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    Keeping The Whole Family Happy In A Camper Trailer

    Camper trailers are awesome for a heap of reasons, but one of our personal favourites is because it suits absolutely everyone. It’s versatile, it’s the perfect balance between roughing it and luxury, and it helps to keep the authenticity of camping alive.

    There are lots and lots of reasons to love having a camper trailer. But don’t take it from us, take it from those who travel around Australia with their camper trailers!

    For those with kids, it can often be quite an expensive and almost impossible task to get the family together for a holiday. But if you were lucky, we’re sure you can remember a childhood full of summers and holiday times with your family getting amongst the outdoors and creating unforgettable memories.

    In today’s technological age, it’s so important now more than ever to make sure that we are taking the time to get our kids away from screen time and gaining life skills and good times that come from being outdoors. Just one of the reasons why a camper trailer is really the best choice for you and your family.

    Family on a snow mountain

    We could go on all day about how great camper trailers are and all the good things that they bring to our lives. But why believe us?

    We asked some camper trailer advocates what they loved about camping. Men, women and kids tell us all the best bits about a camper trailer holiday and share some handy tips to make your journey easier.

    So, say hello to the camper trailer-loving family– Mark, his wife Belinda and their 13-year-old son, Andy.

    What type of camper do you have and why did you buy it?

    Mark: We chose the Vanguard. It’s been awesome. We’ve taken it out in the dead heat of summer and some cooler months too, and it has been just what we wanted. What we love about this trailer is that Andy gets his own space. When he was younger, having him in with us was no issue. Now, with the Vanguard, the extra room has been a god sent. As he grows, he will always have his own room, separate from us. It’s also great for the wife and I to have our own room, too. It’s super easy to set up and pack down too.

    Camping in open space

    Belinda: Yeah, this camper has been a dream. I love that there is so much extra storage space so we can keep more in there. I love that, because when the boys and I decide we want to head off, its less thinking and less time packing. We can just keep everything we need in the camper and its ready to go. Its been so convenient.

    What has been the most handy feature of your camper trailer?

    Belinda: By far, the swing out kitchen. Not only is it handy being able to cook in your own kitchen rather than a camp kitchen, but it also helps us to cut costs. We don’t have to buy lunches when we are on the road, we can just stop off at a rest stop or a park and pull something out from the camper Mark likes to cook up a BBQ, and I like to think I make some pretty delicious things too. Its great that there’s a sink too, I’ve been caught dropping plates and bowls walking back from a camp kitchen a few too many times before!

    Mark: I do most of the driving when we head away, so I’d have to go with some of the less exciting features like the automatic breaks and the mud flaps. The breaks are awesome because we like to do a lot of off-road travelling, so having that added layer of protection means we can always make the off-road parts fun rather than worrying too much about what the trailer is doing. I can always be sure that whoever we want to go if that’s through some water or around a sandy stretch, the camper trailer is going to be fine and we won’t run into any issues. I do most of the cleaning of the trailer too when we get home, and because of all the off-road travel, the trailer does get pretty muddy. There’s no avoiding it obviously, and we’re not the type of people to not go somewhere because of the possibility of a little mud, but it makes my job easier when it comes time to clean. Also, when you get back onto the road, you know that you’re less likely to fling mud around everywhere and onto people passing by.

    What’s your favourite thing about travelling with a camper trailer?

    Andy: I love being outside. It can get pretty busy at home with soccer training and school and stuff, I don’t really get that much time to spend with Mum and Dad. We live a little bit far away from any rivers or anything too, so I really like being able to go fishing and walks and morning swims, we have been to some places where there are animals everywhere. I love seeing Kangaroos hopping around when I wake up in the morning, that’s awesome, and having my own room is good too. Some of my friends aren’t so lucky, they stay home and play on their PlayStation and things like that. But I get to be out here and see some really cool places. That’s better than a game and sitting on the couch at home if you ask me.

    Mountain Hike

    Mark: For me, my favourite thing is having that comfort for my family while still being in the great outdoors. It’s not like a caravan where you just pull up and take away all the great things that come with camping and being outside. I love that there is still a little bit of work that needs to be done to get us all set up. Yeah, the annex is simple to pack up and set up, it takes us less than 10 minutes, but that hands-on element is something that really makes it a great experience for me. Oh, and being able to take the camper wherever we want, that’s a bonus. We can get some pretty great views. We have been incredibly lucky and come across some great places to stop for the night. Not much can beat hanging out with your family with a cold beer watching the sun go down.

    Belinda: When Mark first suggested going camping, I was dead against it. Before purchasing our Mars Camper, I wasn’t a camping type of woman, but I must admit, a camper trailer is a perfect compromise. Mark still gets to feel like he’s close to nature and doing some heavy lifting, and I get the comfort of a nice warm bed off the ground, my own kitchen, and a warm and clean place to sleep at night. The typical Aussie family really can’t go wrong with a camper trailer. It keeps me happy because I have my inside space and I don’t feel like I’m ‘roughing it’. It’s great! It’s so affordable, too. We get to go and see as much as we can while Andy is still young enough to want to spend his time camping with his dorky mum and dad.

    What’s your top tip for other campers?

    Belinda: Find the free campsites in your area and get your money’s worth. This precious family time can be more frequent if you know how to do it right and get the most bang for your buck. Think about easy to cook meals and do a big shop before you head off. Cooking from the camper is a god sent!

    Morning Sun rise by the beach

    Mark: See as much of Australia as you can. It has so much to see and do, you’ll never get sick of it.

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    You’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, Mars Campers really are the best way to see Australia. We have a range of different campers to suit every style and budget. See our range. Contact us on 1300 667 868 for more information.