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    In a country as diverse and jaw-dropping as Australia, there is no better way to see it than by getting out there and diving right in. From stunning coastlines to red deserts and everything in between, the beauty of this country is best enjoyed close up and hands on.

    When it comes to how you get around, you can’t go past a camper trailer. It’s the age-old debate in the traveling world, which way is best? Although we may be a little bias– a Mars Camper is the best option for you and your family.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s just hubby and wife, a family of all ages or any combination of friends, there are certain features of a camper trailer that ensures it comes out on top every time.

    Buying a camper trailer is cheaper, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must sacrifice being comfortable and having an easy-going experience just because you decided to spend less.

    Our campers have a range of features that mean you will never go without anything that you need, and you may even find yourself going further than you would if you had of chosen a more expensive alternative.

    There’s no denying that camper trailers are the cheaper option, but why can’t that mean better too? Let’s talk dollars and sense and break down the real costs.

    Cheaper doesn’t mean worse!

    Even without doing much research you’ll know that a camper trailer is a significantly cheaper option than a large caravan or a motorhome.

    Many people make the common mistake that choosing a camper trailer for cost reasons will mean that they are missing added benefits or going without, but this simply isn’t true.

    Besides a few obvious luxuries, your camper will provide you with just as much as other transport will for a much lower cost. Even then, some big vehicles still take a lot of time setting up awnings, annexes, power, toilets…. the list goes on. But we’ll cover that later.

    Investing in a camper trailer means you’ll have more to spend on your grand adventure. If you’re traveling around for an extended period, this extra money can mean not having to find work along the way. If you’re off on a shorter stint it can be the difference between treating yourself to a few local delicacies and eating sandwiches every single day.

    Campers offer better fuel efficiency because of their size and the fact that they are easier to tow, saving you even more money without sacrificing benefits.

    Mars Campers even offer finance solutions, making it infinitely easier for you to get going on your camper adventure.

    Camper trailers can take you further

    Your camper trailer will take you more places than a caravan. That’s the bottom line.

    Wherever your 4×4 is willing to go, you can bet that your camper will be right there behind you with no extra effort required. Natural parks and dirt roads are no challenge, and the off-road abilities are a bonus, too.

    You don’t want to find yourself stuck towing a big vehicle and coming to a place you would really like to check out, only to discover that you don’t have the capabilities.

    off roading benefits of a camper

    Locations in Australia can be tricky to reach, and there are some routes that require special tyres and accessories. Take getting to Cape York for example; the route is full of specialty roads, tight corners, and windy bends. You simply couldn’t make it with anything less agile than a camper trailer.

    Campers are built to withstand Australia’s rugged off-road conditions, and even if you aren’t planning on visiting locations with specific road requirements, your journey around Australia is still bound to include corrugations, dust holes, gravel roads, flood waters, streams, icy roads and the likes.

    Authenticity meets comfort

    You didn’t choose a holiday in the great outdoors to sit inside immersed in technology or the latest midday re-runs, did you? We’re guessing if a camper trailer holiday is what appeals to you, getting out and about and seeing what Australia has to offer first hand is high on your list of priorities.

    Choosing a camper trailer means that you’re at the core of the experience the entire time, not just during the day when you’re out and about. Campfires under the stars, breakfast with some furry friends hopping past and listening to the sound of waves crashing as you fall asleep are all part of the camping experience.

    In saying this, you don’t have to freeze to death to have an authentic camping experience. Mars Campers have great, sturdy cabins to keep you toasty and warm all night long. They’re waterproof so rain isn’t an issue, and some campers come with the option of beds being off the floor and ready-made. No foot pump required!

    Sure, you could sleep in a caravan, but then again you could book a string of resorts and a hire car for your journey around Australia. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it!

    Although your warm and safe, you’re not compromising the feeling of being close to nature and having a fulfilling experience.

    Get the kids exploring with their hands, not their iPads

    Convenience when it comes to traveling with kids is a big factor for parents, and understandably so! But camper trailers are the perfect mix of comfortable and easy and outdoorsy and hands on.

    Instead of spending their downtime cooped up inside a caravan playing with technology, a camper trailer will mean they are outside more often, soaking in their surroundings.

    hiking benefits of a camper

    No camp kitchen needed

    When people think of camper trailers and camping in general, visions of having to queue up for camp kitchens or heating up a tin of baked beans over a campfire might come to mind.

    With a Mars Camper, this couldn’t be further from the truth! With the right camper, you can have a fully functioning kitchen at your doorstep, literally.

    Set up in an instant

    Another common misconception that people have when choosing their accommodation is that camper trailers take a long time to set up compared to other choices.

    Our Spirit models come with an easy winding handle winch, so you won’t even break a sweat. For other models, the tent setups can be as quick as 10-15 minutes and some campers even come with an electric awning and a raised roof. It’s as easy as that!

    convenience benefits of a camper

    Bigger vehicles with all their bells and whistles mean they have more to set up, plug in and sort out– not all that time-saving when it comes down to it.

    Versatility and flexibility

    If you don’t particularly fancy re-mortgaging your house or spending your kids’ inheritance for a few holidays, camper trailers really are the best choice.

    We’ve spoken about cost already, but the different varieties of camper trailers available means that there’s always an option to suit you.

    Bigger vehicles are limited on where they can go, and although there are different varieties of caravans and motorhomes, there’s no disputing that they all have one thing in common, their huge size.

    You’ve got soft floor campers hard floor campers, hybrid campers and forward folding campers which both come in a range of different styles and shapes, suited to whatever kind of trip you’re taking and no matter who you’re going with.

    Depending on your style and your budget, you can choose add-on’s galore, so you can create the Taj Mahal of the campground with amazing storage, huge rooms, beds and a heap more.

    The perfect upgrade from a tent

    If you are ready to take the next step and upgrade from a tent, a camper is the greatest option. Forget spending hours setting up poles and blowing up air beds, your camper has all you need and more.

    With a camper trailer, you won’t need to upgrade your car to tow it, and you keep that love of authentic camping alive.

    quick setup benefits of a camper

    Next Steps

    Now that you’re ready to take the next step and get started on your camper trailer adventure, Take a look at the Mars Campers range or contact us on 1300 667 868 for a chat. Our camper trailers come in several varieties suited to every taste!