Why we love camping?

So what does it mean to live beyond the matrix?

Billion-star accommodation

You can shell out a fair chunk of coin for a good view these days, but once you’re set for camping, you’ll find spectacular destinations for the price of tank of fuel, a bit of tucker, and a small camping fee. In fact, some of the most beautiful campsites are found on council land or in your local state forest for free.
camping under the stars

It makes you feel alive

It’s amazing what passes as reality these days, I mean seriously, you’d think nothing existed past a flat screen, but when you’re camping you know you’re alive. The brisk early morning air on your face, the warmth of billy-brewed cuppa in your hands, the sights, the sounds, the waft of roasted lamb cooking over the fire. In fact, food just tastes amazing out on the tracks.

Embrace your warts

It’s hard work keeping up with the Joneses in this selfie-obsessed society, but when you’re camping, dirty fingernails are an inevitability. In fact, no-one bats an eyelid if you’re wearing a t-shirt inside out by day three. You’ll see yourself and others around for who they really are — without three-ringed circus.

Great for the mind

So when the dishes are done and you’ve clocked off work, where does your mind wander to? Unpaid bills? Things you can’t control? Some throwaway comment? When you’re out camping, you’re not only living for the here and now, you’re locking away awesome memories that will tide you over during the daily grind when things get out of hand.

Use your hands

Those long spidery things at the end of your arms aren’t just for switching over the TV, they’re your hands, and they’re amazing. Your hands are made up of 27 bones and you’ll be using each and everyone of them at your disposal to open out canvas, loosen the ratchet tie-downs, start campfires, pull in a catch and perhaps crack open the occasional beer.

Watch the world change

Fair dinkum, you’d think this world is allergic to going slow the way things are, what with family, work, rent, mortgages and friends. But when you’re out camping, somehow you get the time to watch things change. Whether it’s a flock departing en-masse, the tides swallowing the shore or just the late afternoon sun creeping up the encampment wall. It’s almost hypnotic watching time have her way, especially from the comforts of your camp chair.

Meet like-minded people

Okay, so you’re not going to like every person you meet out on the tracks, but the fact that they, like you, are out there enjoying the bush skews the odds your way. There’s a truth only fellow campers know, and more often than not there’s a yarn or two or a bit of intel to share. In fact, some of my most favourite camping haunts were tip-offs shared out on the road.
Why we like camping

Reconnect with those you love

Family life has its stresses day in, day out, but take away the pressures and what you’re left with is a motley crew who laugh at the same jokes as you. Kids (and/or partners for that matter) can be surprisingly good company when they’re not busy driving you mad, so get your daggy dad (or goofy gran or mum) on and enjoy the ride.

Next steps
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