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    Australia is a darn big country. There’s a lot of surface area to cover, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied when it comes to road tripping. While there are a ton of scenic and interesting places to live all around the country, a whopping 56% of our population live in just 8 cities.

    We’re sure it’s no surprise that the population flock to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra to settle down, but most of us are heading far away for a holiday when there are some amazing spots close by to the capital cities that you might be driving straight past.

    On your way, you’ll need to stop off for a feed, and we can’t think of any better place than a good old-fashioned country bakery. We’ve included a list of our favourite bakeries for when you can’t resist the calling of a pastry and a choccy milk.

    It’s almost your duty as a camper trailer advocate, no, as an Australian, to get out of the big city as much as you can and explore every inch of this country.

    Places of interest in Small Australian Towns

    Get stuck into some new inspiration for your next holiday (and start shredding for that custard tart)

    Quick getaways not too far from home

    We know that life can get busy, and besides long weekends, school holidays and the festive season it can often be tough to find a chunk of time to explore and give the camper trailer a good run for its money. However, with our country being so big and the cities only making up a small amount of this space, heading even an hour outside of the city and the suburbs can bring a whole heap of peace and tranquillity. Open spaces and fresher air are closer than you think!

    Here are some of our favourite towns that seem like a world away but are actually only a short drive from your local city.

    Strathalbyn, South Australia

    No more than an hour’s drive from Adelaide you’ll find this quaint little slice of heaven. The lush green grass, rolling hills, and lakes are just some of the features that are making more and more people flock there to live, but visiting is just as satisfying.

    What also makes this town a winner is its close proximity to some of the world-famous wine regions in South Australia.

    When it comes to keeping busy, Strathalbyn has buzzing cafes and a ton of markets. For those who love a good antique, this town has been dubbed the unofficial antique town of South Australia.

    Evansdale, Tasmania

    While some will argue that the entire state of Tasmania is a beautiful paradise, there are some places that stand out from the rest. Being so small, Tasmanians are very lucky to have these places at their fingertips, one being the beautiful Evansdale.

    Besides the landscape that Tasmania has to offer, Evansdale boasts some English style architecture, beautiful gardens, and quaint streets. Best of all, it’s only 21 kilometres from Launceston.

    Bungendore, New South Wales

    This historic town is becoming popular for those who travel to Canberra for work. Bungendore has still managed to keep its small-town charm and charisma, making it perfect for a quick camper trailer getaway.

    Bungendore is a town filled with wide-open spaces against a back group of hills and mountains. Autumn is a great time to visit with the endless greenery giving off that priceless autumn feels as everything turns orange.

    For when you’re feeling like something a little fancier than what your camper kitchen can offer, there are some great options for a meal including a French restaurant.

    Australia’s best country bakeries

    Let’s get real– country bakeries are almost worth driving hours to reach even if you aren’t on your way through. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned pie or vanilla slice every once in a while. And when you’re making the commitment to break your fitness routine and inhale the calories, you want to make sure it’s going to be worth it. So, when you’re on the road and looking for a break from a ham and cheese sanga, here’s our list of the best

    bakeries in Australia. You should be able to find one nearby (give or take a few 100 kilometres) no matter which way around Australia you are going.

    Best country bakeries in Australia

    Sharp’s Bakery for a killer vanilla slice

    In the small Victorian town of Birchip you’ll find what many believe to be the best vanilla slice they have ever eaten. The bakery has won a couple of awards and people flock to the town in the thousands just to get their hands on a slice of the good stuff.

    Hayden’s Pies for an exotic pie

    This is a great stop off if you’re doing the coastal drove between Sydney and Melbourne. Hayden’s pies have all your classic flavours, but if you’re feeling exotic there’s also options like Thai green curry, peeking duck or beef rendang.

    Blackbutt Wood-Fired Bakery for an artery blockage

    Blackbutt itself doesn’t have much to offer, but if you happen to be passing through this town 150km north of Brisbane, you’ll find one of Australia’s most creative bakeries. Think crocodile in Thai curry sauce, a snickers slice and a big burger coated in pastry. Get that treadmill pumping.

    Australian delicacies

    Strath Corner Bakery for a classic

    This bakery in South Australia is so old school it doesn’t even have its own website, but what it does have is a classic and chunky meat pie completed with carrots and peas. It’s a great stop on your way through to Victor Harbour.

    Small towns to add to your list

    If you’ve visited all the classic holiday spots in Australia, you must be a seriously dedicated traveller. There’s always something new to find when traveling, but if you do find yourself looking for something different and a few new holiday spots, we’ve gathered some of our favourite small towns.

    If you still have some big holiday tourist destinations on your list, leave yourself an extra day and give one of these places a visit on your way through. With everything you need right behind you in your camper trailer, there’s no need to stress about your accommodation. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

    Agusta, Western Australia

    This sleepy and quiet town is tucked away on the southwest edge of Aus. Here, you’ll be able to visit the last lighthouse before Antarctica, and you’re close by to the Margaret River wine region for a cheeky wine tasting.

    Port Fairy, Victoria

    Halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, you’ll find Victoria’s oldest port. Besides some of the freshest seafood you’ll find on offer, the beaches and scenery are something special. You’ll find kangaroos and emu’s wandering around and a bunch of lighthouses.

    Lakes Entrance, Victoria

    An awesome spot for fishing, Lakes Entrance is home to one of the world’s longest uninterrupted stretches of beach. The weather can be seriously detrimental down the south of Victoria, but Lakes Entrance has something to offer all year-round.

    Mission Beach, Queensland

    Made up of four beach villages all linked by golden beach sand, mission beach offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adrenaline-pumping action. Think kayaking, white water rafting, and snorkelling.

    Victor Harbour, South Australia

    This one is ideal for fans of bushwalking and hiking. There’s a heap of picturesque walks along the water, as well as a chance to spot some penguins, platypus, and whales.

    Esperance, Western Australia

    A town with beaches so relaxing and tranquil you may have to fight off one of the local kangaroos for a prime spot. Esperance offers one of the most beautiful natural playgrounds our country has to offer. At Lake Hillier, you’ll find the famous pink lake.

    Next Steps

    Now that your bucket list is full to the brim of new places to visit, it’s time to make sure your camper trailer is up to scratch. Take a look at our range and make sure you have the best camper trailer for you and your family. Mars Campers are always happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.