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    Your Complete Guide To Becoming a Grey Nomad

    The roaming population of retired Australian’s has grown in recent years to be in the tens of thousands. This number, while increasing, is hard to define since travellers tend to not have a permanent address and travel for extended periods of time.

    However, despite the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ difficulty in finding an exact number of retried on the move Australian’s, Tourism Research Australia has discovered a large increase in camping by Australian’s — which is only growing.

    This group of retired Australians that live for extended periods of time on the road are otherwise known as grey nomads, and while the definition doesn’t exclusively have an age requirement it’s generally considered people older than 55.

    It must also be said that a grey nomad isn’t someone who has sold everything and only lives out of a camper trailer. Grey nomads are mostly retired Australian’s who live for most of the year in a house they own.

    They might travel seasonally to escape the cold winter or move away to a secluded location during peak times during the year. This qualifies you as a grey nomad if you choose to do this.

    If you’re thinking about transitioning from working to retiring to becoming a grey nomad, then this is the guide you’ll need. Keep reading further in the blog for tips, tricks and suggestions for all things grey nomad.

    What Are Grey Nomads?

    While the nitty gritties of who or what a grey nomad is can be debated in online forums and Facebook comments, we’re here to discuss why this once frowned upon idea has become a national sensation in the land down under.

    If your thinking about hitting the road and setting off around Australia it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or how old you are. There is one companion you’re going to need and that’s a trusty camper trailer.

    Old Couple sitting outside the camper trailer

    At Mars Campers, we offer on and off-road camper trailers that will allow you to tour the country in safety and luxury. Take a look at our range of camper trailers!

    A camper trailer is the only sidekick you’ll need while you’re discovering our beautiful country. Our camper trailers are perfect for those embarking on any kind of trip whether it’s short-term or long-term.

    For those who are thinking about taking the grey nomad life seriously, there are many things you’re going to need to consider before hitting the high road.

    Transitioning From Working, Retiring And Travelling

    Stepping into the world of retirement can be a difficult transition from the hustle and bustle of a fulltime lifestyle. There are many options for those looking to fill the void that work left. One of those options that is growing in popularity is travelling.

    Many people that are close to retiring or have retired find that downsizing is a decision that helps fit their lifestyle. Living in a modest house and filling your days with activities outside of the home is something many people adopt.

    There is no better way to fill your days than on the road travelling around Australia and visiting the places you’ve only ever witnessed on episodes of Getaway, seen in magazines or heard family friends talk about.

    A Home To Call Home

    One method for transitioning to a grey nomad is to downsize to a rental, retirement community or smaller house that you’ll use a basecamp. The idea of no permanent address can be quite scary.

    This option allows you to keep the property in your name or at least have a place to come back to after your short or long term trip.

    It also acts as a way of funding your grey nomad lifestyle which is predominantly the cost of the camper trailer and the cost of living.

    Funding The Future

    The grey nomad lifestyle is by no means a self-sufficient one that pays for itself. There are many start-up costs in purchasing a camper trailer and equipment for the road, not to mention the cost of living.

    It is however more economical and cheaper than living at home, which is one of the many reasons why retired Australian’s are choosing this lifestyle. Not to mention the obvious benefit of living somewhere new every day.

    Funding your lifestyle on the road can be done by many methods, of which there are no right or wrong answers. But it must be said that generating cash for the upfront costs is where most retired Australian’s may find difficulty.

    Checking to see if your dream can really fit you is something everyone must consider before embarking on an adventure like this. Is it economically viable for you and your family? Have you considered all of the costs to live this lifestyle? Do you have access to emergencies resources and funds should things go wrong?

    Budgeting for a road trip like this can be a 20-year plan that you choose to save for in your middle to late stage of your career. But, have you considered that your career might not end after your retirement?

    A working holiday might be the saviour for your dream holiday that allows you to cover the cost of living and even put something away at the same time.

    These are just some of the things you’ll need to consider before hitting the road. Keep on reading to see more!

    What You’ll Need To Do And Consider

    It will sound obvious you’ll need to plan your trip but we suggest planning even more! There are countless resources online that you can go to for information, frequently asked questions, community hubs and more.

    We suggest, The Grey Nomads website, they have resources for everything you’ll need from planning, budgeting to living on the road and more.

    Planning doesn’t have to mean knowing exactly where you’ll be minute to minute, half the fun is not knowing where you’ll be tomorrow. However, having a vague idea of the states or territories you’ll be in and the types of terrain will help you immensely.

    Another aspect of planning is practical knowledge. It’s all and well and good to understand concepts like changing a tyre, first aid procedures and weather seasons but if you can’t put responses into practice then it’s about as good as not knowing them.

    There are something things you’ll learn on the job and that’s part of the fun but for more important matters like health and safety, it’s a good idea to take short day courses that give you the practice that can save your life on the road.

    Tips For On The Road And Living

    Life on the road can be a wonderful experience most of the time, but there is no denying that things can and do go wrong. Here are some handy tips we recommend travellers of all ages and types consider when they’re travelling around Australia.

    camper Trailer going through jungle

    Rely On Technology

    The best part about your home is your rules. Living as a grey nomad doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice every aspect of your life you used to live at home. In fact, there are very few things you need to sacrifice if you have the right tools and camper trailer.

    One sacrifice you can’t live without is the right technology — the internet. Staying connected on the road can be tricky but, in most circumstances, you’ll have a phone signal capable of an internet connection.

    Staying connected is less about checking Facebook every two minutes and more about staying up to date in local news, weather warnings, miscellaneous admin like internet banking and much more.

    It’s always a good idea to stay online so you can contact family, friends and emergency services.

    Safety And Health First

    Staying safe on the road can come down to many different planned and unplanned circumstances. Taking all the necessary steps to avoid mistakes and prevent unexpected circumstances will take careful planning and problem solving.

    Some handy safety measures you can take include installing a reversing camera, regular maintenance of breaks, breakaway and stability systems.

    Camper Trailer tent

    Another concern that faces grey nomads is the lack of medical supplies and services nearby when camping. Even though you might be doing roughly the same things, everything from your diet to your environment will be different.

    Your body may not react to all of these changes at once well, or for a long period of time. Always having medical supplies on deck is advised but knowing where the nearest emergency doctor or pharmacy is located can save someone’s life.

    Whether you’re going away for the weekend or for six months, plan the journey accordingly, take all of the necessary equipment, stay safe but most importantly enjoy every moment of it!

    Next Steps

    No adventure is complete without a camper trailer that can take you from A to B, across all terrain, designed to safety and luxury. The team at Mars Campers is dedicated to helping you choose the best camper trailer for your budget and adventure. Browse our wide range of camper trailers. Talk to one of our Mars team staff to discuss how we can help you find the perfect camper trailer today.