Rear Folding Hard Floor Camper Trailers

One of the most common points of contention for people who aren’t enthused by camping in a camper trailer is that they don’t get to enjoy the same level of comfort that they do at home or in a caravan or hotel room. Hard floor camper trailers aim to alleviate this objection by providing a hard floor off the ground and all the comforts of home, including running water, fridge, cooktop, and more. Mars Campers stocks a prime selection of hard floor off-road camper trailers for sale, each designed and assembled locally to withstand Australia’s environmental conditions. Browse our hard floor camper range and choose the one that most benefits your holiday today!

The Benefits of a Rear Fold Hard Floor Camper Trailer

Hard floor camper trailers are easy to set up and look awesome. In little more than 10 minutes, you could be relaxing with a cup of coffee while having access to some of the essential creature comforts that you’d normally only enjoy at home or in a caravan.

Mars Campers has hard floor camper trailers for sale in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland – call us or one of our 20+ stores today! Our off-road range truly reflects our commitment to delivering superior camper trailers at a budget price. Contact us today to join thousands of Australians saving big dollars as they shop around for hard floor off-road camper trailers for sale.