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Go the distance with our top car games to take on the road, with our exclusive kid-friendly variations for your next camper trailer vacation.

1. Colour Spotto

This is a brilliant game for when you’re stuck in traffic in the middle of town. Just assign each player a colour and see who’s the first to spot 10 items in their nominated scheme. Encourage passengers to jot down their findings, with the first to score 10 taking the crown.

Kid-friendly variation: This one can get noisy. Get your pre-writers to shout out anything they see in the nominated colour, with each player striking their finds in tally-mark convention.

2. Road-trip bingo

Okay, so this one requires a little homework but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re on the long haul with a few tin-lids. In fact, why not score an extra half hour of silence with a little well-executed delegation? Simply get your kids (or car-less friends) to write-up a list of 30 or so items, before randomly transferring them onto a few 25-square grids. Then, hand out a unique grid to each player.

The first to complete a line and yell ‘Bingo’ wins the round. Generic list items could include an emu or a shearing shed, to well-known landmarks like Big Bogan or Uluru.

Kid-friendly variation: If your smallest can’t bear to lose at anything like mine, build a few smaller size grids (say of 9 or 16 squares) to even out the competition

3. Learn a bush ballad

Here’s a good one for flexing your mental muscle and to perhaps learn a little local history to wherever you travel. There are plenty of great Aussie classics to choose from, or if you’re looking for something a little more obscure, why not check out the selection at

Kid-friendly variation: Poems written to song like Waltzing Matilda are easier for little minds to remember.

4. Windmill

Here’s an Aussie classic where participants scan the landscape to be the first to spot then shout ‘windmill’, in a mad effort to boost their tally. Each windmill can only be spotted once, with the first to shout earning the points. Anyone caught deliberately or mistakenly spotting a windmill risks losing their entire score. This rule is key: you’d be surprised how quickly windmill-shaped mirages start to form. Highly engaging, this game delves deep into a player’s dark competitive psyche, with stouches frequently ending in tears.

People will lie, cheat and steal to win windmill, it ain’t pretty.

Kid-friendly variation: Sorry, no chop. This is a game that’s not to be messed with.

5. One word storytelling

In this game, passengers combine forces to create a story by each adding one word at a time to the narrative. Someone might start with ‘once’, the next person says ‘upon’, and so on. I guarantee you’ll be amazed and amused at where your story might take you!

Kid-friendly variation: Little ones will find it easier to replace each word with a short sentence

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