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    Your Camper Trailer Road Trip Guide

    There is a common misconception that in order to find a good camping spot you’ll need to hop onto a freeway and drive for days on end into the middle of nowhere.

    While getting as far away from the hustle and bustle of city life is tempting, sometimes you just won’t have the time. Luckily, there are some fantastic locations in the backyard of your city, for those times when the great outdoors and kicking up your heels with a campfire is calling your name, but time is not on your side.

    There are some remarkable road trips you can take on your way from one city to the next. In a camper trailer, you’ll find the holiday begins the moment you leave the house instead of when you arrive at your location.

    It doesn’t matter whether you live in Sydney, Perth or Adelaide, with a camper trailer by your side and the open road, you’ll find an excuse every weekend to take that bad boy for a spin.

    He is our guide to some of our favourite road trips right out of some of our capitals

    Sydney And The Grand Pacific Drive

    Living in Australia’s largest capital city has its perks, but none more so that the options Sydney offers for road trips around New South Wales.

    One of the greatest routes you can take in Australia is along the grand pacific drive, a 140-kilometre scenic coastal drive south of Sydney. Your journey starts about an hour out of Sydney at the Royal National Park.

    You won’t find a road trip quite like one along the grand pacific drive that takes you through rainforests, coastal cities, cliff views and small towns. If you’re looking for somewhere to crash for the night in New South Wales, you’ll pass towns like Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven and Wollongong.

    Camper Trailer moving on a grassy field

    The grand pacific drive is a fantastic option for anyone creating a road trip planner for families, young couples or adventure seeks because it has everything from skydiving, segway tours and treetop climbing to wineries, beachfront cafes and family activities.

    The grand pacific drive has its very own website that you can use for all the information you’ll need for a road trip along the coastline of New South Wales, discover more here.

    Melbourne And The Great Ocean Road

    If you’re looking for a road trip in Melbourne, there’s nothing more memorable than the Great Ocean Road.

    This world-renowned heritage listed 243 kilometre stretch is one of the many reasons tourists from around the world visit Australia and Melbourne.

    Starting at the city of Torquay and passing through destinations like Lorne, Apollo Bay and finishing in Warrnambool, this stretch of road is one that should be on every camper advocates bucket list.

    There are countless natural wonders to be seen along the Great Ocean Road, the most famous being the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell National Park. However, the road is home to a ton of other scenic sights like Great Otway National Park, Bells Beach and many other natural attractions.

    The Great Ocean Road is about 104 kilometres from Melbourne, a bit over 90 minutes in the car. The drive along the Great Ocean Road will take roughly 4 hours if you drove from Torquay to Warrnambool, but be sure to factor in extra time to stop and check out the sights.

    If you’re looking take your camper trailer along one of Australia’s best roads, you won’t find a better option for all your camping and day trip needs. The Great Ocean Road offers some awesome day trips ranging from 1 day to a full week.

    Visit The Great Ocean Road website for more information about planning a r road trip. They also have a ton of handy destination guides.

    Brisbane And The Pacific Highway

    One of the last great road trips along the eastern seaboard is the Brisbane to Sydney drive that takes you along the Pacific Highway otherwise known as the Legendary Pacific Coast.

    Family relaxing by the beach

    This drive that spans 928 kilometres is one of the most packed scenic routes in Australia for families, adventurers and even foodies alike.

    This drive takes you past iconic destinations like the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour to name a few.

    Along the Pacific Highway, you’ll have every opportunity to fill your needs and desires with wildlife watching, water sports, beachside towns and green rolling hills, not to mention heaps of food and drink options.

    The Legendary Pacific Coast is also an unbeatable road trip for campers in camper trailers with many locations littered along the highway. There is just about every type of camping site between Brisbane and Sydney, however, we suggest utilising the roadside camps on the beach that are usually free of charge.

    Perth And The Nullarbor Plain

    The Perth to Adelaide route can be done by crossing the Nullarbor This trip isn’t a quick one though, spanning over 2,700 kilometres, it is recommended you have at a minimum 4 days to do the drive. (sick day, anyone?)

    This South Australian adventure will take you through parts of Australia so unique and jaw dropping.

    Did you know, the Eyre Peninsula is one of the best places in Australia to eat and source the best seafood in the country? It is a major seafood hub for the country with over 65% of the nation’s seafood coming from the region.

    If you’re looking for seafood to eat, whales to watch or a wave to catch, the Perth to Adelaide route is perfect for travellers of all ages and sizes.

    Some of the highlights from this coastal adventure include cave exploring, gold mining and the longest golf course in the world — spanning 1,365 kilometres.

    The drive from Perth to Adelaide would take 28 hours without a break, however if you had a Mars camper trailer it would make driving, camping and eating much easier — with your accommodation and food supply at your fingertips.


    Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Tassie, this island road trip is a splendid option for those who want to experience a lusciously green landscape with a lot of diversity and great food.

    Perhaps one of the best parts of Tassie is that once you get there everything is only a couple of hours away. Tasmania is packed with so many things to do and see.

    Tasmania offers days trips for a weekend or enough sightseeing and activities to fill an entire week’s worth of camping and adventure.

    Tasmania offers many options when it comes to camping and holidays for all types of goers. You’ll have major settlements like Hobart and Launceston for a piece of luxury, civilisation and attractions.

    However, only a few hours drive you’ll find awesome natural sights in the national parks and coastlines.


    Whilst some of the previous spots on our list have seen tropical destinations and green landscapes, , the Northern Territory offers some of Australia’s most unique road trip settings.

    camper trailer

    Our hot tip is to make sure you have had some experience before you take your camper trailer through the upper side of Australia, it has some more rugged edges and hazards to watch out for.

    However, it’s not all rough camping and desert landscapes. There’s heaps of road trip options to and from Darwin. Those trips include; Darwin to Alice Springs — 1,496-kilometre trip over two days; Darwin to Broome — 1,871 kilometre trip over three days; and Darwin to Kakadu — 150 kilometres which can be done in under two hours. There’s something to suit all kinds of campers.

    Taking a road trip to and from Darwin is bound to include some of the best sunrises and sunsets you’ll see.

    If you have a bit more time up your sleeve, we recommend a longer trip to Alice Springs and Broome. Get ready to see some rainforests, waterfalls and a heap of unique Aussie landscapes.

    From capital to capital Australia offers road trip options in every state and territory. You don’t have to drive days on end to find camping grounds and amazing sights..

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