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    Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Hard Floor Camper Trailer

    Camper trailers are a great option for anyone who loves the outdoors, adventure and travel. They offer a level of comfort that’s a step above camping while still allowing you to connect with the outdoors and get back to nature. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a hard floor camper trailer, here are some reasons why you should make the commitment.


    Find out the towing capacity of your vehicle and there’s a very good chance you’ll find a hard floor camper trailer to match. As they’re lightweight, they’re relatively easy to tow, especially when compared to a caravan or something similar. The lighter the trailer, the more you’ll also save on petrol.

    Hard floor camper trailers have a lower centre of gravity than caravans, so are less likely to sway or tip as long as the trailer is packed correctly with a balanced load.


    You won’t have to spend a small fortune when you invest in a hard floor camper trailer. They are a lot cheaper than most alternatives for a similar style of travel. Many retailers will even allow you to pay off your camper in instalments if necessary.

    Other options for a camping style of travel with extra comfort include caravans or RVs, which are both considerably more expensive than camper trailers. These vehicles also require more maintenance than camper trailers, which can add up to a lot of money very quickly.

    Costs can also be saved on petrol, as towing a lightweight camper trailer will use less fuel – and your car will need less frequent maintenance to carry the lighter weight.


    There’s no denying that soft floor camper trailers, caravans and RVs all contain more storage space than hard floor camper trailers. This doesn’t mean they have no storage, though. For some travellers, this forces them to consider what they really need and gets them back to basics. For most, the additional space in other vehicles is entirely unnecessary. Roof racks and car storage are available for many items, and there should be no dramas fitting everything else you need into your hard floor camper trailer.

    This type of trailer folds down and is very compact when not in use. Unless you’re out in your camper trailer every day, this is important. It can be stored with ease in a garage or even a large shed in some cases.


    Hard floor camper trailers provide the perfect balance between nature, comfort and convenience. They allow you to sleep in a real bed at night, but remove the distractions of too much technology and the internet. They also remove weather related issues, such as tents standing up to wind and rain.

    At the End of the Day...

    Choosing to buy a hard floor camper trailer is a big investment, but there are many reasons why you should make the commitment. You’ll also be able to connect better with your family or friends, as travelling in a camper trailer provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with them without modern distractions.