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Off-Road Expedition–See the Corners of Australia

Oh, Australia! Our amazing country full of amazing things to see and a surprise at every turn.

It’s the place where you can travel through and see red sand meet the blue ocean or stretches of coastline as far as the eye can see.

It’s the place where our natural landscape is so vast and jaw-dropping, that you can’t possibly see it all in one go.

Of course, if you’re an avid camper or looking to become one, we don’t need to explain to you why Australia is the darn greatest, you already know!

Australia is arguably one of the best countries to explore by road. Traveling with your camper trailer means that you never have to say, ‘next time we’ll find a way to get there’ because it’s hard to reach. The off-road capabilities mean you can simply just go and do it!

Mars Campers are so versatile and off-road friendly that wherever your journey takes you, your camper will follow.

Reaching remote places may involve a bit of planning and skill to make sure you’re safe, but they are made a bucket load easier if you’re towing a camper rather than a heavier, bulkier vehicle or staying in a hotel.

Sure, staying in a nice fancy place is great every once in a while, but a camper trailer adventure is more rewarding. A holiday of this sort might mean that you don’t have a car and you’re restricted to one location, and your camper is just as comfy as a hotel– it has everything you need!

Being in your camper can mean that you can stay away longer, you can go further, and you can visit some beautiful well-kept secrets of this country with your home right behind you.

While there are some beautiful popular destinations (they’re popular for a reason, after all!), once you’ve tackled them you may find yourself wondering ‘where to next’?

off roading adventure

Your Mars Camper can go almost anywhere. Whether your destination is on the other side of rivers, sandy beaches or unsealed roads, it would be a real shame if you couldn’t reach them because of what you were towing behind you.

Off-road doesn’t have to mean going without when you have a camper trailer

Because your Mars Camper is full of everything you need, you won’t even feel like you’re off the grid when you’re visiting remote or hard to reach locations and while they may be far away, they are worth the travel.

The huuuuge size of Australia may mean that the travel to get to some of these locations is long, but we can promise you that the journey is well worth it!

Even those of us who love to travel can spend too much time in the concrete jungle, but with the option to add showers and toilets, kitchens and water tanks to your Mars camper, seeing the pockets of our country doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Forget the no contact wolf creek type scenarios, You CAN have the disconnected, close to nature and back to basics holiday without having to dig a hole come time to let nature do its thing.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome places in Australia that are a bit tricky to get to, but no match for a camper trailer.

Kiwirrkurra Community– Northern Territory

This is known as the most remote community in Australia about 850km west of Alice Springs. (Yep, we aren’t messing around here). Its closest neighbouring community is around 100k’s away and it’s a great opportunity to learn about aboriginal culture.

This indigenous community of about 170 people is dedicated to preserving their way of life and heritage, and we think that’s awesome!

If getting to the crux of aboriginal culture is what you’re all about, you’ll love this place.

The closest airport is just a hop skip and a jump away (600k’s) and there’s also little accommodation available. So yep, you guessed it– without your accommodation right behind you, Kiwirrkurra isn’t a viable option.

serene camping

Coober Pedy– South Australia

Coober Pedy should be on the bucket list of any keen Aussie traveller. This underground mining town has so much to offer and gives a unique perspective into how people in the outback live, far, far away from the slick modern cities.

The way of life here, with its bizarre commodities and opal mining, is something that you cannot miss.

70% of the population live underground to escape the harsh heat, and you can even camp underground and get a real feel for life in Coober Pedy. Pretty neat.

Although there are bus and train services that stop through, the journey is definitely better when you are able to stop and marvel at all the weird and wonderful things the outback has to offer.

Many people stay here as a halfway point between Alice Springs and Adelaide if you’re heading that way, but in saying that, Coober Pedy is still a loooooong way from other towns.

Pro tip: Don’t go in January or February. With summer days reaching 46 degrees, it’s just too damn hot to be enjoyable.

While your camper is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, its best to go when you can enjoy the town without melting like a 50-cent cone.

Bremer Bay– Western Australia

Bremer Bay isn’t remote, but rather it’s overlooked. While some WA natives know about this tucked away location, many people pass it by between two popular beach destinations.

This is a gorgeous slice of beach heaven, and while we’re glad it’s not swamped with tourists, it should get the rap it deserves.

If you’re heading here from Perth, it’s a bit of a trek, but like all our off-road expeditions, well worth it. Luckily you have everything you need in your camper to make even the longest of journeys a breeze!

Here, you’ll find sand that is so picturesque and feels like powder between your toes, and the beaches are 4X4 friendly, too. There’s nothing like a drive down a big ol’ stretch of beautiful beach!

Besides the beaches, there are also red gravel dirt tracks to test your 4X4 skills and a caravan park nearby if you wanted to make an overnight stay.

Head up to Point Henry which is only accessible by 4X4. This is the southern tip of WA making it bucket list worthy!

exciting off road adventure

Bay of Fires– Tasmania

Some might argue that Tasmania is a remote location in its self, (sorry Tasmanians!) but you’d be silly to leave out this great region when you travel around Australia.

Although small, Tassie is vast in what it has to offer. From snow-capped mountains and local produce, there’s so much to see, do and eat.

Getting to Tasmania with your camper is as simple as jumping on the Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne, getting you there in a matter of hours. But once you arrive, one thing you simply can’t miss is the Bay of Fires.

This area right at the tip of Tassie will make you go oooohhh and aaaaahhh. It’s just a few hours from Launceston, and close by to a group of reserves and national parks.

This bit of coastline has striking red rocks, and when this meets the white sand and clear blue water, the sights are just like none other.

The Nullarbor– South Australia

100% of people who say that The Nullarbor is simply a big long strip of dirt have never crossed it, we’re almost positive of it. While yes, it’s a very long road it’s an experience that you just can’t beat.

For those who don’t know what the Nullarbor is, it’s the longest straight stretch of road in Australia. Measuring a whopping 1675k’s, it’s another one for the bucket list.

Although there are accommodation spots along the way, this can become expensive and often they are booked well in advance. There are plenty of camping grounds and free parks for you to stop at and rest your weary heads.

Red sunsets from this part of the world are unbeatable, and while the road is now all sealed and safe, the road is 4X4 only at some points where you can travel off the Nullarbor such as Eyre Bird Observatory.

It’s important that you are towing something you know can handle the rugged terrain. Take your time and take it in!

Mataranka National Park– Northern Territory

At the very top end of the NT, you’ll find the stunning Mataranka National Park. These stunning thermal pools are like glass and are perfect for relaxing, swimming and taking it all in.

If you were looking for a place to stop for a moment and unwind during your travels, this is it.

Nearby you’ll find a camping ground with showers and toilets, so you can make the most of your visit and enter full relaxo mode for the night. However, be mindful that there’s no power.

Pro tip: travel between May and September so you miss the rainy season and don’t risk the river flooding. Heavy rain can mean you don’t get to see certain parts of the area and there’s the risk of running into a crocodile. You don’t want that!

Next Steps

Now that you’ve heard about what a camper trailer can do, take a look at which design is best suited to you. Mars Campers are always available to answer any questions about our campers, so get in touch today!

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