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    8 Apps You’ll Need For Every Camping Adventure

    No camper trailer getaway happens without serious planning, and although some spontaneity is encouraged, being prepared always helps. We’ve got you covered with the best 8 apps you’ll need for any kind of camping adventure!

    But wait, you might be thinking, “8 mobile apps”? There’s no technology allowed on this camping trip. And sure, there’s no point taking the family on a fantastic bushwalk through a nature reserve, only for them to look at their phones.

    But these aren’t your typical, “Angry Birds” or “Candy Crush Saga” mobile apps. This list compiles the 8 mandatory apps you’ll need for any trip off-road, off-shore, out-of-state, out of this world, camper trailer adventure!

    Our top 8 list, unfortunately not hosted by Bert Newton, covers everything from first aid, navigation and all the way to the nearest public toilet.

    Disconnect, unplug, rewire everything you know about camping with these 8 apps you’ll need for every camper trailer getaway.

    1.WikiCamps Australia

    We’ve all heard of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, it’s an absolute staple for a quick fact check or to settle a kitchen table argument. However, Wiki offers some fantastic services in online databases and mobile apps.

    One of which is WikiCamps Australia. The app is a crowd-sourced database of campgrounds, hostels, caravan parks, day stops, information centres and much more.

    The crowd-sourced database means that this app is the most up-to-date index for camping in Australia. The listing is over 32,000 strong, with new sites and camping adventures being updated and reviewed every day.

    boy looking at the map

    WikiCamps Australia allows its users to leave comments, reviews and upload photos for everyone to see. It’s the perfect option to research and discover new places for your next camping adventure.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a hiking experience or somewhere to park your Mars Camper trailer, WikiCamps offers the largest database to look for every bit of information you’ll need for your camping trip.

    You’ll be able to create multiple road trips using a built-in planner, add places to visit and see the nearest showers, power locations and pet-friendly locations.

    WikiCamps is constantly being updated and offers free and paid versions for Apple, Windows and Android phones.

    2. Hema Australia

    Using your phone for live GPS tracking can be an expensive ordeal. Hema Australia uses offline mapping and your phone’s inbuilt GPS to see where you are.

    The app offers up-to-date road navigation, 4WD tracks and pathways, topographic information and points of interest for you to visit. Hema provides extensive coverage Australia wide for even the most remote regions.

    Hema allows its users to drop waypoints, plan routes, search placenames, record and save your trips and share everything with your friends.

    Driving through country Australia can be both difficult and draining. Utilising a live GPS tracking app allows you to spend less time arguing over a street directory and more time singing along to your favourite road trip tunes.

    Using a phone app as a navigation tool means that you’re using the most up-to-date maps and features. This is something that many satellite navigation devices struggle with.

    Many sat-nav devices will cost hundreds of dollars for something that will be out-dated within a few years.

    With a mobile app you’ll never forget your satellite navigation device because it’s on your phone. The app is offered on both Apple, Android and Windows devices.

    3. Trail Wallet

    Travelling can be an expensive experience for many people, but it doesn’t always have to be!

    It’s always the small things that add up, and with Trail Wallet, you can spend less time counting receipts and more time travelling.

    Trail Wallet offers:


    • Free tracking of the first 25 items
    • Quick-add screen for fast-tracking


    • Add multiple trips with custom start and end dates
    • Per-trip history breakdowns


    • Place notes and reminders on your spending


    • Daily breakdowns that measure against weekly and monthly budgets
    • Interactive charts to show your spending


    • Customised export options via messaging, email or airdrop
    • Export all your data

    Budgeting apps like Trail Wallet take the ambiguity and stress out of off-road adventures. Plan everything ahead of time and use day-by-day budgeting to stay ahead of your expenses.

    Trail Wallet is only available on Apple phones.

    4. Fuel Map Australia

    Relying on the public to provide the most up-to-date database is becoming a theme, but it’s for a good reason.

    Fuel Map Australia provides a user-generated list of fuel prices and petrol pump locations all over Australia. All the information is added and edited by the application users.

    Fuel Map also integrates fuel prices from two other apps FuelWatch and FuelCheck. The combination of all three apps working together allows for the latest minute-by-minute price updates for petrol stations in Australia.

    Fuel Map also offers fuel prices for both today and tomorrow in some states allowing you to plan the most cost-effective route and get the most bang for your buck.

    Fuel Pump

    The app provides petrol station locations with a branded pin and the last known fuel price. The slide-in list allows for you to sort by the cheapest and nearest petrol station.

    Fuel Map also comes with a handy fuel log for you to track your fuel purchases.

    Petrol can be one of the most consistent budgeting woes for people, so using Fuel Map will allow you to track your trip to minimise fuel costs and save money for more important things.

    Fuel Map is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

    5. BOM Weather App

    Imagine you’ve got the perfect bushwalk planned or maybe a canoeing trip you’ve had planned for weeks. The day finally comes, and the heavens open to release a torrent of rain and hail.

    Rain isn’t always a bummer, but it is when you’re not expecting it. We do have some fantastic tips for having fun while camping in all kinds of weather.

    The opposite can happen from time to time as well, a sneaky sweltering 35-degree day when you’re wanting a nice 20 degrees for an autumn time picnic.

    The Bureau of Meteorology provides a weather app that gives the most accurate weather information all over Australia.

    The best part about it is that it’s free. You’ll be able to check the latest in:

    Current conditions

    • Temperature and apparent temperature
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Rainfall since 9 am and humidity


    • Weather for the week
    • Weather for the next 24 hours—in 3-hourly blocks
    • UV forecast


    • Official weather warnings listed by state or territory
    • Live updates


    • Rain radar
    • Pinch and zoom features on the radar


    • Save your favourite locations
    • View your current location’s weather with one-touch

    BOM Weather app is free for Android and Apple phones.

    First Aid
    6. First Aid-Australian Red Cross

    One of the scariest scenarios is getting into trouble out in the middle of nowhere. A first aid kit can certainly minimise the panic, but without proper instructions, you might be in a bit of strife.

    The Australian Red Cross Society offers a simple and free app that can save a life. This official Red Cross Society application gives you instant access to information that can save a loved one or get you out of a sticky situation.

    This database compiles all the information you’ll need to handle the most common first aid emergencies. It’s a simple, interactive, step-by-step guide on first aid procedures.

    First Aid Case

    It doesn’t require internet, so you’ll have qualified advice at the tips of your fingers.

    While this app provides an interactive guide to basic first aid emergencies, it isn’t a substitution for a first aid course.

    These courses take only a few hours and can be done of the weekend. It will give you invaluable information that can save a family member or friend on the road or in your backyard.

    This app is available for both Apple and Android phones.

    7. Australian Bites and Stings

    There are many great resources out there to read before, during and after a road trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s for flora or fauna, these free information encyclopedias can be a wonderful tool for gathering new and exciting information.

    Our recommendation for learning about Australian wildlife is with the Australian Bites and Stings app.

    While you might think you’re safe inside a camper trailer or tent, snakes can wiggle their way through some of the smallest holes.

    Always stay safe when camping, that might sound obvious, but we have some fantastic tips for campground safety to keep in mind.

    forest lane with a wooden house block

    Australia is home to many of the world’s most venomous animals from snakes, spiders and many marine life animals, so it pays to have a bit of knowledge about staying safe around them.

    An antivenom company have compiled a fantastic app for all the venomous creatures that inhabit our great southern land.

    The app provides the best guide for anyone planning an outdoor adventure. Whether you’re going to the beach, camping, bushwalking or even in your backyard—you’ll be ready.

    The Australian Bites and Stings app provides:

    • Preparation and planning checklist for essentials you’ll need
    • Instructions on what to do when stung or bitten
    • Emergency call button
    • Pressure immobilisation techniques
    • Audio resuscitation guides

    This app is available to download for Apple and Android devices.

    8. The National Public Toilet map

    Finally, the app you’ve been waiting for that everyone needs! The National Public Toilet Map app, handy for when there are no golden arches in sight.

    This fantastic and free application provided by the Australian Government Department of Health shows the location of more than 18,000 publicly available toilets in Australia.

    It doesn’t just show you the location, but provides details in accessibility, opening hours and other features like sharps disposals and baby changing facilities.

    We understand that travelling with children can be difficult. An unexpected pitstop can be just around the corner. Take a look at our blog on tackling a camper trailer getaway with kids.

    You’ll be able to find the nearest toilet to your location or search areas you will be visiting later. It’s a great app that gives you the nearest public toilet at the touch of a finger. The app even offers a detailed map to get directions on foot or by car.

    This app is available on Android and App operating systems.

    Next Steps

    Now that you’ve got the best 8 apps for your next camping adventure, take a look at our collection of camps to suit your next trip. At Mars Campers, our team is always ready to help you with any inquiry you might have about our range of camper trailers.