Forward Folding Camper Trailer

Like the idea of road tripping around Australia and camping under the stars, but sleeping in a tent is not an option and a caravan is just too big to tow around with you? Why not meet in the middle and opt for a forward folding camping trailer? Providing the luxury of a caravan but in a more compact form that is ideal for two people, the forward folding camper won’t weigh down your vehicle as much either, which means you won’t use as much fuel while you travel. When you’re looking for superior quality forward folding camping trailers for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and across Australia, choose Mars Campers.

Deluxe Camper Trailer Ideal for 4×4 Off-Road Travel

Mars Campers have designed and manufactured a complete range of forward folding camper trailers to suit couples and small families. Ideal for traveling off the beaten path, they’re perfect for use with your 4×4 as an off-road camper trailer for those enthusiasts who really like to get in the thick of it!

Every forward folding camping trailer from Mars Campers comes with a 60-month structural warranty, so if you’ve been shopping around for a spirit camper trailer or folding tent trailer for you and the kids or even just for a couple, discover our forward folding camper range now!