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Source: CIAVIC –
Status: Open for business

“Further the Victorian Government have recommend our representative body CIV continue to monitor Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services website for any changes to the directions and how they might impact on our industry

It should be also noted it is not expected police officers are meant to be stopping people from travelling for work or restricting trade of businesses that can and should remain open as long as they are maintaining density quotients and physical distancing.

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic), Section 200, Clause 6 (1) (Viii) ‘Leaving premises to obtain necessary goods and services’ where it states that a person can leave a premises to obtain goods and services provided by:

(viii) a retail facility that is not prohibited from operating by the Restricted Activity Directions.

The Recreational Vehicle industry is not prohibited.

Our representative body CIV has encouraged us to provide this letter to each of our staff members should you along with other documentation need to produce to any law enforcement agency if necessary that is querying your businesses operational status or for when staff are legitimately travelling to and from work.

To protect you and our customer’s staff we have or will in place a strict regime around social distancing, cleaning, and signage and density quotients.”

Camper Trailer Melbourne Showroom

Off road camper trailers are perfect for anyone who loves travelling around Victoria – plus they’re also a great introduction to the world of camping when you’re not quite prepared to find yourself sleeping on the ground. However, choosing from off road trailers, hard floor trailers and more to find the right camper trailer for your family can be a challenge. If you need some help, or if you simply want to see what we have in stock, visit the Mars Campers Melbourne showroom to speak to a professional.

Discover Our Range in Person

It’s hard to picture yourself in a hard floor camper if you’ve never been in one before, and it’s hard to imagine how fast and easy they are to set up until you can see it firsthand! Visiting our showroom in Melbourne provides you with the opportunity to see your future camper trailer for yourself, giving you a feel for how you and your family or friends can fit into it.

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When you visit our showroom in Melbourne, you can speak to our experts for demonstrations, product explanations and answers to any questions you may have. You’ll be travelling all over Victoria before you know it!

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