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    Convincing Your Missus To Let You Go Camping With The Boys

    If you and your mates have decided to go camping for the weekend, that’s a bloody tip top idea!

    A blokes getaway can be a grouse time where more than enough drunken mishaps that are bloody hilarious and that you’ll probably never live down.

    However, you may have problems with getting the old ball and chain to let you go.

    We all know sheilas can be a little sensitive at times, they are the fairer sex after all. But unfortunately, this can lead them to think that when a bunch of blokes get together, all we do is cause trouble, or worse, find another bird to fool around with.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that the only bush the boys are going to get while camping are the bushes they go to piss in!

    This is one of those situations that requires some tact. You don’t want to upset her, but at the same time, you want to have a good time with your mates.

    But there are some pretty simple ways you can convince your missus that there’s no harm in letting you head out with the boys and that she has nothing to worry about.

    friends sitting on the edge of a cliff

    Tell Her How Camping’s A Pretty Tame Activity

    Girls seem to think that when the boys get together bad things are likely to happen. (To be fair, yeah, some shit will probably happen, but don’t tell them that!)

    So, if some blokes are going away camping in the bush together without any wise female supervision, who knows what these “immature males” will get up to.

    Tell her that she’d have much more to be worried about if you and the boys were going to another city where there’s nightclubs, strip clubs, and other seedy joints where trouble is bound to happen. What’s the worst that can happen on a campsite?

    Ask her what she’d rather, you going away with the boys on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere or going to the Gold Coast?

    The rowdiest thing that will probably happen at a campsite is that you and the boys get a bit too loud when singing some Aussie classics like ‘The Voice’ by Farnsy or ‘The Holy Grail’ by Hunters & Collectors.

    A lot of the activities you and the boys will probably do is some fishing, or maybe play some footy (or at least talk about footy), do some dirt bike riding, hiking, and of course, getting pissed (play that one down to the missus though). If you can convince her that camping’s a lowkey thing, then you should be set.

    Friends standing by the beach

    Say How You Gotta Be There For Your Mates

    One of the core aspects of the Australian male identity is “mateship”. Aussie blokes have been harping on about it since Federation happened, and probably even before that. Or to put it like how the Yanks would, “Bros before hos”.

    Basically, you and your mates have been hanging out for a long time and you want to spend time with them as much as she’d want to spend time with her friends.

    If the reason you’re going away is because of a special occasion like it’s someone’s birthday or the trip is one guy’s buck’s party, tell your girl that you want to be part of your friend’s special occasion.

    There’s only so many times a year when someone gets the chance to see their friends, and that that chance shouldn’t be hindered all because one some silly insecurity your missus has.

    If going camping is an annual thing that you and the boys do, then you can say how you don’t want to break this tradition.

    She’d crack the shits if you tried to make her stop seeing her friends, so why should you stop seeing your mates?

    Australia’s all about giving people a fair go and this applies to making your special someone happy.

    Camper tent set up in jungle

    Make An Itinerary For Her

    This one might sound a bit over the top, but sheilas can be over the top, so bear with us here.

    To give your missus peace of mind, if you can, make her an itinerary (even if it’s just a rough one that’s pretty bare bones) of what you and the boys plan on doing.

    Include details like where you’re camping, what sites you might be going to see, any activities you have planned, etc. That should keep her happy.

    But whatever you do, don’t tell your mates about this!

    “It’s The Long Weekend!”

    Long weekends, in general, are beautiful, and now you can further use them to your advantage if your blokes’ camping trip happens to be on a long weekend.

    Whether it be the Easter break or the Labour Day long weekend, the calendar wants you to have that extra day to go camping!

    Your girlfriend may point out that you two already have plans for that long weekend, or that she wanted to spend some quality time with you.

    Say that you already spend most of your weekends with her and that long weekends are great for hanging out with the boys whom you don’t see much.

    She might get a bit pissy about it, but she may be understanding about it if you explain it nicely.

    If you live in Victoria, you’re extra lucky. Victoria gets the day before the AFL Grand Final off, so if you live in the Garden State, then the long weekend is another excuse to use to get away with the boys to see the big match.

    You can also take the Monday before Melbourne Cup Day off to have a four-day weekend! They say it’s the race that stops the nation; fortunately, it’s also the race that makes people stop working and enjoy themselves.

    Show Her A Good Time Before You Go Away

    It’s a staple of dating to wine and dine your partner, specifically in order to get into their good books (and get into something else too!). This goes beyond the initial stages of dating too.

    If you’re wanting to go away with the boys, but you think your girlfriend won’t be too keen on it, to say the least, then do something with her that will put her in a good mood. Take her out to a top restaurant in town and pay for it. If need be, get her some flowers too.

    With all this effort you’re clearly making, she’ll love you for it. Having said that, she may catch on and realise that you’re only taking her out because you want something.

    Either way, at some point in the night, casually tell her that you wanted to go away with the boys one weekend. She should be more than fine with it.

    Say How Going Away Will Benefit Her

    If your missus keeps saying that she doesn’t want you to go away with the boys, start talking about how you being away will benefit her. That’ll change her tune!

    For starters, since you’re on a blokes weekend away, suggest to her that she should go out for a girls weekend! Really, they’ll probably get up to rowdier stuff than you and your mates’ will.

    They’ll hit the bars and get stuck into those big cocktails with a high alcohol content that’ll make them act silly buggers.

    But if they’re more low key than that, suggest that they go and do girly things with her friends like watching romantic comedies or go shopping or get their nails done.

    friends sitting under a tree

    If need be, you could get in her good books by giving her a gold class movie voucher so she can see a chick flick in style. (It’ll still be a shithouse movie though; just be glad you don’t have to watch it!)

    If she isn’t able to organise an outing with her friends, then say how she could have a nice weekend in. She can do girly stuff like drinking wine while having a bubble bath and listen to Adele or some shit like that.

    Remind her how us blokes can be a bit of handful, and how she deserves a break from your blokeiness to unwind.

    Tell her that she won’t have to hear you crap on about blokey topics, like how well you’re doing on Supercoach or actual football.

    And in terms of your relationship, her letting you go away with the boys is a big indication that she trusts you.

    Say How She’ll Look Good To Your Mates

    There’s that stigma that girlfriends can be ballbreakers that never let their boyfriends have any fun. If she tries to guilt trip you into giving the boys trip a miss, then she’ll fall right into this stereotype.

    So it’d be in her best interest to let you go away with them. If she’s happy for you to spend time with the boys, then there’ll be no snide comments like “What’s her problem?” or having them say you’re whipped.

    At any gatherings where both the men and women are around, she can relax in knowing that your mates will be happy to see her, thinking she’s a nice person, and not be thinking, “Here comes that stuck up bitch”.

    Enjoy Your Blokes Weekend Away!

    If you and your mates are thinking about going away together, contact Mars Campers today by calling 1300 667 868 to get yourself a camper trailer to get the most of your trip.