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    Your Summer Destinations Checklist

    Planning your next holiday can be challenging in a location with so many choices, but don’t fret because your camper is sitting in your driveway, and it can take you far and wide.

    Forget all the things you see on TV or read in the paper about places overseas. Australia offers some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. These locations aren’t limited to the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru, there’s so much to see and do in our beautiful country.

    We are home to many hidden gems that are right around the corner from your backyard!

    Pack your camper, grab the kids, put down your phone and get ready for the best locations to visit near you!

    New South Wales
    Devils Hole Campground

    Devils Hole, despite its name, is one of Australia’s highest camping spots at an altitude of 1,400m. Set in the sub-alpine country of Barrington Tops National Park, it is a fantastic spot for cold-climate explorers of woodlands, wetlands and wildlife.

    Barrington Tops isn’t just an adventure escape; it’s a place stop for a picnic with superb views from places like Thunderbolt lookout. Even if dusk falls, the national park encourages nightlife with campfires, night-spotting and sleeping under the stars.

    • Multiple campsites with tent and camper trailer options
    • Facilities include barbecue, carpark and toilets

    Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay

    Set in Jarvis Bay, Honeymoon Bay is 10 km from the edge of Currarong. This beautiful locale is a must for all things holiday-related. The beach and surf options offer fantastic opportunities for school holiday day trips.

    Blue water beach

    Honeymoon Bay boasts a wide range of activities to choose from. We recommend birdwatching, snorkelling, swimming or just a place to rest in the shade.

    • Camping is offered on weekends and school holiday weekdays
    • Portable toilets, garbage, bins and carparks
    Northern Territory
    Litchfield National Park

    If you’re in the Northern Territory, near Top End and have a camper trailer, then this is the ultimate place for you!

    Litchfield is home to many stunning waterfalls, crystal clear pools, magnetic termite mounds and sandstone pillars.

    Camping is offered at many sites for different vehicles.

    • Wangi and Florence Falls offers camping year-round
    • Wangi provides non-powered caravan sites
    • 4WD camping at Tjaynera Falls, Surprise Creek Falls and Florence Falls
    • Walk-in campsites at Walker Creek

    All of the campsites offer a wide range of facilities, please check beforehand which campsite of what before packing.

    There are also many different activities for you to see and do. To name a couple, we recommend the historic ruins of Blyth Homestead, wildlife spotting and ranger-guided walks.

    Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

    Rainbow Valley is located just 75 km south of Alice Springs. It’s recommended that sedans do not drive to Rainbow Valley; however, an on and off-road camper is highly suggested!

    The valley boasts scenic sandstone bluffs and cliffs that look stunning during sunset and sunrise. It’s the perfect opportunity for a family photo or a cheeky Instagram update.

    Here are some Rainbow Valley quickfire facts:

    • You’ll never see a landscape change from ochre red to orange and purple anywhere else
    • It is the only weed-free conversation in central Australia
    • View over 400 plant species, 100 bird species, 20 mammal species and 40 reptiles
    • There are 2 species of plants only native to Rainbow Valley, the Eremophila and Atriplex Sturti
    Murray Falls Camping Area, Girramay National Park

    Murray Falls is a camping area located in the Girramay National Park that offers access to all patrons and vehicles. The national park features a unique camping opportunity; one giant and open camping area at Murray Falls.

    The community in and around the campsite is fun for all ages, especially during holiday seasons when families flock to Murray Falls.

    The falls are one of the most spectacular waterfalls to be observed in Queensland with water-sculpted rocks and clear pools.

    Beyond the singular-but ginormous-campsite, there is a range of holiday accommodation service facilities including caravan parks, motels, holiday units and cabins.

    • Explore Murray Falls through walking tracks
    • River boardwalks to view some of Queensland’s best waterfalls
    • Picnics, day-use areas and wildlife viewing
    Mt Barney Lodge Country Retreat

    Located at the base of Mount Barney, in the world heritage-listed Mount Barney Nation Park, Mt Barney Lodge provides premium cabins, homesteads, camping and glamping options for visitors.

    At a glance the location offers:

    • School holiday programs
    • Summer accommodation
    • Camping and glamping

    We are giving these activities a go if you’re visiting the southern side of Queensland:

    • Rock adventures
    • Guided eco walks
    • Mountain expeditions

    Lady sitting at a camp

    Mount Barney Lodge gives you multiple options to stay and visit with your camper trailer, and gives you access to heaps of grassy and shady campsites. All of which come with campfire capabilities (hello roasted marshmallows), creek frontage and views of the spectacular Mount Barney.

    South Australia
    Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

    Ikara-Flinders is a rugged but ancient mountain landscape with tree-lined gorges and a wealth of season wildlife and plants. The semi-arid zone provides a space of unique pleasure and comfort for South Australian camping.
    Visit the Brachina and Bunyeroo gorges, the Heysen Range and the mountains of Wilpena Pound. You won’t find a more unique landscape, and the area spans a massive 95,000 hectares.
    There are a variety of facilities are available in the park including toilets, information offices, showers, picnic areas, campfires, BBQs and kiosks.

    Coorong National Park

    While Ikara-Flinders Ranges provides the cultural experience of South Australia, the Coorong National Park is a spectacular lagoon that goes on for miles.

    Coorong is well-known for its birdwatching and photo ops. This national park is an important location for Australian pelicans, ducks, swans, cormorants, terns, grebes and over 230 migrating birds from Asia, Siberia and Alaska.

    All of the national parks camping sites are marked with tracks that are well-defined. Permits are required wherever you camp, and bookings are available online. The fees also go towards the maintenance of the park and facilities.

    Narawntapu National Park

    No place in Australia is more peace than the Narawntapu Nation Park. The low coastal ranges and the long Bass Strait beaches include historical farms, complex inlets, small islands, wetlands, dunes and lagoons.

    Para Gliding at the beach

    Narawntapu is one of the best places in Tasmania to view wildlife. The park boasts a rich array of animals that can be observed during evening time on the grasslands. This is a perfect place for families to visit and view animals like:

    • Forester kangaroos
    • Bennetts wallabies
    • Wombats
    Fortescue Bay Camping Grounds, Tasman National Park

    Fortescue Bay is a sheltered but beautiful white sandy beach that is adjacent to some beautiful heavily set forested hills. You won’t see a view of a beach and forest together anywhere in Australia, that’s pretty special!

    White sand beach

    The Bay is an excellent destination for bushwalks, boating, kayaking, diving, swimming and camping with 2 distinct camping areas:

    1. Bankia campgrounds
    2. Mill Creek campgrounds

    The Banksia campground is made up of 24 campsites directly behind the beautiful Fortescue Bay Beach. This site is typically used for tent-based family camping.

    The Mill Creek campground allows all vehicle access for your camper trailer.

    Mount Buffalo National Park

    We’re not saying Victoria is the best state, because things like that don’t need to be said but seeing as we are based in Victoria we may or may not agree with the previous statement.

    For Victorian locals or those visiting “the place to be”, Mount Buffalo is a place you need to educate yourself in the “education state”.

    Mount Buffalo is as grand up close as it is from afar. The granite cliffs and rocky outcrops from the Ovens Valley floor are so inviting they’re begging to be explored.

    Mount Buffalo offers group camping and winter camping options for adventurous explorers and family holidays. It’s an excellent option for the snow season as many other campsites are closed.

    The long list activities for individual or guided activities are so long we can’t mention them all. Our personal favourites are the horn track walk, visiting one of the many wineries or the numerous adventure tours like kayaking and abseiling.

    Inverloch Foreshore Camping Reserve

    Do you know the famous saying, “when in Inverloch”? Neither do we because it doesn’t exist.

    But when you do find yourself in Inverloch, visit the Foreshore camping reserve for an intimate caravan and camping option for small groups and families.

    Inverloch is a fantastic option for a beautiful natural setting amongst seasonal flora and fauna. The park is also the entrance to the fascinating Screw Creek nature walk and is beside a beach suitable for young children.

    The facilities offer:

    • 194 sites with 82 powered and 112 unpowered
    • Laundry and washing
    • Tapes and sullage
    Western Australia
    Karijini National Park

    Karijini National Park offers rugged scenery, geological formations, a diverse arid-land ecosystem and a range of recreational experiences.

    These massive mountains and escarpments rise out of the flat valley to create breathtaking views.

    There are a number of options for camping and retreats.

    Karijini eco retreat

    Located a short distance from Joffre Gorge, the eco-retreat offers a selection of accommodation options amongst the rugged outback. This retreat provides tent or campervan capabilities with numerous powered facilities nearby.

    Dales Gorge Campground

    At the eastern end of the park, Dales Gorge is close to Fortescue Falls and Circular Pool. Dales Gorge campgrounds are tent-based only and offer gas BBQs and toilet facilities.

    Cape Le Grand National Park

    The most spectacular coastal scenery can be found in the southwest corner of Cape Le Grand National Park. Cape Le Grand boasts massive peaks that rise from the coastal plains.

    The park’s rolling heathlands are home to pygmy possums, western grey kangaroos and a diverse group of colourful wildflowers.

    Le Grand Beach and Lucky Bay campgrounds have gas BBQs, picnic tables, toilets and water.

    The Next Step

    The ultimate guide to camping in Australia isn’t complete without the perfect harmony of travel and accommodation. At Mars Campers, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving Australians the very best on and off road camper trailer options.

    If you have any questions or queries about any of our services or products, visit our website to find out all you can about our campers.