Buy your camper from home

Here’s how it works

01 – Enquire

Find the camper you’re looking for among our selection of models on and place your enquiry as well as your interest in buying it from home. Mars Campers will promptly get back to you to discuss a time for an initial home visit and demonstration.

02 – Home Visit

At the initial home visit, the Mars team member will present the camper you’re interested in, sanitised for demonstration. Take this opportunity to discuss package deals and specials and finance options.

03 – Follow-up

If you would like to purchase the camper, Mars will provide you with a finalised price (inclusive of registration if applicable), finance quote (if applicable), and process a deposit.

04 – Driveway Delivery

On the delivery day, if we still under lockdown measures, Mars will deliver your camper to you for final demonstration and finalise any remaining paperwork and payments (if need be), all from your home – officially making the camper yours so you can get it ready to holiday once lockdown ends.