Rover camper trailer first impressions review

Shoot for the stars
Real-world testing and a wealth of sensible options has the new rear fold hard floor camper trailer Mars Rover well-equipped to make an impact.

Hard Floor Rear Folding Off Road Camper Trailer rover hard floor

Compared to some of the basic designs that we’ve endured in times past, it’s fair to say hard floor campers are finally having their (well-earned) day in the sun.

This style of camper trailer is becoming more popular than ever and for good reason – there’s a wealth of features to offer the keen camper and even a few that might convert the not-so-keen campers out there. That’s gotta be worth investigating.

Design Features

While often trumped by soft floor campers in terms of interior living space, hard floor models regularly make up for this shortcoming with their superior, simpler set up processes.
The team at Mars Campers are no strangers to the ins and outs of hard floor campers, having no less than five models currently available, but it’s their all-new Rover that’s had prospective buyers licking their lips in anticipation.

But why? Well, the Rover is the culmination of many years of customer feedback, crossed with real-world testing in the kind of conditions that would have lesser campers abandoned on the roadside.
Mars’ national sales manager Celso Prado should know this, having recently finished with his mammoth travel junket, ahem… research trip across Australia’s Top End with Mars camper in tow.
Kudos for getting that one past the boss and an extra thumbs up for this quantifiable commitment to discovering how the company’s products perform in the real world – that is, the dusty tracks and muddy bog holes that Mars customers will inevitably encounter on their own offroad adventures.

Now while the Rover is not the first foray by Mars into the hard floor camper segment, it IS the first of its kind for the brand. The difference here is an emphasis on reliability and a solid helping of practicality, on top of the Mars quality its customers have come to know.

The Rover that lobbed on our doorstep for testing was literally the first one off the production line, so it was not completely perfect. But it sure has the makings of an epic camper…

This is the model Mars really wants to put forth as its flagship, so you can bet that, with time, the company will certainly iron out all remaining bugs and end up with something pretty special.

What’s inside?
Hard Floor Rear Folding Off Road Camper Trailer

So what can you expect? Along with a queen-sized camper bed, Mars has also included a luxurious level of headroom, surrounded by 15oz poly-cotton tent sidewalls, so there is plenty of space within.
There’s also ample ventilation, helped no end by multiple large windows, each screened with midge-proof mesh.

Rib bracing beneath your feet ensures the floor feels nice ‘n’ solid and it falls flat too, which means  cleaning up is a breeze when it’s time to head home.

Perhaps best of all, there’s a flip-out step for making that final hurdle into bed!

The wrap

It’s not unreasonable to say that almost every camper trailer is jammed full of value these days, however the Rover model brings it to a new level.
The camper has more features than and off-road ability of units priced three to four times it’s starting pricing of around $15,490.00


  • Well considered kitchen and pantry area
  • Admirable volume of storage for a hard floor
  • Ready  for hardcore offroad touring
  • Full setting up takes practise to develop the knack
  • Practical upgrades and smart thinking evident (the bedside step)

Words Ben Keys/Michael Borg