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    Surviving The School Holidays With Your Camper Trailer

    For some people, the idea of taking your kids away camping during the craziness of the school holidays can sound like a nightmare. Maybe you have images of lots of complaining, lots of money being spent and not a whole lot of relaxing going on, but let us assure you– with the right planning and the right camper trailer (ahem, a Mars Camper will do the job juuuuust fine). It can be a really great way to spend the holidays for the kids and believe it or not, for you too.

    Let’s start from the start, you’re going to need enough room. Get yourself a camper trailer and bobs your uncle, you’re ready to go. From one bedroom to four, Mars Campers come with bits and bobs and add ons galore to make sure everyone is sorted and has their own room to spread out. If there’s one thing we want to avoid on this school holiday trip, it’s having you and the family sleep on top of one another. That’s just not going to make for a grouse time away.

    The next thing that might have you hesitating when it comes to a holiday like this is the cost. Yes, heading away with kids in tow can be pricy, but with some careful planning and some preparation, you can have a great holiday on a budget. Trust us.

    Brother and Sister playing in a park

    Keeping the Rugrats entertained and without their technology is easy when you’re in natures backyard. Picking the right spots with plenty to see and do, pulling up at a caravan park with organised kids activities an facilities and checking out what’s on in the local area are all simple ways to make sure they are run ragged and ready for bed early at the end of every day.

    Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about which camper trailer you need, where you should go and what you’ll need to prepare to make sure it’s a school holiday to remember (for all the right reasons).

    Where are the best holiday parks for kids?

    If a fully-fledged holiday park with facilities and activities galore sounds like your ideal school holidays, this is for you. These are the best of the best, the most extravagant and kid friendly parks in Australia, bound to get you some extra brownie points and ensure the kids are wrecked each night.

    BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort (Arlie Beach, QLD)

    This resort is a kids dream, with waterslides and pools that envy Wet n Wild. It’s always swimming weather in Arlie Beach, so you don’t need to worry about missing out at any time the year. When you manage to get the kids out of the pool for long enough to get their attention away from the giant bucket or the slides, there’s plenty of other things for them to see and do. Let us reel them off for you quickly. Animal park, kids club, giant jumping pillow, mini golf, outdoor cinema and arts and crafts….. all that before you even leave the park. There are camping spots in amongst the palm trees, making you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

    Kid looking at blue sky from beach

    Mandalay Holiday Park (Busselton, WA)

    Busselton is fast becoming one of the busiest holiday stops in WA, mainly because of how easy it is to get to from Perth. It makes for the perfect spot for a holiday without long travel times. There is plenty to do here both in and out of the park. More waterslides and pools are on the agenda, but there’s plenty of opportunities to get stuck into the local surroundings. If you’re in the mood for fishing, crabbing or swimming, your kids will love it here (and so will Mum and Dad). The Mandalay Resort has its fancy pants on, offering camping sites with attached ensuites. If that’s not luxury, we don’t know what is.

    Adelaide Shores Caravan Park (Adelaide, SA)

    This one is an excellent option because it’s not too far from some parts of Victoria and close by for a ton of you South Australians. This is another one with huge water slides and pools, these kids don’t know how good they’ve got it. The park also has direct access to the beach so we will cross our fingers and toes that the weather sticks out down south for a little longer. This park has a full-scale skate ramp, so chuck those skateboards in the camper. There’s a heap of different types of camping sites here, from good old patches of grass to powered ensuite sites and everything in between. You’ll find something that suits your camping traditions and your budget here.

    What kind of camper is good for families?

    Our range is full of campers that are ideal for families of different sizes, but here are our recommendations. The brand-new Space X is luxury, and the internal area and easy setup are perfect for young kids. It’s one of the biggest campers we have ever created and has everything you need meaning you’ll be able to live from it, cook in it, and basically count on it to give you and your family everything you need. The Mars Campers Surveyor is a more affordable option that has two big rooms. It’s perfect for a young family of four. We could yap on all day about different campers for different families, but for now, our last recommendation is out popular Vanguard. With a Vanguard hard floor camper trailer, you will be set up in minutes and ready to just sit back and enjoy the surroundings. Built to last, the roughest roads are no match for this camper. Oh yeah, it also comes with a full extra room including walls and floors.

    Brothers running in a park

    How can I make sure we don’t break the bank?

    The big thing that stings parents when they head away with their kiddos is food. Luckily, having your camper trailer with you means having a fully functional kitchen, all the space for fridge storage for pots, pans and the works right on your fingertips. While family holidays can be full of nuggets and chips at the pub and insistence on yet ANOTHER ice cream, pre-prepared meals can save you some serious coin. Think easy meals like spag bowl, barbeques, tacos and the likes, Take a look at our list of breakfast, lunches and dinners to prep in your camper trailer that will keep everyone happy, won’t break the bank and simply put, don’t suck.

    Camping in a place that has lots of natural things to see and do, like a national park, the beach, lake or river will give your wallet a rest. Replace expensive park fees and playground entry with days at the beach, long walks, sightseeing and spending time together outside. Especially if you live in the city, make sure that you make the most of being away from the Hussle and bustle of work and city life for a little while.

    Sisters going on water rides

    Make sure that you also check on your local government website, each one has a heap of activities listed (some are free, some aren’t) that will give you an idea of where you could head away this school holidays. No matter where you decide, the time spent as a family in your camper trailer, feeling the grass beneath your toes is well worth it, get planning, there’s not long to go.

    Next Steps

    Make sure your camper trailer is up to scratch, pick your location, pack your bags and head off. If its time to upgrade your trailer to match your growing family, take a look at our range and pick a trailer that’s going to give you the best school; holidays. Contact the team at Mars Campers for a chat, we’re always willing to answer any questions you may have or trade camping secrets with you.