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    It’s nice to think that as we, Grey Nomads, get older, we leave the drama and stress of our younger years behind us. We trade juggling our fast-paced career and family commitments with quiet nights of watching television and buying cheeky treats for the grandkids.

    As Australians, we are notorious for being hard workers (and even more infamous for our partying). But as the years go by it gets even easier to understand why we, Grey Nomads crave the peace and serenity of quiet walks and days spent exploring.

    Do you find yourself in the position now to go out on more weekend escapes? or maybe you’re even considering a bigger adventure?

    And why not. You’ve done the hard yards, you’ve out-run the rat-race, you’ve raised great kids. Now it’s your turn.

    But what does that mean? If you haven’t thought about you for some time, with work, the kids, the mortgage, the bills, all these things having occupied your time until now, thinking about yourself can be a foreign concept.

    Guy working on laptop

    It can be daunting when you first begin to consider it. Sly jabs at family dinner mentioning retirement or the cheeky suggestions that you’ll soon be full-time babysitter for the grandkids begin to become commonplace. But you know better.

    If you are nervous thinking about this, it begs the question, is it nervousness, or excitement? Now that the canvas is blank, and the time is right, what’s your next move?

    Infinite Possibilities

    The Chinese philosopher Laozi said, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. So where to from here? What will your first step be?

    After all, now you’ve finally got some time to dedicate to yourself, your wants, your needs. You’ve worked hard to put yourself in a position where you can afford to choose a new stage for your life.

    The options before you are endless:

    Vintage Motor Bike

    Will you live out your Sons of Anarchy fantasies and buy a motorbike? You’d fit right in at the motorcycle club, right?

    Or perhaps you could buy a boat? A boat sounds like a great idea huh? Wait. When was the last time you went on a boat? Have you ever driven one? Well, at least the cost alone would motivate you to learn if you didn’t know how to drive one already!

    In that case, maybe it’s finally time to kiss the kids goodbye, change your name and take off to Tahiti?

    Some things are great to dream about. But as we get older we realise some things. Sometimes, dreams are best left to the imagination

    Okay, so maybe the options aren’t completely infinite.

    But you have at least two important things going for you in making this decision. The freedom of choice, and the wisdom of age.

    An Investment in Lifestyle

    Couple watching sunset

    You’re smart. You’re still relatively active. You want adventure, but you want to take things at your own pace too. You’re thinking about changes, you want to fulfil some of your own dreams but still share your life with your family.
    So why not invest in a lifestyle that gives you the best of all of these things?

    A lifestyle that doesn’t restrict you yet doesn’t require you to trade in the things you already love about your life. So, we’re just going to come right out and say it. It’s okay. Just accept it. Take a breath, say it with me:

    You may be a grey-nomad.

    Yellow Van

    Okay, so your hair may not be greying, and you may not even be near retirement. The reality is, we live in a large, beautiful country and you now have the chance to explore it.

    Now whether that’s for the occasional weekend or for the rest of your years, you’ve thought about it, you’re going to do it and you’re going to do it well.

    SUV pulling a camper

    So, let’s embrace the fact you may be transitioning into a Grey Nomad, or if you prefer it, we can simply refer to you as ‘a not-yet-old avid-adventure-enthusiast’. If you can come up with a better name than that, we’ll stop referring to you as a grey nomad!

    It doesn’t matter, there’s no difference really, because adventure, travel and exploring keep us all young at heart.

    An Investment in Lifestyle

    It’s a strange condition being human. Despite our constant wanderlust and yearning for adventure, we find ourselves tied to the familiar and alas, creatures of habit. But just how much really changes when you have camper van? Well, only as much as you like really.

    Your lifestyle might stay the same, you may only travel on weekends, if you have kids they might come along with you, the kids mightn’t even know when you’re coming and going, that’s all up to you.

    Lady infront of the Camper

    There’s no need to sell the house or sell a kidney in order to enjoy the freedom of travel, not with Mars Campers at least. That’s why we not only provide affordable campers, but we also have options for finance to help you hit the road.

    That’s purely because we love camping. We genuinely believe everyone should be able to get out there and enjoy the freedom and connectivity camping brings.

    And we love getting people out there exploring, without making them choose between their life now or sacrificing other aspects of their life.

    So really, now what?

    Okay, you’ve made it this far. By this point, you’re almost comfortable with the term Grey Nomad (or relishing it!) and are already day-dreaming about all the bucket-list trips you could be setting off on in the near future.

    So, the answer to “now what?” is simple. It’s now or never.

    And ideally, instead of ‘now what?’ you should be thinking ‘tow what?’ and looking at our range of camper trailers.
    We’re telling you this because we sell them of course, and they’re bloody good.

    But we sell them because they are the perfect way to explore this great country. They’re easy to tow, simple to master and a fantastic addition to any family.

    People chilling inside a camper

    If they weren’t the best way to do explore this great sunburnt land, we’d be selling you segues!

    A boat restricts you to water, you can’t sleep in it (unless it’s really flash!) and even then it’s not that portable.

    Motorbikes are a niche too and if you enjoy them, they’re awesome and will take you where you want to go. But they don’t double as accommodation. They’re not quite a family get-away either, unless you’ve managed to buy one for the whole team! Lucky you!

    But really, even caravans can’t compete. The ease of use, affordability and access to off-road makes camper trailers a superior choice in every way. Besides, a camper trailer is a more authentic camping experience. That you can enjoy without ‘roughing it’.

    Camper moving on water road

    So, what are you waiting for? You’ve been there, done that, what now? We’ll tell you what:

    Check Out the Information Available at Mars Campers

    Thinking about making a move? If so, head on over to, and for more information on the nomadic lifestyle.

    At Mars Campers we work hard to develop the best value-for-money camper trailers with a view of helping you create memorable experiences with your loved ones.

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