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    Top Destinations Tips for Solo Camping in your Trailer

    Taking your camper trailer for a spin is a great activity that gives you the freedom to spend some time away from your daily routine. It takes you far away from the busy city life and brings you closer to the great outdoors. There’s really not much not to love!

    Camping is a fantastic experience. But of course, we don’t have to tell you that. Living in the midst of nature, even if just for a weekend, feeds your sense of adventure and brings with it the freedom of unplugging from the daily life, developing new skills, and most importantly rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

    Everyone usually tends to plan a camping trip with friends or family. While camping with your loved ones is a brilliant idea, taking some time out of your daily routine for solo camping can also be super rewarding.

    Family Camping with bornfire

    Solo camping may not always spring to mind as a first option, and many people believe solo camping to be a very unsafe way of travelling. The fear of not having anyone you know around while you take on some adventures holds a lot of people from travelling solo, and stereotypes like Wolf Creek don’t do it any favours!

    Solo camping may seem intimidating at first, but that fear can also drive us and be really exciting.

    Camping all by yourself gives you an opportunity to test your limits. You have no choice but to do everything on your own. Right from setting up your trailer food, solo camping can teach you some of the greatest lessons in life, and help you realise your own capabilities.

    Another benefit of solo camping is that you can go at your own pace. You have the power to wake up early and go for a sunrise hike or to take it easy and unwind, the choice is yours. Solo camping gives you the power to decide what you want to do when. Unlike group camping, you are not bound to do what others are doing. You can move at your own pace without compromising.

    Solo camping adventures may begin with a lot of doubt and fear, but they are sure to leave your more confident. It’s definitely one for the bucket list!

    Now that we’ve started to twist your arm take a look at some of the fun and safe camping spots that we know and love.


    Uluru is a famous camping destination visited by many people every year, and a favourite for camper trailer advocates.

    When camping at Ayers Rock, a great place to stay is at the nearby campsite in Yulara. Though the prices for camping at Yulara can be a teeny bit steep, it’s important to stay in areas that are completely safe and surrounded by other campers.

    Girl hiking

    Camping at Uluru gives you the joy of exploring one of the most important landscapes in Australia. Think expansive living cultural landscape. You can also enjoy the beauty of nearby Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon while you’re there.

    The Blue Mountains

    The Blue Mountains in New South Wales offers 247,000 hectares of spectacular scenery and is one of the most preferred destinations for camping.

    If you’re a hiking advocate or a lover of views, some of our favourite places to visit include Three Sisters at Echo Point, Govett’s Leap Lookout, Evans Lookout and Hargraves Lookout. When you’re looking for a base, our best choice is Euroka Campgrounds. It’s always busy, and it’s a safe choice for solo campers.

    Millaa Millaa

    You can never go wrong with Tropical North Queensland!

    If you want to pick a camping destination in Queensland, it has to be Millaa Millaa. This is a small town located on the Atherton Tablelands, inland from Cairns.

    There is plenty to see in and around the area. You can have a dip in the various waterfalls nearby. Try the Millaa Millaa falls, Zillie falls, Ellinjaa falls, and Pepin falls. Get up close and personal with nature Wooroonooran National Park. Think 500 types of rainforest trees, you’ll be oohing and ahhing at every corner.

    Margaret River

    Margaret River is a small town located in the south of Perth in Western Australia. It is well-known for its craft breweries, boutiques, and nearby wineries. Bottoms up!

    Camping at Margaret River gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty of rare forests, national parks, and rivers. As this is a famous camping destination, solo travellers can find multiple options for camping regions to choose from.

    Girl reading a book in camp

    Margaret River is a year-round camping destination. You can camp here during the winters, summers, or autumn. The famous sunny WA weather always works in your favour.

    Flinders Ranges

    The Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in Southern Australia, and being only 5 hours from Adelaide, it’s not too remote, ideal for a weekend solo getaway

    Wilpena Pound Campground is a great option, perfect for mingling with other campers.

    The best time to camp in this location is during the winter before it gets far too hot in the warmer months. We’re talking 45 degree days, that’s hot!
    Deciding on the location for camping can be difficult. But once you have shortlisted your destination, you need to get ready to take on the trip all by yourself.

    Girl in a safari Jeep

    Travelling alone can be fun, but there are a lot of preparations to be done to ensure your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

    Here are some tips for travelling solo and making your experience a memorable one.

    Pack Right

    Packing for a solo trip can be tricky. At one point you will want to pack anything and everything available in your house just to be sure in case of emergencies, and the next minute you’ll want to remove all the unnecessary stuff that is weighing you down.

    The best way to pack your bags is to begin thinking about your routine. Start from the time you wake up. Think about what you need the first thing in the morning and make a list of items that you use throughout the day. Once you have this list ready, the packing task becomes easier and easier.

    Having a camper trailer with you means you can keep everything stored inside, and make each trip simpler and simpler when it comes to making sure you have the essentials.

    The next thing to think about is any potential emergencies. Think first aid kits, spare tyers and a ton of water.

    Pack all your essentials but at the same time keep track of the weight of your luggage. Having too much weight on you can make the whole experience tiresome.

    Camper Trailer Inside compartment

    Opt for paid campsites

    We understand that everyone plans a trip to a budget, however, when camping alone, it is important to pay more attention to your safety than your budget. Staying at a paid campsite will give you that extra level of protection with people around you and a secure location to rest your weary head.

    Choose Your Camper Wisely

    Considering you are travelling alone for camping, it is essential to choose your camper wisely. One of the best things about Mars Campers is that a lot of them can be adjusted to suit whoever is using it, so your camper that fits your family on a normal trip can also be perfect for a party of one.

    Next Steps

    Now that you’re ready to explore the beauty of nature all by yourself have a look at the camper trailers offered by Mars Campers Contact us on 1300 667 868 for a chat today!