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    Camper Holidays and Your Pets

    Holidays with your family are the best!

    It’s obvious you to want to take your entire family for a holiday and your pets are no exception. But the hassle that comes along with travelling with your pet is something that can hold you back from heading away as often as you might like.

    Travelling with your pet is not as difficult as it seems. With the right preparations and proper arrangements, you can have a great experience travelling with your furry friends.

    Camping with family is a common pastime for us Aussies. A lot of people plan to spend their weekends camping at some of the famous destinations, or just to a local favourite spot in. Taking your pets along for a camping trip has become easier as many camping destinations have now become pet-friendly.

    Hipster Male On Camping With His Dog Making Barbeque

    If you wish to take your pet along for your next family holiday, take a look some of our favourite camping grounds and caravan parks that are pet friendly.

    NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Park

    This holiday park is located in the coastal town of Merimbula on the NSW South Coast. It offers many facilities for pets, making it the ideal holiday destination for your family. The park allows dogs on certain powered camping sites. However, they restrict entry of pets during the Christmas Holidays and Easter Holidays, when the park gets too crowded.

    Victor Harbour Beachfront Holiday Park

    This holiday park located in South Australia provides powered and unpowered sites for caravan and camping. These sites are pet-friendly, so you can easily take your pets along for a holiday. It offers some of the best facilities like a heated swimming pool, games room and a jumping pillow for kids.

    The Bright Holiday Park

    If you are looking for a pet-friendly camping destination in Victoria, the Bright Holiday Park is the ideal choice. This park offers powered and unpowered sites for your families. You can bring along your small pets to this park, you just need to check in with them first and get permission from management.

    RV Travel with Dog. Motorhome Traveling with Pet. Middle Age Australian Silky Terrier in Motorcoach Window Looking Around.

    Active Holidays South West Rocks

    This park in NSW is the ideal destination for a holiday with your family. It is located near to a town and some local beaches. Its well-known for awesome fishing and some great powered caravan and camping sites. This park lets you bring along your pets, however, you need to inform the management in advance.

    Crystal Brook Tourist Park

    Crystal Brook Tourist Park is an all in one park, ideal for your family camper trailer getaways. This park permits you to bring your pets along, however, you need to check in with management first. You can enjoy activities like bird feeding and biking and walking on some of the great tracks nearby.

    Tuan State Forest

    The Tuan State Forest is located on the coast about 20-minute away from the south-east of Maryborough, Queensland. The forest has pet-friendly camping sites that make it the ideal holiday destination for your entire family. You can enjoy activities like cycling and horse riding at this location.

    Woman and beagle dog warm near the campfire

    Smuggler's Cove Holiday Village

    Located on the NSW Mid North Coast, this park offers campsites that are pet-friendly. However, it is better to check first. This park features modern amenities like swimming pools, and a restaurant for when you’re feeling fancy.

    Tips and recommendations for travelling with your pets

    Once you have decided on a pet-friendly destination, you need to prepare yourself to take your pet along for the trip.

    Travelling with your pets can be difficult if you’re not organised. However, if you are well-prepared for the journey, you are not going to face any major issues with them.

    Here are some tips to better your road trip experience with your pets.

    Pack everything your pet may need

    Packing for your pet is as important as packing for your kid. You have to ensure you are carrying everything your pet may require during the trip. Right from a water bowl, to a collar to an extra leash, ensure you have packed everything. It is a must to carry a basic first-aid kit that will come handy in case of emergencies. You will also require your pet’s bedding, toys, food supply and towel. A great way to ensure you don’t miss out packing anything important is making a list of things to carry. You can begin making this list days before the trip, so you have enough time to add things as and when you remember them.

    Stop at regular intervals

    When travelling with your pets, you need to be extra careful about making sure you stop every few hours. You should not drive for hours without taking stops as this can result in your pets getting restless or wetting themselves.

    Pay special attention to the safety of your pet

    Road trips with your pet can be fun. However, you need to be extremely careful about the safety of your pet. If you think your pet wont be one to sit still and make themselves comfy, buy a carrier for your dog or cat and have it placed at the back seat of the car to prevent harm from sudden breaks or accidents. You should also ensure your pet is well-harnessed at all times. If your pet is sitting near the window seat, do not allow it to stick its head out of the window as this involves risk of accidents.

    Get a routine check-up and vaccination done before the trip

    Ensure you take your pet to the vet before the trip. The vet can do a routine check-up for your pet and analyse if there are health issues. If any disease is diagnosed early, treatment becomes easy. Also, as your pet is going to be outdoors most of the time, you need to get proper vaccination done. If you have a dog or cat, you need to prepare it for parasites. You can ask your vet to suggest a good parasite-prevention product that you can carry along for the trip.

    Be well-prepared for emergencies

    Request your veterinarian to prepare a quick history of your pet. This will include information on vaccinations, major illnesses and suggested medications (if any). Keep the documents in a file and ensure to carry it along. This file will come handy in case of an emergency. If your pet has to be rushed to another veterinarian in case of an emergency, the medical history will help the veterinarian decide the appropriate treatment.

    Traveling as a nomad with a pet

    A very common question that may pop up in your head is can I be nomadic with pets?
    The answer to this is yes!

    If you have everything that your pet requires and are ready to tackle any medical emergency, you can easily wander from one place to the other with your pet.

    One thing that is the most important for a really long trip with your pet is a spacious set up. Having enough space at your disposal will keep you and your pet quite comfortable in the long run. You can opt for a reliable camper trailer like the Mars Campers Saturn 16 off road hybrid camper. It is the perfect companion for your adventure trips and is sure to keep you, your family and your pet comfortable throughout the trip.

    An old dog lying rugged up in front of the camp fire. Dwellingup Western Australia

    The only drawback with travelling as a nomad with your pet is you may have to sacrifice on certain plans. If you want to do an activity that your pet cannot be a part of, you may have to re-think.

    Also, you may have to be extra careful about the locations you are going to visit. The climate of your current destination may differ from the climate of your next destination. Hence, you will have to be extra careful about choosing your destinations. Moving from a too hot location to a too cold location can affect the health of your pet, thus putting them in an uncomfortable state.

    Next Step

    If you are planning a road trip with your pet, take a look at the trailer collection at Mars Campers. Our team is always available to help you choose the best options for you.