a campfire. Everyone has to write something on a piece of paper that’s then put into a hat, a bowl, a coffee mug, or something else that you can easily put your hand in to grab one out. Usually, you’d write down the name of a famous person, an animal, or a movie, or anything along those lines.

    Then players have to stand in front of everyone and act out with their hands and facial expressions without talking, and the other players have to guess what that is. It’s bound to get a few laughs and get everyone using their noggin.

    camper parked in the middle of jungle

    Exploring The Bush At Night

    While walking around the bush at night can be spooky and sometimes dangerous, there’s also a sense of tranquillity that it gives. The bush is also the perfect place to simply look up at the sky and get a clear view of the stars that aren’t always visible thanks to bloody light pollution!

    Try to find somewhere comfy to lie down and look up. Besides being a nice way to relax, you can also try to find famous star constellations that you can point out to your kids. Try to find the Southern Cross, the most Aussie constellation there is!

    Since many animals tend to be more active at night than during the day, walking around the bush at night is also a great opportunity to spot some of Australia’s cute little critters for yourself. Although you should bring a torch with you (if only to help you find your way back to camp), try to spot the animals without one to not scare the animals off.

    Splashing Around

    If you’re wandering around the bush, you’d hope to see a river or a lake. Not only are they pretty to look at, they’re good fun to swim in. Keep in mind that some waters are dirty and not suitable for swimming in (do your research on this before going there). But whatever you do, remember to bring your bathers, swimmers, togs, or whatever you call your swimwear and some towels with you.

    Go Fishing

    If you’ve set up your camp next to a river, then you’re in an ideal spot to do some fishing (make sure you get a fishing license before you do it though). While rain usually spoils the fun while camping, rainy days are actually the best days for fishing, as rain stimulates the fish. Rain washes bugs around the river which will attract many fish to come out to get some tucker. Rain also helps you find worms to use as bait, as the wet soil forces them to go up to the surface and therefore easy for you to find.

    Alternatively, if your kids are having a hard time catching any fish, let them try yabbying. Bring along an appropriate type of net and use carrots or tomatoes as bait.

    On another note, you’ll be able to hear very cool sounds during the rain. The sounds of birds calling out and frogs ribbiting, along with the rain itself, create a symphony that truly is music to the ears. Certain species of birds and frogs make distinct sounds, so keep your ears out for them.

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