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    How To Survive Life On The Road In Your Camper

    Deciding to pack up and hit the open road isn’t a decision that you should take lightly. There are many factors to consider, and there’s lots of questions to ask before you make the leap.

    Although setting off on the adventure of a lifetime is always going to come with some uncertainties (it’s a part of what makes travel so exciting), there are some common questions and concerns that a great deal of adventure seekers all have in common.

    To help put your mind at ease and give you a nudge in the right direction, let’s talk about some of the most common ifs, buts, and maybes and give new travellers some expert advice on how to survive life on the road in your camper.

    At the end of the day, there’s no way that all your concerns and questions can’t be answered or fixed. We’re sure you would hate to miss out on the experience of a lifetime because of a few little, completely fixable worries!

    There’s no way I can pack my entire life into a camper trailer!

    We’re sure you’ve heard the saying ‘less is more’ and oh how true it is. You would be surprised how little you actually need when we’re talking everyday items.

    Remember how simple life used to be before we had everything? We’re sure you’ve told your kids or grandkids on more than one occasion to just go and entertain themselves outside. Well, now it’s your turn.

    Besides, your days exploring Australia will be spent hiking, exploring, swimming, fishing, sightseeing… need we go on? You can be rest assured that in between soaking in everything Australia has to offer, chatting to new friends, kicking up your feet and knocking back a well-deserved cold drink, you won’t feel the need to be surrounded by material things.

    There are of course the things that everyone needs daily. There are a ton of great storage solutions and online tips and tricks to keep your clothes, kitchen items, and food as tidy and accessible as possible, making it feel just like home! You can fit more in all the nooks and crannies of your camper trailer than you think.

    Man hiking near river side

    We’re positive that after a few days on the open road, you won’t be missing your 7 separate non-stick pan selections or your 16 varieties of herbal tea.

    What about my furry friend?

    This one is a biggie. Nobody wants to leave their beloved four-legged friend behind when they set off, and we get it, they’re a part of the family!

    Assuming that your pet is well behaved and trailed, there’s no good reason why they can’t come along for your grand adventure.
    There are many caravan parks, camping grounds, and the like all around the country that are pet friendly, Alternatively, if you’re looking to spend an extended amount of time in one spot, check out a local kennel or cattery to look after your furry friend for a few days or weeks.

    Here’s a few things to cover before you leave home:

    • Make sure your pet’s vaccinations and registrations are up to date.
    • Everything you may need for your pet is stocked up, like food, grooming equipment, medication, toys, and the works, as you may be traveling through remote areas where supplies aren’t available like they would be at home.
    • Pack vaccination papers and vet records, just in case of emergency and for kennels and catteries to reference.
    • While you’re traveling with a dog or cat, make sure to give them time during the day to go for a run, stretch their legs, and get all their excitement out.
    • For animals that don’t particularly like to travel, make sure you create a safe space for them to help them keep calm and ease them into life on the road.

    With a few adjustments, life on the road with your animals can feel just like home.

    We can’t afford this, can we?

    This is another huge concern for many people looking to make the leap into the unknown and it’s a very understandable one.
    Although purchasing a camper trailer does come with an initial cost (we’ll talk about that later), there are plenty of ways to stick to a budget while traveling around Australia.

    We can bet that these budget tips aren’t just going to save you money, they will encourage you to really get into the spirit of things and fully immerse yourself in your adventure.

    Going bush and camping in natural parks, as opposed to the luxury of Big 4 or powered sites, each night can save you a huge chunk of cash. You would enjoy the natural surroundings more than overcrowded and commercialised caravan parks.

    jeep with a camper

    Planning your meals is another dead easy way to instantly save money. Sure, there will be times where you check out the local delicacies or indulge in some larger towns (it would be rude not to), but buying food ahead, storing it safely, and eating leftovers will save you a small fortune.

    Make sure that your camper and your car are fully serviced and issue free before you head off. Nothing will drain your finances more than having to have a brand-new part flown in from the nearest capital city, or getting road side assistance 1,000km away from a town.

    How will we know where to stop?

    Don’t have the slightest idea where you’re heading? That’s the beauty of adventure! If structure is more your style, make a list of places you’d like to see and map them out before you head away. Research caravan parks, powered sites, national parks, and camping grounds in and around the areas you want to visit.

    Barbeque grilling

    For those who consider themselves tech savvy, WikiCamps is a great App for finding spots to park your camper overnight. What’s great about this app is that you can download all the data beforehand so you’re less likely to get stuck in the middle of Timbuctoo with no reception.

    Wont we have to sell or re-finance the house?

    Earlier we talked about budgeting tips for your grand adventure through Australia. Now let’s get serious about the price of a camper trailer.

    We’re sure you already know a ballpark figure of what you can spend, and the costs involved with initially purchasing a camper trailer. However, purchasing a camper should be seen as more of an investment than an unjustifiable purchase.

    When you take the leap and buy a Mars Camper, we guarantee you that it will go the distance and give you years of unforgettable memories.

    Inclusions such as fold-out kitchens, solar panels, spare tyres, bunk beds, showers and toilets, camping fridges, and an almost endless list of accessories make travelling in a camper the perfect all-inclusive choice without sending you broke.

    What if we want to go off the beaten track? Will our camper go the distance?

    If going off-road tickles your pickle, a camper is the perfect choice for you.

    For those of you who love the idea of 4×4 driving, following your instincts and going wherever your heart desires, you’ll be pleased to know that a Mars Camper will go most places that a 4×4 can because of its incredibly sturdy tyres and great suspension.

    Our campers are fully off-road capable, which should put your mind at ease if you ever had any doubt that it would hold you back.

    Jeep crossing river with the camper

    In case the deal wasn’t already sweet enough, you’ll be thrilled to know that campers are so easy to tow because of their light weight.Anywhere you want to go, your camper will be more than happy to follow you there.

    You won’t have to upgrade your current car to hold the weight, which is often the case with caravans.

    Open your mind to the off-road options because your camper is ready to go wherever you do!

    Australia has a lot of open spaces. Wont we get bored?

    We can’t argue with the fact that the land down under has plenty of wide open space, but there’s never a dull moment and there’s always something to see.

    The beauty of traveling with your home attached behind your car is the freedom to stop and marvel at the endless amount of natural wonder that Australia has to offer.

    Often when we’re traveling, we can be in such a rush either trying to move from place to place and end up skipping everything but capital cities and tourist attractions.

    Your camper trailer adventure gives you the option of taking in the uniqueness of those open spaces and lapping up everything that remote towns and their surroundings have to offer.

    You’ll be surprised at what you might find, and we can guarantee that coming across a lonely pub in the middle of nowhere, admiring an amazing rock formation, or marvelling at where the red sand meets the blue ocean is going to be a much more enriching experience than spending hours upon hours in airports.

    Take it slow, enjoy yourself and embrace the open spaces knowing that your accommodation is right behind you.

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    At Mars Campers, we have an option to suit you no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for. Take a look at our range of camper trailers, or contact us today by calling 1300 667 868, and open your mind to what you could see and explore!