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    Our Top 5 Locations For Water Sports In Australia

    One of the greatest Aussie pastimes includes being submerged in water, no matter what kind. From days spent in the surf, to a backyard pool, rivers and lakes, summer in the water is about as Aussie as it gets. Water skiing, wakeboarding and water sports are activities that a lot of Australians enjoy during the summer, with boats competing for their space of the river, the ocean or the lake on a scorching day.

    As we soak up the last month of summer, it’s a great opportunity to spend your weekends, (or weeks if you have that luxury), zipping around in your camper trailer and spending your days on the water.

    Of course, ask anyone who’s an advocate of the water and their water sports, and they will have their own, strong opinion on which spot is the best. We know that lots of Aussies have their rituals of heading towards the water for summertime, unique traditions that might span over generations or a certain part of the country that has stolen their heart.

    At Mars, we love all areas of our sunburnt country, and so we’ve put together our list of favourite spots to water ski, wakeboard, doughnut and the likes around Australia.
    Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran at water sports, you’ve just purchased a boat or, you’re looking for somewhere new to set up your camper trailer and have a few days by the water.

    Whatever position you’re in, strap on your skis and read on as we cover our top places and our favourite camping grounds for you to set up your camper trailer and enjoy the last glimpses of the warmer months.

    Let’s get stuck into it; summer won’t stick around forever!

    Blackwood River

    First up, we’re covering Western Australia. Blackwood River is a three-hour drive south of Perth and boasts the largest river in Southwest Australia. If you’re visiting the nearby towns of Nannup, Bridgetown or Augusta, it’s just a stone’s throw away. Blackwood River offers water lovers a flatter, calmer water-skiing experience with the water being extremely fresh. It’s a great starting point for beginners, and there’s plenty of room to maneuver around. Winning. For when you’re looking for a break from the river, the area is also awesome for hikes and picnics.

    water skiing in the river

    When it comes to your camper trailer, the surrounding areas have a smorgasbord of camping options for you to pull up at and set up camp for your stay. Our pick of the bunch is Sues Bridge . It’s relatively cheap per night and has direct access to the river for swimming and launching your boat. It’s picturesque and comes with a whole heap of awesome facilities that you wouldn’t expect to find in the middle of nowhere. Be warned though; you can’t book at this campground. First in, first served!

    The Murray River

    You can’t go past the mighty Murray. With a river that spans across three states and hundreds of kilometres, you better believe that it’s one of the best and more popular spots for water activities in the country. The river is split into 17 different regions, which makes it accessible and a hot favourite for lots of Australians. Running from the border of South Australia and right through the Victoria and New South Wales Borders, there’s a ton of opportunities to access this river. The summer months get extremely warm, and you’ll face freezing temperatures if you visited in the dead of winter, so steer clear!

    From beginners to pros, there’s something for everyone on the Murray. You’ll also find some professional ski shows and competitions, if that doesn’t tell you that this river is ideal for water skiing, then we don’t know what does.

    As far as camping with your camper trailer, there are countless spots along the Murray and in the surrounding areas. If you’re from Victoria, we recommend Bundalong . It’s a quiet spot that’s a combination of ‘easy on the eyes’ homes on the river bank, and a lively boat ramp with lots of opportunities to go for a wakeboard.

    Wisemans Ferry

    Moving to New South Wales, Wisemans ferry is another famous location for water skiing and in particular, wakeboarding.They’ve even got a dedicated wakeboarding school if you needed a refresher or starters course. Only an hour and a half from the central coast, and the same distance from Sydney, Wisemans ferry is the perfect spot for even a day trip to get out on the water.The wide riverbanks and gorgeous backdrop of rolling green hills as you travel down the water make this a must-see (and ski) destination for serious wakeboard enthusiasts.

    The actual area is a tiny settlement on a dramatic bend of the Hawkesbury River. The town itself has little more than a few shops, and you can only access the area by putting your car on the ferry. Exclusive! Although you can’t camp with your camper trailer right on the riverbanks, there are some great camping grounds very close by. A fantastic option with local wildlife and great facilities, a family-friendly environment and space for all sorts of campers is the Del Rio Riverside Resort . The park even has its own ramp so that you can avoid busy boat launch areas.

    Couple with their dog near river

    Lake Eildon

    Of all the water skiing spots in Australia, this is probably the most famous. It’s loved by tons and has thousands flock there during the summer months. Lake Eildon, located in the country’s Victoria region, is perfect for water sports. Not only is the freshwater lake massive (its shoreline encompasses 500kms) but it was also the place where many seasoned wakeboarders started their wakeboarding legacies. The infamous drought years haveseverely impacted Lake Eildon’s water levels but, in the wake of the 2010 Victorian Floods, the lake has returned to its former glory as a premier wakeboarding spot.

    The national park in Lake Eildon allows you to camp on the river beds and have your camper trailer nice and close up to the action. Spend your day between tearing up the water and relaxing on the riverbank. There are also campsite bookings that you can take out within a designated park area. Sites are unpowered, but when you’re that close to one of the best lakes in the country, what else can you ask for!

    Oyster Harbour

    If you’re seeking something a little more picturesque, Oyster Harbour is for you. Located just near Albany, Western Australia, it’s mostly known for being a quaint and idyllic fishing destination. Other than being the perfect destination to throw a rod in, it’s also a waterway that’s really popular for water skiing and wakeboarding. Besides this, there’s plenty of things to do for all kinds of families, couples and mates. Activities, like lounging at the beach and enjoying a picnic, are staples here. If saltwater wakeboarding is more your style, Oyster Harbour won’t disappoint.

    Camper set near the beach

    As Oyster Bay is a hit for all kinds of activities, there are all kinds of accommodation. For you and your camper trailer, we suggest the Big 4 Middleton Beach. With a pool, spa, kids’ activities and heaps more, your visit to Oyster Harbour will be one you won’t forget for a long time to come. The park itself backs onto the beach, and there’s some great opportunity to see the water and soak in some fantastic views.

    Next Steps

    We only have a few months left of warm weather, so act fast, check out or range of camper trailers and start your adventure today. The team at Mars Campers love chatting about our adventures and swapping stories; we’re also available any time you may require us for some information.