Mars Campers Lifetime Memories Guarantee.

There’s an old story about a man in terrible financial shape who falls to his knees one night and prays to win the lottery.

Next day the lottery comes and goes without him winning. Back on his knees, he looks skyward and implores: “Why have you forsaken me?”

A deep voice booms back: “Come on. Work with me here. At least buy a ticket.”

Our lifetime memories guarantee is much the same. We can’t guarantee you memories that last a lifetime if you stay at home.

On the other hand, if you do just like hundreds of other Australian’s do every month and decide to travel with one of our campers. We will move heaven and earth to make sure our campers deliver comfort, convenience and are right behind you on your every adventure no matter where you go.
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Camping at its finest, life at its best and memories that last a lifetime. That’s our guarantee.
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