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    The Must See Camping Spots In Vic

    Victoria is the most densely populated state and second overall in most populous. For many of those that call the big Victorian cities home, escaping the hustle and bustle can be a welcomed treat.

    There are those that will take any opportunity to get away while others will wait for a long weekend to set off down the road and enjoy some serenity. No matter when you go always make sure you’re going prepared.

    Nothing prepares a camper quite like a camper trailer that is fit for off and on road expeditions across Australia.

    A camper trailer is the only way you’ll make sure you have everything you need, every time you go away. It’s a fantastic companion for campers of all skills, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a weekend camper.

    No matter how you go camping or when you do it, you’re going to need some new places to cross off your list. If you’re a resident of Victoria, the Mars team says hi, but if you’re from interstate then we’re going to need to convince you to come down and say hello.

    Camping in Victoria is without a doubt one of the more beautiful states to pitch and tent and get away from everything. We’ve got beaches, iconic landmarks and many woodland areas for you to explore. Take a look at our blog on the must-see camping spots in Vic.

    Camper crossing river with the trailer

    Camping Anglesea, Victoria

    When it comes to surf towns in Victoria, there is perhaps none more famous than Anglesea. It’s located south-west of Melbourne’s CBD and is on the doorstep to one of Australia’s most famous roads, the Great Ocean Road.

    Tourism to Anglesea is very popular in the summer months and many residents from Melbourne flock there for surfing, festivals and food. When it comes to camping though, there are some great locations just outside the main town centre.

    Big Hill Track Camping

    Bill Hill Track camping, despite its name, is fairly small and secluded camping ground located almost at the just before the Great Ocean Road. It’s a pleasant spot with lots of grass, greenery and tent-based camping.

    Their website can be found here, it has some great resources for things to do and how to get there. For a quick summary though, there is no power, drinking water, rubbish collection, but there are 12 campsites with campfire capabilities, BBQs and tables.

    If you’re thinking about going to Big Hill Track camping, it’s one of the more intermediate places to go. You’ll need to have everything packed and be almost entirely self-sufficient, but there’s lots to see at the Great Otway Nation Park.

    The campsite is hidden amongst tall eucalyptus trees and ferns, so it can be challenging in the colder months where normal vehicles may find difficulty traversing through the campsite. One way to avoid this issue is with an on and off-road camper trailer.

    Camping Echuca, Victoria

    Just off the banks of our famous Murray River sits a town called Echuca. A once flourishing port city is now a fantastic location for day trips, food and camping options. If you’re looking to travel back to 19th century Australia, Echuca is the place to be.

    If you’re looking to explore Echuca, there are many reasons to go. The historic town offers sights of the Murry River with camping options near the banks and rides on old fashioned paddle steamers.

    NRMA Echuca Holiday Park

    Echuca is one of those places you can pop down for a weekend and enjoy a couple days of luxury surrounded by an old-timey town full of history and places to explore. Staying in Echuca can be pricey but with any camping adventure, it’s only as expensive as you want it to be.

    There are many riverside restaurants to enjoy a meal as the sun sets on another beautiful day, or you could spend that time travelling down the Murry on a paddle boat.

    For those who are looking for an experience in Echuca without the price tag, there are multiple campsites just outside the main square.

    The Echuca Holiday Park is one of the closer campsites, within walking distance to the town, and offers powered and unpowered sites. Choose how you want to stay with many facilities and amenities on offer. You can view their site here.

    Camping Geelong, Victoria

    Geelong often considered the younger sibling to Melbourne, is a great getaway from the “real” big city. There are heaps to see and do in Geelong but the magic happens outside the city centre where there are many campsites up north.

    Old man siting outside a trailer in sun

    Friday’s Camp Ground

    Friday’s campground is a beloved gem nestled in the Steiglitz Historic Park, almost but not quite in-between Melbourne and Geelong. Steiglitz, an old gold mining town, offers some authentic Australian bushwalks and camping for any enthusiastic Aussie adventurer.

    There are 8 campsites that are perfect for tent and camper trailers. The grounds are unpowered but provide basic facilities like toilets, tables and fireplaces. You can check out more by visiting the website.

    The flora and fauna of the Brisbane Ranges National Park where Friday’s is located offers a unique look at Australian vegetation and wildlife. There are over 600 species of plants and almost 200 birds to see and hear.

    If you’re looking for sights and culture, the ranges that were formed over a million years ago provide deep rocky gorges to view and explore. When you’re there keep an eye out for wallabies, kangaroos, possums, sugar gliders or a tuan.

    Camping Marysville, Victoria

    The town of Marysville is very small with an estimated population of under 500 people. It’s a quaint town that serves as a good place to spend a day having lunch or gathering supplies.

    The main attraction of Marysville is the fact that it’s bang in the middle of some very iconic national parks, destinations and camping spots. If you’re in and around the town you’ll be a short drive from Lake Eildon, Yarra Ranges National Park and Healesville.

    Marysville Caravan Holiday Park

    When it comes to camping with the family and kids there isn’t a better option in Victoria than in Marysville at the caravan and holiday park. This giant playground of things to do is located just outside the towns centre for ease and accessibility.

    Marysville itself is about an hour drive out of Melbourne and is situated next to the Steavenson river with sights of mountain ranges and forest views for all to see. You’ll have plenty to do in the holiday park and surrounding area and for more info take a peek at their site.

    Camper Trailer moving on a road with green trees on either side

    The caravan holiday park offers flat campsites for those bringing a camper trailer or car, BBQ facilities, a kids’ area with all kinds of play equipment and many other facilities perfectly suited for camping families.

    If you’re looking for places to visit then you can’t go wrong with the local museums, golf clubs, sculpture gardens and much more. For the adults, there’s some fab food options and more than enough wineries to get your fix.

    Camping Wangaratta, Victoria

    On a cusp of not being a Victorian city sits Wangaratta at the north-eastern edge of the state. It’s about a 2 and a half hour drive from Melbourne and a 6 and a half hour drive from Sydney.

    It serves as a great hub for those who want to break up the drive from Sydney to Melbourne or vice versa, but let’s be honest who’s leaving Melbourne to go to Sydney? (Sorry, Sydney-siders). Wangaratta is a great place to visit with just as many camping spots to suit all campers.

    Warby-Ovens National Park

    This national park located west of Wangaratta has some of the country’s best views across this 14,000-hectare piece of land. Warby-Ovens, which is actually two different parks, have been merged together to create a unique camping experience.

    One of the fascinating aspects of Warby-Ovens is that there are 3 different types of environments to explore. Warby ranges offers granite hills and woodlands to explore, Killawarra forest has box-ironbark trees and Ovens river has redgum forests and wetlands to see.

    The national parks offers camping with very limited resources, so it’s best to go fully prepared. You can visit the website to find out more on Warby-Ovens. There’s plenty to do for avid adventurers or weekend stayers.

    Next Steps

    Victoria has had many license plates of the years, on the move, the place to be, garden state and even the nuclear-free state. If there’s one thing you’re going to need when you’re on the move it’s a camper trailer. There isn’t a better option for on and off-road camping. Visit our website to see our full range of camper trailers. If you have any questions, contact the Mars team today.