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    Hit The Slopes With Your Camper

    You can’t have an adventure without snow slopes and that’s why we believe skiing and snowboarding are the ultimate getaways for campers.

    The adventure sports of winter are all about fun, excitement, and enjoyment. The adrenaline-packed activities remind that you’re not just someone who wants to be sitting around the coach on your days off or spend a weekend bumming around the home.

    Just listen, you can hear the snowy mountains of Australia calling you. There’s no way you can simply ignore the fun fill slopes of snowboarding and skiing.

    Hitting the slopes are some of the best forms of mountain adventure. The feeling of diving through steep slopes, breathing the fresh air and occasionally falling on your face are just some of the reasons people keep coming back.

    Dirt Bike Camping Made Easy 1

    Do you love the adrenaline rush when you fly through the air? Or the satisfaction you get while making a perfect carve at a high speed?

    There are so many reasons to love hitting the snow but there are some of ours:

    • Every time you get the opportunity to try your skiing and snowboarding skills. How good is it when you finally nail that trick or jump?

    • Enjoying the marvellous beatify of the mountains. The picturesque white background is really something to behold.

    • Meeting new people that enjoy the things you like, and the best part is they’ll likely be there next year!

    • Getting the opportunity to challenge yourself and become a master at your favourite snow activity. It’ll take time but remember how bad you used to be?

    • The feeling of buying new equipment and not being able to wait to try it out. Whether it’s something big like a near snowboard or a new pair of warm gloves — it all matters.

    The mountains tops are full of hidden pleasures and fun things to do. Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran or are just starting out — no matter the case we’ve got some tips and tricks that’ll help you get started or give you that fighting edge come next snow season.

    Tips And Tricks To Go For Snowboarding And Skiing

    Trying to fit in a trip down to the snow can b a difficult process for many. Just like campers, snow lovers just can’t wait for their next outing. Regardless of whether you want to pop down for a weekend or take two weeks off, these tips will help you.

    Get There Early

    Waking up early on your day off or the weekend can be a struggle, but if you’re someone who wants to hit the snow you better get used to it.

    Leaving early to get to the snow is a must for campers and snow enthusiasts alike. Pack your things well in advance and get moving at the crack of dawn. If you’ve never been to the campsite or skiing destination, you’d best leave even earlier to accommodate your lack of knowledge.

    Getting in early means you’ll be able to find the best parking space and campsite, get a feel of the land and start planning your day or days or fun-filled snow activities. If you’re planning to take a snowboarding or skiing lesson, reach the destination at least an hour before the session starts.

    Since many of the snowy mountains are in remote locations, camping nearby means you’ll have great facilities at affordable rates. It beats staying in the resort which can be ten times what you’re paying for your campsite fees.

    Dirt Bike Camping Made Easy 3

    Eat Properly, Stay Hydrated

    Fuel you up with a balanced breakfast that includes proper quantities of protein and carbohydrates. Have your food 1–2 hour before you hit the snow and keep energy-packed snacks for quick consumption. Also, avoid heavy meals in the afternoon and choose easily digestible foods.

    Regardless of the season, you may sweat a lot due to the activity, and your body loses water. Take sips throughout the day to keep your muscles active and keep your body functioning normally. Remember to keep water bottles in a backpack to hydrate yourself at all times.

    Stay Warm, Protect Your Skin

    While playing around in the snow seems like an almost childish experience, you can’t muck around when it comes to keeping yourself warm and protected. Snow is by nature a rather extreme environment, despite it’s fun looking nature.

    Wear warm clothes with multiple layers – you can add or remove the layers based on your body conditions. Several types of winter clothing are available to protect you freezing temperatures, including neck warmers, waterproof mittens and heat warmer packets.

    You should also keep your face and lips better protected from the wind and sunlight. Apply lip balms and sunscreens at regular intervals to keep your skin protected. Also, keep some tissues in your pocket to handle those pesky runny noses.

    Keep Your Body Ready For It

    One thing many people forget is how strenuous and physically demanding life on the snow can be. Even if you’re walking around and enjoying the sights, just getting around through the snow can be an exercise.

    It might seem like it’s a bit too crazy to do a warm up before you go out for a stroll but we recommend doing it because your body has a tendency to freeze up and become quite stiff on the snow — even if you’re all rugged up and warm.

    If you’re thinking about doing an activity like snowboarding or skiing then we definitely suggest doing a proper warmup. Stretch your body and get the blood flowing as soon as you wake up and before you leave. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and never try to overdo things.

    What You’ll Need To Pack?

    Every skiing and snowboarding enthusiast should pack the following things with them for a fun, safe, and adventurous slope activities. In addition to what we discussed above, your camper trailer also should be packed with the following:

    • Skis or snowboards
    • Skis boots or snowboard boots
    • Helmet
    • Poles
    • Day rush sack
    • Multitool for repairs
    • Shovel, transceiver, and probe
    • Warm hat, waterproof ski jacket
    • 2–3 pairs of ski/board socks
    • Goggles that avoid moisture build up
    • 2x thermal tops, fleeces

    You might need to communicate with your group while skiing or snowboarding, but the cold temperature can shorten the battery life of your phone. Therefore, put your phone in a zip-top bag and keep it close to your body or in an inner pocket.

    You can also spend on boot warmers to keep your ski boots warm throughout your activities — regular socks just don’t keep your feet warm.

    Dirt Bike Camping Made Easy 2

    Where, How and When?

    Australia is home to some of the most popular ski resorts and snowboarding destinations in the Oceania region. Let’s go through some of the best snow slopes for you to discover new thrills.

    Perisher, NSW

    The biggest ski resort and snowboarding destination in the Southern Hemisphere has a diverse variety of landscape to satisfy the adventure dreams of everyone. Located in the Kosciuszko National Park, Perisher is actually an amalgamation of four ski villages.

    Spread across 1245 hectares, seven mountains, 47 lifts, and five terrain parks, Perisher offers unrestricted fun and adventures of huge vertical drops, narrow slopes, majestic scenery, and of course easy access. You’ll get the option to test every skill with the parks, rider cross courses, half pipes, and much more.

    Getting there: It takes a six hours road trip (490 kilometres) from Sydney to the southwest to reach Perisher. From Melbourne, you need to drive seven hours or 600 kilometres northeast to hit the slopes.

    When to go: The official season starts from the second week to June till the first week of October. The best time to visit the ski resort is in July and August.

    Mount Hotham, Victoria

    The ski mountain located in the Victorian Alps has an excellent ski terrain, and you don’t see too much crowd here, unlike other ski resorts in Victoria. It has a unique upside-down layout, and the ski village is located at the top of the mountain. If you’re searching for the most challenging terrain in Australia, Mount Hotham is your destination.

    You can’t control your heart pumping as it features the steepest double black diamond run and the highest ratio of black trails in Australia. With the elevation of 6,053 ft, you get a 1,296 ft vertical drop here.

    Getting three: The ski resort is 4.5 hours from Melbourne by road, approximately 350 kilometres. If you start from Sydney, it can take 8 hours of driving – 746 kilometres.

    When to go: The season starts from June till September, however, the peak season is July and August.

    Next Steps

    Camping in the snow can be a very stressful and difficult experience if you’re underprepared. Here at Mars Campers, our on and off-road camper trailers are the perfect companions for snow enthusiasts. The Mars team can help you with.