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    Easy Camper Trailer Storage Hacks

    Travelling with a camper trailer is all about introducing comfort at camp. But how do you keep yourself organised?

    Stay organised with our top DIY storage tips!

    There’s a home for jerry cans on the drawbar of just about every camper trailer, but if you don’t want to carry any extra water or fuel? Why not use yours to store something different instead?

    Bruce Ninnis from Oakleigh carries wood in his but we’ve also seen jerries used as animal-proof storage for pantry items and bins. Just cut the jerry can, add a latch and hinge, and use car seals to conceal the sharp edges. Too easy.

    camper trailer storage hacks
    Campsites can be clutter magnets, especially when your trailer is short on divided space. So why not throw a simple shoe caddy over the edge of your bed? The pockets are the perfect size for mobile phones, keys, socks and other small items that can get lost in the tub of your trailer. And if you’re looking for somewhere to store your sauces and spices you’ll find it works equally well in the kitchen.

    What is it about the great outdoors? It just has a way of sneaking in but no one likes tripping over a broom after dark. So why not secure yours to the underside base of your camper bed as Dean Church from Kambah, NSW did? It’ll be close at hand just as you need it and safely tucked away when you don’t. And if you hold in place with a few mounted brackets and some plastic tubes you’ll never have to worry about leaving your broom, shovel or brolly at home again.

    Let’s face it; after a day of getting smashed about on the tracks, the last thing you want to do is deal with a pantry that’s been left in a sorry state. So why not try storing some of your more fragile items like these Roma tomatoes in insulated comfort alongside your eggs, for mess-free perfect campsite fry up? Yum!

    You’ve shared a lifetime of adventures with your old weathered luggage so why not give it a lease of life at camp? Greg Conlon from Everton Park, Qld, hangs his on the back of spare wheel to carry out rubbish out from camp. So much cheaper than investing in a purpose-built spare bag.

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