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    Overseas Travel Vs Aussie Roadtrip Camping Adventures

    It’s no surprise to anyone that many Aussies opt to head overseas chucking popular tourist destinations straight to the top of their list rather than exploring your backyard.

    Yeah, we know that places like Europe or New York or even closer places like Bali have a lot to offer, but so does Australia, and it’s all wrapped into one.

    man jumping near the beach

    Australia is home to some of the most amazing destinations in the world, so why are we so quick to rush away and visit other places when you may have only seen your capital city or headed to the Gold Coast a few times?
    Plus– when you do it with your camper trailer, you get the real deal experience. Travelling from place to place stopping in between and getting a real taste for all the different ways of life that we have here in Australia.

    Forget paying for airfares, waiting for buses or getting lost with no English speakers in sight, this is your country, and you should know about and see as much of it as possible. Each area of this country has such a rich and diverse culture with wonders to see at every turn.

    Travelling Australia is for everyone. One of the common things we hear from younger Australian families or couples is that they will go when they are older or retired, but why wait?

    Here are some of the best reasons we can think of as to why an adventure through Australia trumps an overseas holiday.

    Australia on the road, has it all

    The large area of Australia means you could see snow in one state and be relaxing on a beach in the next state over. There’s’ animals, reefs, outback, and just about any other wonder you could think of.

    skiing down the mountain

    Even though the country is big, and you could fly around to see more, driving with a camper means you can stop on the way and see things like gorgeous stretches of coastlines or quirky country towns, or maybe stop for the country’s best apple pie.

    Wherever you may be thinking of going, there’s an alternative just as amazing in Australia. Sometimes we can forget the natural wonders that we have on our own doorstep! To get you thinking about the amazing things you can see, take a look at some comparisons of popular destinations.

    Grand Canyon Vs Kings Canyon

    Why would you head all the way to the USA when we have an amazing and jaw-dropping canyon in Western Australia? Kings Canyon is right in the middle of the desert and is complete with rock formations, a waterfall and awesome views. Say goodbye to all the tourists that the Grand Canyon would bring with it, too.

    The Maldives Vs Whitehaven beach, QLD

    We can’t deny that a holiday in the Maldives sounds amazing but think about why it is you want to visit. We can bet that most answers will consist of the amazing beaches, food, crystal clear water and the element of relaxation that a destination like that gives you. Luckily for you, Whitehaven beach ticks all those boxes, and it’s just off the coast of Queensland. This stunning wonder is at the top of many lists when it comes to the most beautiful beaches or relaxing travel destinations in the entire world.

    Waikiki beach Vs Bells beach

    The waves at Hawaii’s most famous surf beach have nothing on the beaches of Australia– in particular, Bells Beach in Victoria. We’re sure you know that Aussie beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and with surfing competitions being held here every year, surfers will tell you it’s one of the best spots to catch a wave. While you’re there, you can travel the famous great ocean road and discover what coastal Victoria has to offer.

    Rainbow Reef Vs Great Barrier Reef

    There’s no doubt that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most amazing in the world, it is after all one of the seven natural wonders of the world. So why on earth would you travel to see others like Rainbow Reef in Fiji without visiting ours first!? The Great Barrier Reef is on the list for many professional divers too, and the colours, fish and coral are second to none!

    You’re lucky enough to already live here

    They don’t call Australia the lucky country for no reason! Besides being a great place for us to live, we also have the opportunity to explore it. Australia is pretty far away from a lot of the world, meaning that for some they can only dream of being able to travel here because of the long distances and expensive airfares.

    couple walking in forest

    If you live here, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of what’s right in front of your nose? You could travel around Australia for years and still find yourself surprised by
    gorgeous stretches of beaches and coral reefs, dense forests, snow-capped mountains and all the nooks and crannies in between!

    Australia has something new at every corner

    Speaking of those nooks and crannies, Australia has an incredible variety of things to do and see, so when you take different trips around Australia, you will have the opportunity to see something new. Here’s a few of our favourite road trips.

    two kids on top of hill

    The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

    Taking a trip along the Great Ocean Road is an Australian rite of passage. It winds 243 kilometres along some of Australia’s most stunning coastline, taking in the rainforest, sunburnt cliffs, shipwrecks, and, of course, the famous Twelve Apostles.
    Pro tip–start in Torquay, so you’re on the ocean side of the road, making it easier to pull over for lookouts.

    East Coast, Tasmania

    From historical Hobart to the Bay of Fires, this road trip follows the coast via St Helens, Swansea and Bicheno.
    Tasmania’s East Coast boasts bountiful produce including wine, cheese and seafood, walking tracks with heaps of opportunities for wildlife spotting, empty beaches… need we go on? It really is a hidden gem of Australia!

    Cairns to Cape York

    We love this one at Mars Campers. This 1000-kilometre drive begins at Cairns, the gateway to the Barrier Reef, and ends at mainland Australia’s most northern point, Queensland’s tip, Cape York. Take a look here at some of the off-road extras you can check out around this area
    Why is it one of the greats? Made up of red dirt, croc-infested river crossings, ancient rock art, and lush rainforest, this scenic route encompasses the Wet Tropics, an area where two World Heritage areas meet.

    Supporting locals on the road and keeping your currency

    We can bet that If you’re thinking about buying a camper or you already have, you will be keen on supporting Aussie companies just like Mars! Travelling in Australia helps keep people in jobs, supports small businesses in our own country and not having to exchange money makes it easier for Aussie tourists to get more bang for their buck.

    three girls looking at sea

    We’re not just talking about tourist areas, although that is important, showing love to the local butcher on your stop for the night rather than the big chain supermarket can really make a difference.

    Having a camper trailer or travelling by car makes this even easier for you to stop in at local businesses on your way through. You might come across some amazing handmade goodies or locally grown produce that rocks your world!

    Often when travelling overseas, a lot of our hard earnt cashola can get lost when we exchange it. Who wants that? You can save and save and save and still end up with not too much spending money to go around. When you factor in travelling with kids, travelling overseas can become quite a costly endeavour.

    Get to it, before another backpacker upstages you with how much of Australia they have seen that you haven’t.

    Next Steps

    Mars Campers have a whole heap of options to kick-start your Aussie adventure ensuring you travel in ultimate comfort and style. Take a look at our range to see which suits you best!