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    We all know that lots of men love a good old fashioned blokes trip with their male pals. Their trips are all about fun, humour, and of course, a sneaky beer or two.

    No matter how many date nights or lazy weekends they have with their better half, the real fun for them lies in heading for an all blokes trip! On the agenda, you’re more than likely to find the usual activities like fishing, bush bashing, and our favourite, camping.

    Getting back to basics and maybe even a little bit dirty is always a sign of a good time, and we’re sure many camper trailer advocates will agree that a camper trailer trip is some of the best fun a group of mates can have.

    If you’ve got a blokes trip coming up, these tips will help make your experience a grouse one!

    Pick your location

    Deciding where to go in advance can save you the hassle of scrambling to find a spot last minute. Do some research on the good camping areas around you and shortlist the ones that suit you best. Try to pick a location where you’ll find amazing views, too.

    location for your mens camping trip

    Carry all the necessary supplies

    No blokes trip is complete without a tin or two of beer. Load up the car, but ensure you’ve also done the responsible thing and packed enough water to keep you hydrated.

    Some places might not have a clean supply of water on hand, so its best to arrive with plenty to go around.

    Don’t forget to take along your favourite food! While it can be tempting and a great excuse to stock up on chips and junk, make sure you’ve prepared food that will keep you going when you’ve had a long day exploring.

    To be prepared for any situation, keep the following things with you too:

    • Toiletries
    • Rope and utility knife/pocket knife
    • Hand sanitiser and soap
    • Pack of matches
    • Torch or headlamp
    • Pot, pans, and cutlery
    Choose your camper trailer wisely

    To ensure you have the best possible time, make sure you’ve chosen a Mars Camper that has enough room to fit everyone. Lots of our campers come with extra rooms and annex areas, so everyone will have a space to comfortably sleep.

    Mars Campers are lightweight trailers

    Blokes camper trips are all about adventure. 4X4’ing and taking the road less traveled, chasing that thrill and excitement is a great way to spend a blokes trip. This calls the need for a trailer that is light in weight and easy to tow anywhere by your vehicle. Mars Camper Trailers have a sturdy build that can survive throughout your adventure.

    Off-road capability

    If you and your mates are excited at the thought of off-road driving and towing, opt for a camper trailer that offers an easy off-road towing experience. Going off-road gives you the opportunity to reach beautiful places not explored by many. To ensure your camper trailer keeps up with your expectation, choose the one that has the capability to follow you wherever you want to go. A reliable trailer with full off-road capability is the Mars Campers Rover Deluxe. It has the ability to perform brilliantly anywhere and everywhere.

    off roading on your mens camping trip

    Functional Kitchen

    As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

    This proverb defines the importance of food in a man’s life. Hence, for an all men trip, having a camper trailer with a functional kitchen is a must.

    With a functional kitchen in your trailer, you can reap the benefits of a proper kitchen setup including gas stoves, a sink, compartments and drawers. Gas stoves make it easy to prepare a variety of dishes, whereas the various drawers can be used for storing food. Most trailers feature a collapsible kitchen that allows for easy storage when you’re out and about.

    mens camping trip cooking

    Spacious design

    If you’re heading away with a group, you would obviously require a lot of space for storing your essentials and to make sure you aren’t sleeping top to tail. Camper trailers are mainly purchased for additional storage and room. Depending on the number of people heading for a camping trip, the size of the trailer will vary. But its great to know that your camper trailer can be suited for both a family getaway and a weekend trip with your mates. A larger group should invest in a bigger trailer, whereas a group of 2 or 3 friends can man-age with a small or medium size trailer.

    Gear up well

    If you’re taking some extra tents for good measure, they need to provide proper ventila-tion, protection from bugs, and easy installation. It must have an easy-to-setup design as you would not like to spend hours setting up your temporary home. Don’t forget to carry a well-padded sleeping bag and rest your weary head comfortably.

    The actual fun of camper trailer trips lies in cooking outdoor and enjoying your favourite food. When you feel like a break from your camper kitchen and feel like going old school, why not set up a campfire using the twigs and logs found near your camping site. You can carry your lighter and some old newspaper to light the fire quickly. You can prepare hot dogs, baked potatoes, kebabs, bacon.. the list goes on. You can also use the campfire to enjoy a good old fashioned barbecue.

    No blokes camping trip is complete without fishing! Don’t forget to carry your rods and all the bits and bobs. Go fishing with your gang and get hold of some dinner.

    gear for a mens camping trip

    Keeping Entertained

    Bonfire, beer, and music! Sounds perfect right?

    Whip out the instruments and play your best rendition of the classics. Playing an instru-ment can liven the mood and keep everyone around entertained, everyone loves a good sing along!

    Another best thing to do while camping is to go exploring. Visit everything and every-thing that you can. Country towns, waterfalls, hiking tracks, you name it.

    If your camping site is located near the water, there are chances of you finding a lot of fun options. Enjoy being a big kid and get stuck into water activities like swimming, snorkelling, boating, kayaking, water skiing or tubing if you’re lucky enough to have a boat with you.

    If you are a sports kind of person, make most of this time by playing your favourite sport with your friends. Kick the footy or have a few games of cricket, it’s your time to own up to your bragging.

    If you are catching up with your friends after a really long time, it can be a great opport-nity to just relax by a campfire and share some stories with them. Such trips give you a chance to reminisce and reconnect with your mates.

    mens camping trip bonding

    There are so many good times and memories to be made on a blokes weekend away. Getting bored with your camper trailer is nearly impossible. Also, your wonderful company will keep you thoroughly entertained with some gags throughout the trip.

    What Next?

    If you are planning a camper trailer trip soon you’ll need a good and reliable camper trailer. Explore the wide range of trailers offered by Mars Campers. Call us on 1300 667 868 to know more about our campers the products we offer.