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    We’re going to be very, very stereotypical for a moment and make a claim that campers fall into two categories. There are those who love roughing it, camping to them means a swag, no power and a hole in the ground. These sorts of people aren’t worried about staying clean, about bugs and anything fancy to eat. Getting back to basics is what they love.

    These people are set on the fact that if there’s a phone reception and anything you need to plug in its not REAL camping.

    Then, there’s those on the total opposite end of the spectrum where everything should be planned. Why go real camping when you can go glamping in a dedicated area with amenities and a kitchenette, (or meals out at restaurants) that sounds much more appealing.

    We think that a Mars camper trailer falls bang smack in the middle, providing ultimate comfort and everything you could possibly need, while at the same time being a great gateway to the outdoors.

    However, there are times when having that little touch of luxe is very welcomed, and gives your camping experience that little extra touch of something special.

    A Mars camper with a few deluxe items can take your spacious and comfy off-road camper and turn him or her (we don’t mind) into the perfect glamping companion. Glamping, the glamorous version of camping, has really sparked people’s interest over the last few years in part thanks to Pinterest and other social media platforms. Glamping takes the idea of camping, throws all the old rules right out the window and celebrates the idea of extreme comfort in nature.

    The problem is that most of those glamping photos on Pinterest are nearly impossible to emulate. They use expensive gear and don’t tell you anything about the gear or where to get it. Well, we’re here to help. Want to do some glamping of your own? Here is a thorough list of luxury camping gear, what each item is used for and our recommendations and even a few items for those of you who want to go all out!

    Another bonus of luxury items is that they help to persuade that anti-camper in your life into believing that the camping lifestyle is the way to go.

    Glamping in Australia

    We’ve gathered our favourite list of luxury items for your camper trailer that will blow your socks off, (but you definitely don’t need them).

    Screened Gazebo Tent

    Okay, so we’re starting off with one that’s pretty justified. These babies are perfect for popping your dining table and chairs under, making sure that your food always stays away from creepy crawlies and pesky flies. We all know the struggle of having to constantly swat away flies from your food, and its especially a pain when you are grazing on a platter in the afternoon sun. These tents also come in handy when there’s wet weather. Take a look at some different options here.

    Airbed Cot

    Forget a mattress on the floor, we’re going hardcore fancy with this airbed cot. Its even got a little side table so you can pop whatever your heart desires right next to you.

    Shake and Freeze Cocktails

    These cocktail mixers are fabulous for special occasions or when you’re camping over new years. Basically, they’re cocktails in paper tubes, otherwise known as a good time. Investing in a few of these brings sophistication to your campsite, and they save you having to make space for glass bottles, being cautious that they don’t break in your travels.

    The shake and freeze cocktails are the perfect editions to your shopping list as you won’t have to fork out for spirits on the road that might even have jacked up prices. Luxury at its finest.

    Enamel Table Set

    There are plenty of reasons to love enamel table sets. Firstly, plastic is out. Secondly, enamel sets are sturdy, and they look damn good. A table set all matchy-matchy and dripping with luxury (by camping standards) is exactly what every fancy camper needs to feel elegant while tucking into a meal in the great outdoors.

    Grub Hub Kitchen

    As soon as this bad boy was released to the public, it has been making waves being dubbed some of the best new camping gear. Grub Hub goes from a compact suitcase on wheel type contraption into a full-blown kitchen with shelves, a sink, bench space and room for a portable stove or for eating.

    Its got everything that your camp kitchen has. However, the Grub Hub gives you double the space and double the power. Its also great to wheel along if you wanted to have a meal away from your camper, perhaps to catch a sunrise or to watch the kids as they swim.

    Besides, it’s pretty impressive looking, so you’ll be the talk of the campsite in no time.

    Camping Shower

    First things first, a heap of Mars Campers come with the option of adding on a shower to your camper if not included already, providing the utmost comfort and making sure that even the fussiest of campers are taken care of. You can’t complain about much with your very own shower!

    However, if this isn’t an option for your camper, you can invest in a portable shower from one of the many camping shops. There is a heap of different options on the market, so not only will you be squeaky clean, you even have the luxury of choosing your own water pressure. There’s a heap of different choices to make sure as a solar powered shower, instant hot water and even showers that attach to your car. Take a look at some options here.

    Glamping in Australia shower

    Shower Tents

    While you’re at it, grab a shower tent. We’re sure that now that you have a shower, you surely don’t want to be cleaning yourself in front of everyone! You’ll need a portable privacy tent. This privacy tent will allow you to take your warm showers in privacy (without any peeping Toms).

    Portable Toilet

    If you are staying at a campsite with a nice and clean bathroom, a portable toilet is not a necessity. But if you are camping away from any amenities, you’ll have the choice of either doing your business in the wilderness, shovel in hand or bringing your own portable toilet.

    Used along with a shower privacy tent and you’ll have a great private bathroom set up. We told you you’d be glamping in no time!

    Camping Chairs Like You’ve Never Seen

    We’re sure that you have camping chairs packed for every trip, they’re a necessity and a no-brainer, but take it to the next level with some of these crazy day beds and deluxe camping chairs that will turn your camping experience into a glamping extravaganza before you can even say ‘chique’.

    Check out a few of our favourite and outrageous chairs. The Intex Ultra Day Bed is perfect for watching the clouds, daydreaming or reading a book. Another awesome selection is the OZtrail Galaxy Seat. Stretch out or cuddle up with a loved one on this three seater, complete with drink holders on each side.

    We hope that the addition of these lux items will make you feel like you’re staying at a five-star resort. Bring that hard to please camper to your next camping trip and add a touch of sophistication to convince them that camping in your camper trailer isn’t that bad after all.

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    At Mars Campers, we’re all about finding the perfect balance between getting back to basics and experiencing the great outdoors in comfort. Take a look at our range of camper trailers and see which one best suits you and your family.