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    From the Outer Suburbs to The Outback– Creating Lifelong Memories Camping in Your Camper Trailer

    Life can be crazy. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the suburbs, it can be tough for any family to make time for one another. Sure, you may all be together, but are you really able to give each other the time and attention that you deserve?

    Life with kids (or even without them) is busy. Between work and school, netball and soccer training, weekends filled with activities, playdates, catching up with family and spending time getting ready for the next week of busy life to begin, we can often struggle to find no time left to really focus on what’s important– your family!

    Even when you are together all at home, in today’s modern home, even when the family is all home it doesn’t necessarily mean family time. Picture everyone on the couch and together, but with their heads in their own devices Facebook scrolling, playing a game on an iPad or catching up on some TV. Sound familiar?

    Even if you don’t have kids yet, the same can go with you and your partner. Life gets busy– we can’t help it! That’s why a camper trailer holiday makes so much sense. Without the distractions of everyday life and all the things that get in the way, you can really focus on family time and creating lifelong memories.

    Camper trailer holidays are something you can do on a budget and having a self-contained home right behind your car means the opportunities for going off the beaten track and exploring new places is endless.

    Camping out = Family bonding time

    Even though your camper can be spacious and fit everyone nicely, there’s no disputing that it’s a much smaller space than what your family is used to at home. This can be a good thing, and it means that you get an opportunity to spend more time with one another and of course, share the load of the day to day tasks.

    Things like setting up the camper, making meals together, going fishing or canoeing are all fantastic ways to make lifelong memories as a family.

    On top of this, being in the great outdoors and teaching your kids something new is such a great bonding experience. It also gives you the chance to keep up something you may have done when you were young, or maybe pass on a tradition that you had with your parents growing up. Without the distraction of the latest PlayStation game or YouTube video, you’ll quickly find yourself forgetting everything at home that needs to be done. Suddenly, it won’t seem so important. Prepare your best ‘back in my day’ speeches.

    Being able to work together and have everyone pitch in to do things like cook, clean up or set up your camper trailer will hopefully help your kids become more responsible. Besides that, having that quality time together really is invaluable.

    Picture sharing a meal with your family, red sand under your feet or some animals in the distance reminiscing on the day that was. It’s a simple and priceless experience. Prepare for less one-worded ‘good’s’ when you try to press about details of your kids’ days and more sharing of the new and amazing things that you did as a family.

    Experience nature right on your trailers front door!

    We have covered before how nature and seeing Australia can be so beneficial for children (and adults) and this is even more relevant for those who live in the suburban areas. How often would you have the opportunity to come across a native animal living 20km from the CBD? Not very often we would imagine!

    Australia has so much to offer when it comes to nature. Every Aussie should experience the amazement that it brings and sharing the experience with your loved ones is unbeatable.

    Watch your young one’s face light up as they come across a kangaroo or laugh later about how they screamed and ran away as an Emu came quickly towards them. (we can almost guarantee that it will happen). The memories are simply unbeatable, and we can bet that your trip will be full to the brim of experiences you can’t get living in the suburbs.

    on camper holidays become one with nature

    Learn about each other

    We’ve talked about how life gets crazy, and although you might all be together every day it can be easy to miss the small changes or spurts of growth we all make– for both parents and kids alike! Going through the motions each day during busy lives can mean we don’t often get opportunities to really get to know each other as we are changing and growing.

    This time away in your camper helps to disconnect from the pressures of home. It’s such a good opportunity to really get to know your family.

    on camper holidays the whole family learns about each other

    Disconnect to reconnect

    Camper trailer trips will often lead you out of the city and to places with a more relaxed way of life– may be a coastal town, the outback or even a remote area. Hopefully, there’s no phone service.

    Disconnecting even for a few days can be so beneficial for both kids and adults alike! Look up, talk to one another and get the kids noses out of the iPads. Even if you do have reception, think about making your camper trip a tech-free one that allows you to get back to basics and have some treasured family time.

    Camping on a Trailer holiday can be cheap as chips

    Okay…. Maybe not quite– but after a few trips, a camper trailer literally pays for its self, meaning that you and the family can get away and have more opportunities to be away together and enjoy the company of each other.

    We all have those moments when you’re stuck in the day to day movements of life and you say to anyone that will listen ‘I neeeed a holiday’. Normally followed by a huge sigh.

    Having a camper can mean you get your holiday without spending big bucks. A getaway that helps you and your family unwind and enjoy one another’s company becomes as simple as clearing the weekend free of obligations, hooking up the camper trailer and heading off a few hours away from home.

    Going away for the weekend doesn’t have to be crazy and hectic, defeating the purpose of the getaway altogether. Over time, you can collect everything you need and create a second home in your camper. Make sure it’s still a break that is chilled out and focussed on family time by having your clothes, some food, kitchenware, toiletries games and toys for the kids in the camper all packed and ready to go.

    Your camper trailer can give you space and an opportunity to create lifelong memories. Its durable, you can use it again and again and you can go anywhere your heart desires.

    Camping in a trailer is a holiday that suits everyone

    It can be tough to find a holiday that suits everyone from kids to grandparents and everyone in between, but a camper trailer holiday ticks all the boxes.

    Forget going back and forth trying to choose between a location that will bore the heck out of the kids or kids resort that is purely for the entertainment of your little ones, a camper getaway has a little something for everyone.

    Pulling up at a caravan park means your kids will be entertained for hours on end with everything from kids’ clubs to awesome playgrounds and programs on offer right around the country.

    This means that parents are left with more time to unwind and relax after a huge day or a long drive. Oh, and you won’t find many places with a better spirit for happy hour than a caravan park or a camping ground. Bottoms up!

    camper holidays have something for everyone

    Getting connected again isn’t just for families

    Taking a getaway to reconnect with your loved ones isn’t just for families and grey nomads- anyone and everyone can get something out of a camper trailer holiday. And without the responsibility of kids, you have the option of having a go at a nomadic lifestyle or a longer trip if that’s what floats your boat.

    Get active and adventurous, tick some things off the bucket list or test your nerves. Try deep sea diving or conquer that hiking trail. Go on– do it!

    We know we just banged on about how technology can be detrimental but of course, it has its upsides. It means that you can work from pretty much anywhere at any time and earn a living while you travel around long-term, creating a connection with your partner that will last forever.

    If a holiday is more your style, all the things we have talked about still apply to you. Get back to basics with your partner and spend some quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of life and with no distractions. If you already have a camper, it can make for a pretty affordable holiday with everything you need right at your fingertips.

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