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    Choosing the right camping spot

    Great campsites are found, not made, but what constitutes the perfect spot? There is more than meets the eye, so choose wisely and your trip will be off to a great start.

    Ample Space

    Choosing the right camping spot

    Caravan parks and designated camping grounds tend to be all par for the course and will generally be free of many pitfalls of a poorly chosen campsite since they are well maintained, however there are still things to consider when picking one that works. Like size. Make sure the spot is long and wide enough for your rig and that there is ample space around the outside for camp chairs, tables and all your extras. Take note of your neighbours and don’t encroach.


    Whether it’s a tent or a camper trailer you’ll want to be as level as possible. Nothing worse than waking up in the morning and you’ve rolled off the mattress or you can’t keep your drinks from sliding off the table. Dips will accumulate water if it rains so a gentle incline to help runoff is probably ok but sleep with your head at the top of the slope.

    Clear and present danger

    Shady spots and shelter are good features in any campsite and trees do a wonderful job of providing this, but do a thorough inspection of the type of trees you’re camping near. Gum trees are notorious for dropping limbs, especially after a period of heat and then rain; they are called ‘widow makers’ for a reason.


    If you need water for drinking or washing, is there a potable source close by? Toilets are another thing, if you’re not self-sufficient in this regard, but don’t camp too close or the extra foot traffic and unpleasant odours may spoil the serenity.


    Sometimes it’s great to meet new people while you’re out and about and sometimes you’ll find yourself next to a bunch of noisy bogans. If quiet and private is what you’re looking for, avoid more popular areas, busy times of the year, and take note of how close you’ll be to your neighbours once you set up.


    Make sure you check whether fires are allowed in the area that you’re looking to camp in and always have water on hand for emergencies.


    If you’re taking your pet along for the ride, double check the area you’re visiting as they aren’t always welcome at all sites.

    Next Step?

    At Mars Campers we work hard to develop the best value for money camper trailers with a view of helping you create memorable experiences with your loved ones.

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