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    Useful Storage Hacks For Camper Trailers

    There are many benefits to owning a camper trailer, in particular, the easiness to tow, off-road capabilities like the Titan and the Spirit 2Pac all combine to be the perfect camping accessory.

    However, as camper trailers are relatively small, it can be challenging to pack everything you want to take with you.

    But you don’t need to worry. Mars Campers know all things related to camper trailers, and that includes how you can fully utilise every inch of the limited space you have available.

    We can recommend some storage hacks that will definitely come in handy for storing your belongings and making the packing process less of a hassle for you. You will be amazed at how much you can fit into such a small amount of space.

    Set Up Barriers


    If there is a wide open space inside your camper trailer, things will move around, and possibly break, while you’re driving to your destination. This also makes it harder to find gaps for you to store things.

    After you pack what you can in every nook and cranny you can use, section off some parts of the area you are using for storage by setting up some barriers.

    This will secure any items that may move around a lot or can get misplaced easily. It’s a great way to store items you want quick access to, such as food supplies or a gas bottle.

    Kitchen Draws

    Camper trailer kitchen

    Some people say they take everything but the kitchen sink when they take a lot of things with them.

    This expression can be taken literately with the kitchenette that many camper trailers such as Mars Campers’ Spirit and Endurance camper trailers come with.

    The roll-out kitchen draws can also be used for additional storage. Naturally, these drawers are intended to store items you would use for cooking, cleaning, and anything else kitchen related, such as plates, utensils, dry foods, condiments, and much more.

    If you find that the kitchen drawers still have plenty of space after you have all the kitchen gear you need, these drawers are great for storing non-kitchen items too.

    Removable Shelves


    One way to maximise space is to clip on some shelves and benches to the side of the camper trailer or the side of roll out draws.

    These shelves do not take up much space when they are folded down, but they can double the amount of space you have to store items in once you have set up camp.

    You can make the most of empty wall space by putting up some removable shelves for extra storage.

    If you don’t want to drill holes into the camper’s walls, use adhesive shelves if you prefer as these stick to most surfaces.

    Storage Containers Under The Trailer

    Underneath a camper trailer

    One part of a camper trailer that’s very easy to overlook is underneath it, but it’s a great place to store even more camping gear.

    Use long thin items like awning poles, fishing rods, and antennas can be placed inside solid tubes that can be stored under the trailer.

    These items can get damaged when stored inside or strapped on the outside, so using tubes is a great way to go.

    Use Storage Containers and Vacuum Seal Bags

    Camper trailer storage

    Storage containers, such as pods, drawers, and bins, are an effective way to maximise the space in your camper trailer and to keep your items organised.

    This is an alternative method to storing your items if placing them on shelves or counters is not possible.

    Storage pods help to save space on small items, such as toiletries and cosmetics. Drawers, on the other hand, are good for storing tea bags, condiment packets, and similar items.

    What’s great about storage containers is that most of them can be stacked on top of each other. They keep everything in place, which is vital when being stored in a camper trailer to prevent items from moving around.

    If you want to save some space and keep your clothes from being affected by mould or mildew, put them inside vacuum seal bags.

    This method is also great to store extra bedding items that cannot be folded, such as blankets and pillows.

    Fold Out and Suction Hooks

    Camper trailer storage

    Hooks are a fantastic way to hang items just about anywhere on your camper trailer once you’ve set up camp and are very affordable.

    They are discreet and can be placed on the sides of shelves or anywhere else that’s convenient for you. Fold out hooks can help you with storing numerous towels, hats, jackets, and other items in one small spot.

    Suction hooks are perfect to use on a camping trip as they are portable, meaning they can be placed elsewhere if you need to move them for some reason.

    They can hang heavy items and can be placed outside to hold wet jackets, umbrellas, and towels so everything that’s inside your camper trailer remains dry.

    Portable Shoe Hangers


    Campsites can quickly build up clutter and get very messy. Although this seemingly cannot be helped when your camper trailer is short on free space, you can use portable shoe hangers to store little things.

    The pockets of these shoe hangers are the ideal size to place your keys, mobile phone, watches, socks, underwear, and other small, fiddly items that might be easy to lose in a bigger container or if you just leave them lying around.

    If you place a hanger near the kitchen, you can stock salt, pepper, sauces, spices, and kitchen utensils in it. If you have no room near the kitchenette, try to hang it on an awning or a nearby tree.

    Just make sure these items are properly sealed before you put them in, otherwise they will spill everywhere, and you can’t use them.

    Collapsible Extras

    Camper trailer and people

    If you have limited space available on your camper trailer, try to just bring along items that are collapsible. These can be folded away when you’re not using them and are ideal for a few reasons.

    The most obvious reason is that they don’t take up a lot of the space inside the camper, which is important, and they are very easy to store away.

    This includes collapsible trash cans and dish drying racks. The fact is you need to store your rubbish and dry your dishes somewhere, but normal bins and racks would take up a lot of precious room. So why not give collapsible versions of these a go?

    You can set up your collapsible trash can either inside or outside your camper trailer. All you have to do when you’re done using it is to empty it and fold it up.

    Normal dish drying racks can take up a large amount of space, which will be a huge hassle for you when you’re trying to pack everything else.

    A collapsible dish drying rack will give you the best of both worlds. Or if you don’t have any dishes that need drying, simply fold it up and put it away.

    Correctly Store Your Clothes

    Clothes hanging

    If you know what clothes need to be hanged, folded, or that can be vacuum packed, this will free up a lot of room for storage.

    Roll up clothing like t-shirts, trackies, jumpers, socks, and undies, rather than folding them into squares, as most of these will not crease.

    These are best to keep in storage bins, as this will save space and the clothes will remain tightly packed. If you need to bring an extra set of sheets and pillowcases, roll these up too.

    If you can, don’t bring along clothes that have to be hung up, like a suit. Having said that, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to wear a suit when you’re out in the bush, so this one shouldn’t be an issue.

    Store Items In Your Vehicle

    Camper trailer storage

    This will sound very obvious, but don’t forget to try to pack some items in your tow vehicle too if there’s room.

    Of course, you should make sure that there’s enough room in your vehicle to make sure you and your fellow campers will be comfortable during the drive, but if there’s spare room, why not use it?

    Before you start packing your vehicle, remove any mess or items that you won’t need for your camping trip. If you don’t need it, leave it at home.

    For packing items in your vehicle, you should pack things that you think you or your passengers will need on hand as you’re driving. Those things won’t do anyone any good when they’re packed up in the camper trailer.

    It’s often overlooked, but the roofs of vehicles are great for strapping big bulky items like bicycles, surfboards, kayaks, and the like. These objects are perfect for camping trips, so make sure you bring them to get the most out of your getaway.

    Get A Camper Trailer That Helps You

    We hope that at least some of our hacks have helped you store more items in your camper trailer to keep everything organised. If you would like more information on how camper trailers can help you enjoy a camping trip in the best way possible, contact Mars Campers by calling 1300 667 868 today.