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    If you’ve never been on a camper trailer adventure before, it can be tough to make the decision to purchase one without knowing what to expect. You may hear of all the fantastic, bonding adventures that your friends or families have had. But what really goes on when you head off on a camper trailer adventure?

    Is it all it’s cracked up to be? It’s good to be sure before you make the leap and buy your new camper! To give you a first-hand look at what you’re missing out on, Mars enthusiasts Mark and Belinda will take you through a day in the life of their Holiday on Fraser Island, Queensland.

    We will take a look at the amazing things they get up to and how they tackle some of the things that might be holding you back from getting your very own Mars Camper.

    Good Morning!

    Morning campers! Belinda here. We’ve woken up in the beautiful Queensland town of Hervey Bay. We traveled here yesterday and stopped for the night before heading over to Fraser Island by Barge. After getting the kids stored, having a cuppa with Mark and hooking up the trailer, we’re on our way.

    After the quick trip across the open ocean to the world’s biggest sand island, we’re already gazing around with our mouths dropped in amazement, what a beautiful place!

    We’re so glad that we have our camper with us because besides doing a day trip or staying in the resort, this island is 4X4 only. We know we’re getting the best up close and personal experience. Let’s get stuck in!

    The Sights and Sounds of Queensland

    Ocean Views

    Hey there, It’s Mark. We’re just about halfway through our beach drive, and I couldn’t help but share. There isn’t anything quite like what we have just experienced but I’ll try to paint the picture. Belinda, the kids and I, traveling down this picture-perfect beach, windows down, sun shining and taking in everything around us. What a ripper!

    I must admit, the 18-year-old inside me is tempted to go a bit crazy, but with the trailer behind us and the sand being super soft in some parts, I know I have to take it easy.

    Yep– I know what you’re thinking. You can tow a camper on the sand!? It’s easy mate! Here are a few tips for first timers from an experienced camper tower like me. Take it slow.

    Even though your camper is light and will go anywhere you do with its 4X4 tyres, you still need to make sure you’re going slow and letting the trailer move along with ease.

    The camper may be built for off-road, but you don’t want to scare the Mrs and the young ones now, do you?

    Also, make sure you take note of when high tide is coming. The last thing you want is to get stuck.

    Lunch Made Easy

    The kids were getting restless, and Mark needed a moment to stop and take it all in, so we pulled up along the beach and cooked up lunch right from the back of the camper. It’s so convenient having the cooktop ready to pull out. A good old-fashioned sausage in bread is a crowd pleaser on any day but eating one while watching the waves crash in and trying to spot a humpback whale was something special.

    I wonder if the kids know how lucky they are?

    We all had full bellies and were ready to keep going on our adventure, so we packed up and Mark got back behind the driver’s seat to head to our next stop for the day.

    Camper View

    Securing our perfect spot

    We arrived at a campground with awesome wide-open spaces for the kids, and plenty of area for all the campers to stop and get amongst nature.

    We found the perfect spot and started to get set up. The kids love helping, and when everyone pulls their weight it only takes us about 15 minutes or so to get everything looking like our very own Taj Mahal.

    One of the greatest things about our Mars Camper is the versatility. Whether it’s me, Belinda and the kids, a weekend with the blokes or a couple’s trip, we can set up the walls and doors to suit.

    Setting up now means we can go and see what’s around us, wear the kids out and not have to worry about setting up when we get back. I’m not just a pretty face!

    Campers Only Access

    One of the best things about camping is that we can go places that nobody else can. We drove up to a great hiking area that we couldn’t have accessed otherwise, and while I must admit that sometimes the idea of a resort holiday creeps into my mind, being able to fully immerse ourselves in our surroundings is what reminds me why this camper trailer lifestyle is the best

    We spent the afternoon hiking, swimming and basically letting our sense of curiosity take us where we want to go. That’s the beauty of having our base already set up and waiting for us.

    One of the things I love about being out here (or anywhere with our camper) is being able to switch off and enjoy the time with our family. No housework, no bills, no iPads and TV’s. just the beautiful surroundings of whichever part of Australia we’re in at that moment.

    Swimming and Playing Campers

    Time to Unwind

    After hours of wandering around and letting our curiosity guide us, we are spent! After all, a huge day of exploring, hiking, swimming and driving around on the beach is hard work.

    We head back to our campsite and Belinda whips up a fantastic meal in our camper.

    Having the swing out kitchen is one of the best features of our camper. I get to show off my BBQ skills and we don’t have to settle for Vegemite sandwiches when there is no camp kitchen or take away shop to duck down to.

    It’s also great to be outside, especially in a beautiful climate like the one here in Queensland. All the other keen campers sit around, kids running and beers flowing, recapping their days. It’s an awesome sight to see.

    After dinner, we always love chatting with the other campers around. Seeing everyone’s setups, getting some tips on where we should visit, swapping stories and getting to know people over a beer is just a great way to spend the evening.

    Camping Area


    There’s Nothing Quite Like This

    Even though it can be daunting at first to step back from your comfort zone and camp away from a caravan park and all the comforts that come with it like toilets, showers, kitchens, power and the likes, I feel so content in our camper.

    The kids are comfy, all our beds are off the ground and to make me happy Mark agreed to add in a shower and toilet. We are far from roughing it as some people might think!

    As the kid’s eyes start to close, we start up a campfire to reminisce on the day that we just had. Mark and I are so thankful that we’re here, under the stars and ready to do it all again tomorrow. It’s a good country Australia!

    Next Steps

    If it’s your first time, you’ll need to take a look at our range to see which camper is right for you! Mars Campers have something to suit every budget and every taste.